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With the next seasons of the year coming, surely you have already thought about buying clothes for the winter, haven’t you? So keep this tip: when it comes to fashion, the winter of 2020 is far from sober and bland. Therefore, we at Upperbag will look for winter 2020 trends in the main international fashion shows for you to use during the coldest season of the year. Check it out below!

It is normal to have that doubt just before the start of a new season:

“which clothes will be in fashion?”. So, for you to get rid of this concern, we will already advance the news that are coming for you to go after these pieces.

That way, when you find out what the winter 2020 trends are, you already get to know what’s in the closet and what’s still missing to complete a boring look from that season. You know that in this part you can count on the people of Upperbag , right? We will send you the best looks according to your tastes so you can choose the ideal outfit for the coldest season of the year.

It is not because there will be a chill that you will not rock the look! This climatic bonanza satrangi time of the year is great for abusing coats, skirts, colors (of course!) And many other items.

So, find out what’s new in the fashion world for this winter. In this article, you will check:

The puffing sleeves are from the 80s, but they came back with a reinterpretation for the current times with a touch of modernity.

However, the princess and romantic style came back all over again! In fact, you can find puffed sleeves in shirts, bodysuits , jackets or sweatshirts, which give a fashionista look to the look. So, they came back with everything in this cold season of the year!

In addition, you can choose from the available models, such as a one-shoulder puff sleeve, shoulder to shoulder, oversize or shoulder volume, among others.rang rasiya

Super marked, they promise to appear to “cause” your look. However, if you feel afraid to bet on super fancy sleeves, then you can start with a few less puffers.

This piece brings glamor and sophistication to the look, so you can use it on special occasions like parties, events – especially if they are nightly.

However, this trend is not indicated for those who have an inverted triangle shape because it accentuates the broad shoulders of the body even more.


oversize coat, one of the trends of winter 2020

You spent the whole year waiting for the chance to wear a beautiful winter coat to walk around with him. So now is the time!

For this winter 2020, the blazers and jackets will be very wide with a relaxed shape and super max.

The seams of the sleeves will be more off the shoulder to convey the idea of ​​a “borrowed piece” from someone much bigger than you. To balance production, you need to wear pants that fit your body.

Coats are the key to a great winter look. In addition, there are plenty  rang rasiya fabric and style options for every occasion.

So, how about using a trech coat that will be very welcome for this year? The trech coat is a great bet for the cold season of 2020, so you can already write it down on your wish list.


knitting blouse, one of the trends of winter 2020

The knits winter 2020 are neat, with oversize big points and full of details.

This year’s style has an aspect that looks like the pieces look like they were made by hand.

This time, they get more sophisticated details like embroidery, shiny fabrics and elaborate weaves.


image of a woman with transparent blouse

The transparencies are still going on in winter 2020. You can use bolder pieces, like a totally transparent fabric or less bold ones with small transparent details of the clothes.

One way to use this trend is to use a tulle blouse and underneath complement with lace top.

However, be careful to be the same color because when wearing a black transparent blouse and a white top it doesn’t look elegant.


woman with beige vest

Coming straight from the men’s wardrobe , the vest is a third functional piece that adds even more charm to the winter look.

In the winter fashion weeks abroad, the vest was featured on the catwalks and appeared in different formats, such as tailoring, short and long versions, leather materials and sweater style.

Therefore, with the fashion of the 80s and 90s increasingly high, the sweater gives a retro tone to the look of this season.

In fact, a great combination is a knitting vest in a neutral caramel color over a white shirt.

6. Beaded Skirt

beaded skirt, one of the trends of winter 2020

The beaded skirt left the wardrobe and returned to occupy the prominent place in the windows for winter 2020.

The beaded touch gives a touch of femininity to the clothes, as well as being light, cordial and retro.

However, for this year, what is on the rise is the skirt just above the knee or super long.


woman with plaid pants and blouse

Chess never goes out of style, no doubt. In recent years, Vichy , the prince of Wales chess, has risen, but the tartan pattern – of Scottish kilts – will potragonize this trend with a colorful and fun footprint.

In fact, this style was successful in the 90s and was inspired by the uniforms of Americans.

In fact, this print appears a lot on pants and dresses, in addition to winter jackets with this plaid pattern.


two women in blue jackets

Last winter, fashion proposed a vibrant and colorful palette for the season.

This year, the trend remains to deconstruct the idea that cold weather is synonymous with a neutral card.

Even those who think that vibrant colors can only appear in summer are mistaken, after all, they will appear again in this cold season of the year.

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