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ideas gul ahmed

How to combine t-shirts

They are casual in nature, but they are true wild cards in the female closet. They go well at work, on a date with friends, at a party and are always at the top. Were you able to guess who we’re talking about? Whoever thought of blouses got it right! Today we are going to see some precious tricks on how to combine t-shirts.

Having parts in the closet that can be used on several occasions is more than useful. There are days when what you need is practicality, but without giving up style. To bring a more uncomplicated look to the look, choose a tee to call your own and put together your look.

Who uses it and how it uses it

Meghan Markle removed the t-shirt from the obvious and took it to a more elegant mood . The production took on an air of work look with the double blazer + tailoring pants. The b & w of the time appears with the basic side of the white tee plus the black pieces with sober shapes . Perfect mix and match !

This can be an option to remove the t-shirt from the comfort zone of casual looks. But it can still appear in printed versions, with a soft glow , with important details and maintaining the basic chic line .frock design

How to combine t-shirts

The prints give an up to any look, we know that well. And the printed designer dresses pakistani t-shirts are no exception. For days with milder temperatures, warm up the look with a combination of tee with special designs plus jacket or jacket.

Invest in prints with a more fun or mystical mood The printed t-shirt can easily win the role of protagonist of your production. After all, unnoticed, it certainly won’t pass.

How to combine t-shirts

The details matter and a lot when composing the look. Therefore, betting on t-shirts with sparkles or touches that take you out of the most classic shape can be the card up your sleeve for many occasions. From work to a more relaxed moment, they raise the status of your look.

Want movement? Wide skirts are welcome to match. Do you think of something more balanced and elegant? A good pair of dark-colored ideas gul ahmed pants may be the choice of the time.

How to combine t-shirts

Last but not least, the classic basic t-shirts of each day. They follow the maximum versatility and practicality, besides not disappointing when they appear with jeans or with a more structured piece.

The white tee can be the highlight of your look in many different ways. It can appear in a cooler version with a knot at the bottom, it can compose an overlay with a strap or bib dress. In fact, overlapping parts is a precious trick to update production.

But it’s not just the white t-shirt that is on the fashion podium . Following the color palette of the season, it is worth adding an earthy tone to the look. Your dose of color will be guaranteed and the look remains uncomplicated and comfy .

Anyway, for the current moment, it’s worth using your favorite t-shirts, whether for home office moments , or to see a good movie or series on Netflix. Enjoy your breaks and take care of yourself!

The urban-chic style dominates the pieces of our Suite line.

Versatile, timeless shapes and precise cuts are the premium highlights we want to bring to your closet.

The classic clothes of the women’s wardrobe are revisited and, thus, make the look more contemporary and full of highlights that finish off any production. It is not just the monochrome pieces that take the top. In Suite, there is also space for prints, which gain a sophisticated and iconic look.

Versatility on top

Blouses are the favorite pieces for almost every occasion. After all, they have the power to guide the look and will always be at the top. Uncomplicated, versatile and stylish models are always in demand.

Sober colors like black, navy and offwhite go well with all the others, so feel free to combine the other pieces and accessories. Tailoring clothes can be great companions to the chosen blouses.

Single piece + prints
frock design

The practicality of the unique pieces always deserves to be exalted. They are fancy by themselves and when in print power mode they guarantee another scent to the look.

We’ve talked a lot about color combinations , so it’s time for practice. In the Suite dresses you have plenty of options of colorful pairs and full of power. The graphics and the colorful mood are perfect together. So choose your model and spread beauty wherever you go.


The Logomania makes your chic revival than ever! Symbols become true icons of sophistication and elegance.

In the Suite line, shirts and skirts that have an exclusive pattern have already reached the season with a classic status. Ties and ways to fold the sleeves are at the top of the look. Play with the possibilities and make the easy chic style even more evident.

Classics revisited

There are pieces that are true queens in the female closet, that is, they never lose their majesty. Tailoring clothes are part of this select hall. Pants and skirts with this verve take on a new look. Strategic pleats and buttons appear to invigorate the more formal look.

Want a more loose and casual shirt? We have! Transparency appears as the main character of a piece that usually has thicker ideas gul ahmed fabrics. Stay free, light, loose and modern with a more fluid shape , but that leaves nothing to be desired.

Second piece, yes!

Elegance and charm are not only at the top. The skirts are there to prove that they deserve all the attention they owe. It can add movement, create contours and outline a chic look without being complicated.

In Suite, the skirt is even more versatile and plural. Asymmetries with femininity, striking details and delicate prints, form the various versions of one of the most beloved pieces of the closet.

Timelessness and elegance go hand in hand in our Suite line . Discover other pieces and discover new possibilities for looks and designer dresses pakistani combinations. The color palette, the models, fit like a glove in looks that call for style and pieces aligned in the right measure.

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rang rasiya

Looks by Fernanda Paes Leme: know her bets

One of the things we like most here is talking to women who are protagonists of real life and learn more about their lives, tastes and, of course, about fashion. Well, our delicious chat this time is with Fernanda Paes Leme. The presenter and actress has a close connection with the fashion world and conscious habits.

Fepa, as it is known there, was the host of the live shop of our spring collection.

Together with our style team, he showed the looks of the season. Passionate about fashion, she wasted no time and chose her darling productions to flower her days even more.

Your bets reflect your style, eclectic, versatile and full of information. Therefore, from sets to embroidery, we already say that the presenter’s choices go through several moments and in all of them the wild pieces are at the top.

Without further ado, let’s check out the nice conversation we had with Fernanda and find out what looks she will steal the show this season!

Fernanda Paes Leme looks

Inside the style of Fernanda Paes Leme
“It is very difficult for us to define ourselves. I think that more and more this is out. You can’t choose a style because of the many possibilities we have. When we see a collection with endless possibilities for styles, colors, it makes me want to have a little bit of everything. I’m very eclectic, versatile. My sign, Gemini, says a little of that. My choices range from prints to the most tidy, classic. You look and think, ‘Would these clothes all be for the same person?’khaadi online

I think it’s great to see a collection that has these infinite possibilities for those who like all styles.

So I never get bored. From my choices, you can see that I like a pair of pants, a set. But above all, they show that I am versatile. After all, I can take the shirt of my choice and wear it with other pants. This makes one piece become several others, with infinite possibilities ”.


What makes you bloom?
“It makes me bloom here. To work. Having conquered such a beautiful space in people’s imagination through my art and also a place in the market, as a professional, as a woman, as someone who has not only something to show, but to speak. Being one of the rang rasiya  spokespersons for an event like this, in the midst of so many market difficulties, undoubtedly makes me flourish ”.

Our collection is an invitation to flourish our many versions. What are Fernanda’s versions blooming now?
“Fernanda who works, adapts to new conditions. Fernanda who mobilizes more for the other. I participate in a food delivery campaign for people in vulnerable situations and that made me flourish. Not in a vain way, but useful. I have been to the field less often, for reasons of time, but I have done what I can. This version of Fernanda enriched me a lot ”.


Each of us has an inner garden. We keep our own oases in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What are your oases, your private havens?
“I collect oases depending on what I need. Rio de Janeiro is an emotional oasis, I lived and lived with many things that have done me well for years. São Paulo, for example, is my family oasis and Salvador is my soul oasis. I am currently dreaming of revisiting Salvador ”.

The Florir collection talks about private retreats and small pleasures. What little pleasures do you not give up?
“A brigadeiro in the pot. Marathon a series. Spend a day doing nothing. These are things that feed my internal    khaadi online pleasures ”.


About the Florir collection
Flowering is about cultivating, caring, waiting. Not only to observe the changes, but also to absorb the beauty. Interpret nature with your eyes, respect the wisdom of time.

Inspired by the culture and art of the Majorelle Garden, we understand that we are a profusion of references and stories. Each of us has an inner garden. You, for example, can surely keep a world of beauty, pleasures, paradises within the memory, of your dreams.

We keep our own oases in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We are living works in motion, ready to flourish our many versions. Therefore, allow yourself to learn over time, improve, mature and explore your style. From life to fashion, from the inside out.

Spring knocks on the door. Open and open to new colors, shapes, desires. Enjoy the possibilities of the season that begins and spread lightness wherever you go.

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sapphire online

Colorbook: looks with complementary colors

Today is another chapter of our Color Book . We started our colorful conversation by talking a little about what the chromatic circle is (we will talk a lot about it), about analogous colors , and now it’s time for looks with complementary colors.

Color doubles
Well, the complementary colors are the shades that are in opposite positions in the chromatic circle. Therefore, the main duos are: red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange. To illustrate:

Complementary color looks

At first glance, composing a look with these palettes seems somewhat complicated. Because they are opposite in such a circle, they are harmonious in our eyes, that is, they can work very well in looks for the various moments of your day.nishat linen online

Complementary color looks

Now that you know a little about the opposite colors, it became easier to think of a mix and match that matches your sapphire online  style. If the idea is a production with a total focus on colors, invest in smooth pieces that will lift your spirits wherever you go.

With print
Look complementary colors

If your mood is more printed, it is worth choosing a piece with a print that has at least one of the tones you want to coordinate. So unleash your creativity and explore the fun side of fashion, from clothes to accessories. Earthy and blue nishat linen online  tones form an unbeatable pair.

Play with colors
Complementary color looks

Varying between shades is one of the possibilities to bet on any palette. From strong tones to more sober ones, what matters is whether you feel comfortable. Candy shades of green and lilac update the season’s palette with freshness and style. Anyway, you choose your best version!

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rang rasiya

From head to toe: accessories to complete the look

The fashion accessories of the season refer to Marrakech’s imposing design and architecture. Earrings, necklaces, shoes, belts and bags show that they go beyond the trivial and transport you for unforgettable trips. And, of course, stylish!

With an ornamental signature, the jewelery abuses metals with an air of jewelery for their lavish look. In addition, the belts and bags of the time also reveal more about the details of the Red City.

On a nonstop flight from Morocco to Brazil, the special collection shows that the colorful tapestry and its hotspots , like the Majorelle Garden , make the look even more sophisticated.

Not to be overlooked is the commandment of the day, as the colored crystals, pearls and sobia nazir pendants attract looks wherever they go. Double necklaces, dangling earrings and bags with exquisite details complement the look effortlessly and are more versatile than ever.

History of accessories
Fashion accessoriesnishatlinen
Photos: Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Accessories are present in the clothing of many peoples and cultures. Since always, they have several functions that go far beyond elevating the look. In many peoples and religions, accessories serve as objects of identification and representation.

Since prehistory, accessories that at the time were made with bones, served as amulets and other mystical signs. In Ancient Egypt, the exuberant jewels marked their clothing with lots of gold and precious stones. Egyptians were pioneers in the art of creating accessories and served as inspiration for other peoples.

In some cultures like India and some African countries, accessories are part of grand khaadi online ceremonies. From weddings to religious events, grandiose necklaces with many colorful details become real attractions of the place.

When it comes to fashion, the accessories really deserve their place of honor in the visual. They are responsible for ending production and making your life easier, such as handbags, for example.

So let’s see some parts tips to give an up to the look of the day!

Fashion accessories

Earrings are some of the accessories that have been around the longest in the world of jewelry. At the top of the look, they show that size is not always a document, as the stones, colors and details make all the difference.

Asymmetry, fringes and rings are the highlights of the bijus of the time. Versatile and timeless, earrings can accompany you on many occasions and complement various styles, from casual chic to comfy .

Feminine, they steal attention to your face and illuminate you. They can still play with the production, completing the look proposal or creating an interesting counterpoint.

Fashion accessories
Photos: Reproduction and Maria Filó
The ornamental side of the accessories gains an extra dose of elegance with the necklaces. The neck and neck deserve prominence with pieces ranging from long chains to elaborate, double, colorful and ball necklaces.

Because they are in a privileged location in the field of vision, some necklaces have become real icons. The stones of Audrey Hepburn in A Little Doll of Luxury and Marilyn Monroe in Men Prefer Blondes marked an era and are still remembered today.

The Marrakech color came to the necklaces to give another life to the piece and be another item that lifted the mood. Here, we love to combine colors , so adding a necklace full of shades is the key to an even more vibrant look.

Fashion accessories

The bags, companions of all times, appear renewed and signed with a work of art. Taking your essentials with more bossa and color is the mission of the models of the season. Useful and still full of fashion information, they make your life easier, from work to happy hour.

The sizes vary, but the elegant and utilitarian side of the bags is not shaken at all. When we talk about accessories, the freedom to choose colors and textures gains even more strength, since with them, it is worth exploring all the details.

So, dare in combinations and use colorful bags with printed clothes, bags with lighter shades with other vibrant pieces. Use your creativity to let the bags reign together with the other items in the production.

X-ray of new bags
Fashion accessories

All in knitting and with an exclusive intarsia, the bag looks more like a canvas. A work of art for you to walk around and turn any occasion into an exhibition. The final finishing is due to the handles made manually with bias from the same material.

The desire for stripes migrates to the B&W bag. Because it is made of cotton canvas, its detail is made of reforestation wood. The painting? Made with water-based paint that does not harm the environment.

Fashion accessories

The shoes are not left out when giving up (literally!) The look. Especially heels, which sophisticated production in the blink of an eye. Highlight for the naturalist touch of wood and straw, which create an interesting counterpoint with the metallic touches of bijus.

And as the news is always on our radar, it’s worth bringing the white sandal to the fashion podium. Current and versatile, it lends a clean bias to any production, whatever the main color. Or even a total white look, why not?

Besides them, elaborate moorings and braids, for example, make all the difference in the look. Neutral tones finish off the composition and still streamline your life. Uncomplicate without giving up elegance!

Fashion accessories

Belt a lot! No, we didn’t write the wrong expression. The belts of the season won special touches direct from Marrakech and deserve due attention. The local architecture and the tones that recalled some spices, such as paprika, reveal a more unusual side of the accessory.

Whether to dress up dresses, skirts, pants or shorts, the belt has left its comfort zone and wants to take the top of the look. To match, there is not much mystery, but our quick and practical tip is: understand the color palette you are going to use and choose the belt.

But as the piece increasingly gains elegant and imposing touches, the reverse path can happen. Let the belt give its slogan and from there you combine the clothes.

From supporting actors to protagonists
Fashion accessories

In fact, this trick of coordinating colors, proportions and sizes applies to any accessory. They can dictate which shades and clothes you choose. The accessories not only complement the look, the pieces play an important role. And we saw that it comes from prehistory. So a good idea is to choose your handbag, shoe, jewelry and belt to later choose the pieces of clothing. How about reversing the order? They deserve!

Fashion is inspiration and ours came straight from Marrakech for the looks of the season. From accessories to clothes, try to wear pieces that tell a story, show references from somewhere, style and feel the dress in a different way. Turn the time to create your look into a special and fun moment.

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best email hosting uk

Are you ok Well, now we’re ready to start.

Let’s clear up some misconceptions!

Urban legend # 1: you need to know how to code to make a website. Of course it should. IF YOU LIVE IN 1994! Seriously though – as would be expected, technology has improved a little more since the early days of the Web and a large part of the site building process has been automated. This includes writing the code itself. All you have to do is choose the most suitable tools and know a few important details (this guide is already there for him).


Urban legend # 2: building your own website will cost you tons of money. This only happens if you want to get a subcontracted service from an agency – which will likely include the steps described in this manual (and you will receive a whopping invoice for it).


Urban legend # 3: It takes the world to make a website. So, sometimes it may be necessary, especially if you are new to this business and are starting from scratch. But if you are smart and focus on the right things, you can have a smooth and smooth page in less than half an hour. And the whole purpose of this guide is to help you do that, so let’s get started!


Step 1: get a domain name and hosting service

The first thing you need is a place for the website to live. In technical terms, this place is called web hosting – essentially a private, always-on computer that stores the website’s files and makes them available to anyone who enters the website’s address and hits the Enter key.


By the way: ö also need to reserve the address itself ( like) and this address is called the domain name . Fortunately, you can do both at once, as most hosting providers offer domain names as a package.


There are thousands of companies of this type, big or small, but there is no point in choosing small ones: instead, you should choose a stable, reliable hosting service with a good track record. Your website should be accessible 24/7/365, I don’t even want to run into the hassle of moving to a new provider if your provider closes the shutter. It’s annoying, believe me.


Among the hosting providers I’ve tried and tested over the years, GoDaddy is still the most stable and easy to use , they have been doing this for more than 20 years, they have 17+ million customers around the world and are easy to use for beginners. And they currently offer some interesting discounts for both hosting and domains, which I will talk about in a moment.

To Learn More Click: best email hosting for small business uk

To go through the following hosting ordering process as quickly and smoothly as possible, I recommend taking a break and deciding on a domain name ahead of time: if you’re sure your chosen name doesn’t exist yet, you can use GoDaddy’s domain search bar – or reveal a new one. You can use one of the special tools to extract it. The best I know of among them (which I also use often) is the free Dot-o-Mator . It allows you to combine source words with prefixes and suffixes, organized by topic. If you get stuck, you can try new domain instead of generic (and crowded) .

To Learn More Click: cheap email hosting

Are you ok Well, now we’re ready to start. You can click the button below to go to GoDaddy’s offer page with special discounts for hosting. By the way, do you remember the hosting + domain name packages we just mentioned? GoDaddy currently offers a FREE domain name registration for each hosting plan, which saves an additional $ 53 (the usual cost of a .com domain name):

To Learn More Click: mail365

On that page, you will be presented with four hosting plans: you can choose the Economy plan as it has everything you need to get started, unless you need multiple websites at once.

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email hosting

From simple Shared Hosting to exclusive Dedicated Hosting

With the growing demand to take the business online, more and more company owners are starting a website for their business. On the other hand, the primary requisite for every new site, to make a mark in the online world, is a powerful hosting solution. Browsing through and choosing a web hosting platform for your website can be a daunting task, especially for a newcomer. Each cheap email hosting plan includes its own features, advantages, and limitations; every hosting solution can have a case for and against adopting it for your site. In this article, we plan to construct a case for Cloud Hosting and assist you to determine whether Cloud Web Hosting is the perfect pick for your new site or not.

Prior to delving into the reasons, let us know the difference between Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

Difference Between Shared Hosting and best email hosting for small business uk

email hosting

While both the email hosting kinds host multiple websites together, there are some major differences between both.

Shared Hosting:

Shared Hosting is where multiple sites live in a single single server. This means that a host can realistically host a hundred sites. All the hundred sites will draw all resources, including the storage, from the server.

Cloud Hosting:

Here, the true residence of the site is similar to a Shared Hosting setup. The website resides on a shared server. But, Cloud Hosting is termed secure due to its data storage capabilities. The website information is saved across multiple servers across various locations. This ensures better data security, seamless backup and restore, and innovative data redundancies.

Cloud Hosting to get a new business

, the choices are really endless. Given the fact that you’ll be bombarded with options, it’s always good to research well before you select a web host for your site.

Cloud Hosting has emerged to be the hosting of choice due to the seamless adaptation with each sort of business — large or small. There are several benefits that Cloud offers offers to a different business.


For a new business, it’s important to get as many customers as possible from the first couple of days and weeks. Each possible client is essential in this period. Conversion rates are very crucial. For this end, businesses attempt to designing catchy easy-to-navigate websites. Businesses also spend a great deal on marketing their services or products.

Within this phase, you’ll need visitors to your site and as many as you can. During this period, if your website fails and goes down, all that time, effort, and money spent on your site and marketing will be in vain. We are seeing that people don’t wait for slow websites. A site which doesn’t load within 3 seconds — you can be pretty confident that you’ve lost a vast majority of your clients.

Together with Cloud Hosting, the possibilities of your website going down really are minimal. The main reason is the inherent technology. Cloud Hosting ensures optimum uptime and almost no downtime for your website.


Let us say that you have produced a great marketing idea that is going to send a lot of possible clients to your site. One thing that generally happens in these situations is that sites typically slow down. After the number of visitors goes up, so will the need for resources. This may be RAM, computing power, or storage. You’re certain to see a spike in requirements. When additional resources are inaccessible, your website rate goes , and under prolonged stress, it might even stop working.

Together with Cloud Hosting, you will not ever need to worry since the Cloud Hosting programs enable you to scale your resources up readily. In your hosting dashboard, you will have options to raise resources. You simply have to choose the value of resources needed, the appropriate plan to scale as much as completed! With great service suppliers, you can scale your resources up in Cloud Hosting using a single click. In this manner, all of the clients your marketing strategy brings in will have a nice, smooth experience.

Disaster recovery

Work long enough with hardware, and you’ll understand that even the best fail occasionally. The fact is that data reduction due to hardware failure is something that you’ll need to face at some point. The best way to handle this is using excellent data recovery plans and executing them. Even though your web hosting company is going to have a pre-installed backup and restoration plan, it is imperative to devise a backup plan in the end too. This can ensure added safety for your valuable data.

Cloud Hosting assists in this too. We, at ResellerClub, use Ceph storage infrastructure. The information will be mirrored across three separate locations in real-time. As a result, if the primary server fails, the backup from the mirrored locations is automatically revived. Multi-server data storage technologies makes it difficult for information to be completely lost. The multiple servers guarantee real-time backup and seamless restore.

That said, it is almost always a fantastic idea to have a backup offline.


Cloud Hosting is ideal for new businesses since it puts emphasis on uptime, scaling, and functionality — crucial aspects of a new business website. What’s more, Cloud Hosting is not as expensive as Dedicated Hosting. A Cloud Hosting program guarantees not only excellent performance but also high uptimes. You can even opt for Managed Cloud Hosting solutions and leave the server upkeep and maintenance to the hosting specialists.

Thus, with elastic scalability, advanced safety, improved performance, higher page loading speed and 24×7 specialist service, Cloud Hosting to your new website guarantees that you focus on company expansion without worrying about managing the hosting solution. For more details about our Cloud Hosting strategies, make a comment below or contact us now.

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microsoft business email

Top 7 features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 October release


Microsoft’s upcoming October 2020 release for Dynamics 365 is coming with a variety of great features. Users of Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Field Service have a lot to be excited about.

Let’s touch on the top seven features in the October release:

1. Dynamics 365 Marketing: Running webinars in Teams
In the wake of organizations’ increased need to be flexible in working remotely and connecting with people over the internet, Microsoft business email will be offering webinar capabilities right in Teams. This feature will integrate with Dynamics 365 Marketing and allow users to manage registrations, communications and reporting for webinars.

Top 7 features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 October release

microsoft business email

This feature will allow you to:

Set up a webinar event as a Teams live event or a Teams meeting
Enable event check-ins for live events and meetings, allowing more visibility into online attendance
Integrate marketing events directly with Teams
Use Teams as the webinar provider
2. Dynamics 365 Sales: New mobile experience
Often, sales teams are on the move and lack the time to update CRM tools. With fast-paced work environments, entering sales data can be brushed over. Yet up-to-date sales data and consistent entries are the keys to driving business performance.

Field sales teams no longer need to wait. With a new mobile app, D365 Sales is quick and simple to use.

The app allows you to:

Access a home screen that displays users’ most important information and related records using automatic search suggestions and responsive lists — letting you make relevant updates
Add notes with a touch of a button as you walk out of a meeting
Quickly update records in seconds while on the go
Search information on customers
Top 7 features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 October release Top 7 features of the Microsoft business email Dynamics 365 October releaseTop 7 features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 October release

3. Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Improving agent productivity
The improvements Microsoft business email has made to the unified interface are driving the benefits of this release. Improvements include analytics, KPIs and additional insights that the customer support agent can view while dealing with cases. This way, as they are alongside a customer, they can view key insights related to that customer and areas of their business to help flow the conversation and build background to the customer’s current situation.

Agents can engage in multiple sessions simultaneously to help drive productivity and improve the agent’s experience and the customer service they can offer; this concept is similar to opening multiple tabs in a web browser.

4. Dynamics 365 Customer Service: AI-driven suggestions
Support capabilities are becoming more robust as omnichannel offers more avenues for success. Frequently, support agents must sift through many cases and knowledge articles to extract the relevant information for a customer. In this update, with the help of AI, the system can proactively search for relevant information and make suggestions for the agent to present to the customer — saving the agent time spent digging through cases and giving them more time spent with the customer.

Additionally, agents can view previous agents who have dealt with similar cases and collaborate across agents to find the information they are seeking.

High-level benefits: Reducing time spent on one call with a customer (improving turnover rate of calls), as well as adding more depth to the conversation because agents can use AI to help suggest relevant knowledge articles or cases.

5. Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Omnichannel for customer service
This last D365 Customer Service update expands the channels where customers can engage with support agents.

Live chat can now be embedded into a user’s mobile app.
Customer support agents can now proactively reach out to their customer network to send notifications regarding upcoming appointments, status on tickets, etc.
Surveys can be posted to the customer after their engagement with a support agent has been concluded. This helps provide continuous improvement levels to the customer support system.
Messages can be translated in real-time to allow customers of unique backgrounds to receive the support they need in their own native language. Staffing multiple employees who are multi-lingual can be challenging — this enhancement helps with that.
6. Dynamics 365 Field Service: Insights for Field Service
Improvements to the insights for Field Service will undoubtedly be a favorite added feature for those using Field Service frequently. Managers can unlock more visibility through work order completion surveys, dashboards for key field service metrics and work order metrics.

The update allows you to:

Configure customer satisfaction surveys and send them out through Forms Pro to solicit feedback and ensure work is meeting the customer’s expectations.
Use a new dashboard with out-of-the-box field service metrics and measures to ensure service is effective.
See the estimated duration of a work order and the history of service over its life cycle. Some metrics that are captured include total estimated duration, as well as first arrived on and completed on; these are captured on every work order.
7. Dynamics 365 Field Service: Scheduling for Field Service
A variety of features released for Field Service will allow scheduling to become a more efficient and less grueling process. Service managers will be able to more accurately manage their technicians with tools that can predict technician travel time, allow for travel outside of working hours and much more.

Features include:

A resource scheduling optimizer that enables automated scheduling and reduces manual scheduling to free up dispatcher time for higher-value activities.
A tool that provides a prediction for the duration of a given job. This AI-powered model can be used to uncover technician’s strengths and learn from historical booking completion times.
A feature that automatically matches a technician with the least common denominator of skills first when there’s more capacity than demand.
An improved user experience that makes it easier to manage the requirements calendar.
How Wipfli can help

Let Wipfli work with your team to analyze how Microsoft business email October 2020 release impacts your D365 environment. We can also help you plan your transition and prepare your team. Contact us to get started, or continue reading on:

Field Service inspections for D365 – the wait is over

D365 user adoption tips and tricks

Prepare dynamic budgets and financial analyses with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Linux VPS or Windows VPS: which is the best option?

Now we need to know if the VPS Linux or VPS Windows: what is the best option?

Linux VPS
The Linux VPS is based on the open source Linux operating system and its distributions.

As it is an Open Source initiative, it is very popular with the developer community and there is a huge amount of resources, updates and support from the community.

Windows VPS
Based on the Windows operating system, from the giant Microsoft, it is a very robust option. It has in usability and ease of adaptation its greatest advantages, since it does not require advanced technical knowledge to carry out its configuration.


Differences between Linux VPS and Windows VPS
One of the main advantages of the VPS UK is the cost. Since it is developed in open source, it does not depend on software licensing , which ends up making the solution cheaper because it does not involve license costs. The Windows VPS has a paid license from Microsoft and you must pay to use it.

Another advantage of VPS Linux is the great compatibility of the operating system with several languages . In general, VPS Linux is indicated for applications developed in PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python or MySQL. VPS Windows has better performance in specific applications for Windows , such as, MySQL, C #, VB, MS Development Access and other Microsoft products.

Ease of use
In terms of ease of use, VPS Linux requires you or your technical team to have technical knowledge of the operating system and command line interfaces.

The graphical user interface (GUI) of the VPS UK and the remote desktop make the usability and management of resources easier, eliminating any kind of knowledge in programming or commands in terminal to be operated .

Both Linux and Windows have regular updates . On Linux, as it is an open source operating system, updates are made by the community and have reliability and quality. The Windows VPS also receives constant updates from Microsoft.

The Linux VPS is historically less targeted by hackers than the Windows version. One of the security measures that help explain the reason for the security of the Linux VPS is the restriction of editing access and security to administrators through the Secure Shell of Access (SSH).

The Linux VPS has an extensive and active community of enthusiasts and developers who are constantly releasing stability improvements, new features and periodic updates. The VPS UK is fully supported by Microsoft and its team of experts.

CPanel compatibility
Linux VPS is compatible with cPanel , the most used website hosting control panel in the world, allowing you to manage VPS server, database, emails and use FTP for file transfers.

The VPS UK does not offer compatibility with cPanel. The user needs to opt for paid control panel alternatives, such as the Azure cloud storage service or the Plesk hosting panel.

If you have come this far you can already consider yourself a VPS specialist and you are more than prepared to hire a server for your projects.

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best email hosting for small business uk

What’s CodeGuard Website Backup and What are Its Features


One of the major concerns of site owners, both big and small, is data security. There could be valuable information stored on the host whose potential leakages could bring the entire company on its knees. Most conventional hosting is vulnerable to DDoS attacks, malware and other malicious cyberattack efforts. On the flip side, cheap email hosting is thought of as one of the safest choices to safeguard against a security violation. Also, the added advantage of email hosting is that it stores information in the cloud rather than a single physical server, which might suffer from frequent hardware and software failures.
In the scenario of growing safety breaches, the importance of data backups can’t be understated. It’s crucial to take frequent backups of your whole website, so that, in the event of any catastrophe, one can restore the site in the shortest possible time. However, the obsolete method of creating backups in physical forces, though still powerful, has its own set of issues. They tend toward damages and becoming corrupted. Cloud copies provide an alternative. One of the most popular cloud backup solutions is CodeGuard. But before knowing CodeGuard and its features, let us take a look at the value of backing up your own data.

best email hosting for small business uk

Why Do Backups For Your Website?
Increased cyberattacks: Various study implies that the number of cyberattacks is increasing each year. In fact, every 0.65 minutes, a new site is compromised by malware. Virus attacks and other security breaches by hackers for sabotaging your business reputation can do a lot of harm.
Monetary Loss: This is true, especially for e-commerce or company websites. Going downtime even for a couple of seconds can lead to a huge financial loss for the company. Backups will help in the restoration of sites in an easy manner.
Hardware and software failures: Backups can stop data loss during hardware failures. Sometimes, even during software updates, unexpected things can occur and may block you from accessing the data.
What is CodeGuard? It monitors and tracks for modifications in your site and notifies them via an email. The whole process is automated, and the off-site backup feature can help you recover from any disaster seamlessly. CodeGuard backups involve a four-step procedure to work to its entire potential by means of your website.
Linking with the website: The very simple process requires some of your credentials to get connected to your site.
Creating backups: After creating an initial backup, CodeGuard tracks for any changes made and stores the documents on the cloud. You are able to configure the settings depending on your requirements. Furthermore, it notifies you for any viruses, malware or malware threats on your site.
Restore: It provides a repository of backups to choose from, therefore, you can restore to a previous date with no hassle.
CodeGuard is more than just a backup tool. It has numerous features that it’s patented overtime to supply you with a one-stop alternative in site security.
MalwareGone: it is a malware cleanup tool that automatically scans and fixes any threats on your site. It immediately informs you via ChangeAlert email notifications for any such malicious efforts, and you’re able to fix the problem with just a single click. Without the usage of this CodeGuard backup tool, most of these malware and viruses may go unnoticed and may compromise the security of your website.
CodeGuard Daily Monitoring: It monitors your site daily for any changes, and then notifies you instantly. It is helpful for businesses, both big and small, who can concentrate on other areas of their business. Automatic backups are created for any modifications made, giving you the choice to restore your website to the preceding condition.
Easy installation: Setting up CodeGuard demands no prior knowledge. You simply need to connect your SFTP along with MySQL database with the CodeGuard and let CodeGuard do the remainder.
Website Restore: Using CodeGuard, you can easily download the contents of your website to your personal computer. The Zip file can then be easily uploaded to restore any previous version of your website.
Infinite Backups: CodeGuard gives you the option to determine the time that you would like to store backups. The default setting is for 90 days but can be changed to store the information infinitely or permanently.
Encryption: CodeGuard backups are encrypted using AES 256-bit method, which means hackers will not have the ability to comprehend your data.
Mobile Access: CodeGuard backups for your website can be accessed from mobile devices as well.
Website migration: CodeGuard allows seamless migration from 1 website to another.
Benefits of Using CodeGuard for Website Backup
Convenience: With CodeGuard integrated with your site, you don’t have to maintain a reminder each time you want to take backups .
Access: CodeGuard, being cloud-based, permits you to access your backups remotely from anywhere and anytime.
Affordability: Along with most cloud solutions, CodeGuard is a cheap solution for the features it offers. It eliminates the cost of buying physical hardware and drives.
Security: Using AES 256-bit encryption method, your data enjoys improved security.
Data versioning: All backups are stored with version information connected, so you can restore your website with any version you prefer.
Reliability: As stated previously, CodeGuard allows you to restore immediately, thereby avoiding downtime for your site. Higher uptime rating for your site ensures improved user experience.
Resource management optimization: With automatic copies, you have the freedom to optimize your resources for other areas of your business. Your IT management team can perform other important work rather than being concerned about creating backups.
Hopefully, this guide could have helped you understand the importance of installing CodeGuard on your own site. Together with our Cloud best email hosting for small business uk plans, you might even incorporate CodeGuard Website Backup to appreciate all of the advantages. Ensure the perfect security partner for your email hosting infrastructure with strong backup, automatic restore, reliability, and cost-effective strategies from CodeGuard.
To know more about how to customize your website, keep it up-to-date along with other updates from the world of development head to our Development Websites today.

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