Make money with Amazon as an affiliate, everything you need to know!

Amazon pays you for every sale you make through your links. It’s very simple, you sign up for their affiliate program (it’s free) and you can get trackable links to any product in their store.

By trackable links I mean links that are able to determine that a sale has occurred thanks to someone clicking on your recommendation .

Commissions vary depending on the type of product and range from 1 to 12% .

But to make money with the Amazon affiliate program , you first have to have a blog or a website to put the links in the articles that you do.

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What will you find here?

1 Advantages of recommending Amazon products

2 What are the best products to recommend from Amazon

3 What are niche pages?

4 How to get counted sales from various countries in the Amazon affiliate program

5 Best WordPress Plugin To Make Money With Amazon

5.1 AAWP Tutorial

5.1.1 Sign up for the Amazon affiliate program

5.1.2 Buy the AAWP plugin

5.1.3 Download and install the AAWP plugin

5.1.4 Activate licenses

5.1.5 Create a box with an Amazon product

Advantages of recommending Amazon products

The advantages of recommending Amazon products to earn money from the sale of products from your store are many, the main ones are:

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Many people already have their payment details on Amazon and can buy in one or two clicks, so it has a very high conversion rate.

  • It is reliable.
  • You can find products of all kinds.
  • You can monetize traffic from various countries.
  • What are the best products to recommend from Amazon

The commissions that Amazon distributes vary depending on the type of product and country from which each sale takes place and between 0 and 12%.

Commissions, being almost always based on percentages , will be higher the more expensive the value of the recommended product, so it is always better to focus on recommending products that have a high price .

But you also have to take into account the category of the product you recommend, since the commission percentage varies depending on this .

For example, in Spain the commission given by Amazon for selling an electronic product (TV, mobile phones, cameras…) is 3.5%, furniture, kitchen and home and electronic books 7% and clothes 11%.

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For example, if you have a recipe blog and recommend this food processor that is worth € 599 , you would get a commission of € 41.93 for each unit that people buy through your links. This is because as I understand it would be within the Home category (kitchen and dining room, power tools …) to which 7% commission corresponds.

And if you recommend a sex doll like this that is worth € 989.99 , you would have a commission of € 59.33 , if it is within the Hobbies and Toys category, whose commission is 6% .

These are just some examples, you have all the complete commission tables in the following link:

Amazon affiliate program commission table

What are niche pages?

Niche pages are pages that are made with the idea of ​​positioning specific products through which sales can be produced.

They are pages that usually require a lot of startup work but can then be left to work on their own and many of them are based on making sales with Amazon .

There are niche pages for everything , here are several examples:

  • Fish tank niche page
  • E-book niche page
  • Decoration niche page

How to get counted sales from various countries in the Amazon affiliate program

Amazon has a different store in each country with an identical design but with independent databases.

For example, there is Amazon.com , the Amazon store for Spain and on the other hand Amazon.com.mx , which is for Mexico and so on with many countries.

If you sign up for the Amazon Spain affiliate program and someone from Germany clicks on your link and ends up buying from their Amazon Germany store , that sale would not count .

But recently there is a solution for this, OneLink, an Amazon system with which you can register in stores in different countries and link them all in a single account.

What is and how to configure OneLink?

Best WordPress plugin to make money with Amazon

One of the drawbacks that this store can have is that the products change in price constantly and it can be difficult to keep the items you recommend updated.

There is a solution to this, which also gives you many other advantages to increase your sales .

This is the AAWP plugin , essential if you want to make Amazon one of the main monetization tools for your page .

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Thanks to this tool you can create sales boxes like the following:

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