Does hosting have an impact for SEO?

Yes. Hosting and SEO work in direct conjunction with each other. As a matter of fact, situations that can affect your SEO performance may vary depending on how well the hosting performance is. If you have been a website owner for many years, you know very well how important hosting package selection is. The hosting package you own includes factors that affect your site in many ways. The performance of your web hosting package is important in matters such as the speed, security and accessibility of your site.

However, you may not realize how this will affect SEO performance. When you make a strong SEO strategy, hosting should be included in it. Because it is impossible for you to achieve SEO success without having a good hosting. In this article, we will look at 3 items about how a web hosting package can affect your SEO performance.

SEO performance refers to the high rate of your appearance in search engines. If people can reach your site by searching for certain terms, that means you are doing a good SEO. Of course, the important concepts for this are that your site content is really high quality, and your site layout is coded with a clean and suitable infrastructure. The strategy you develop for SEO should be considered as a whole, not just hosting or just a content plan. If your content is good and your hosting performance is bad, you will fail. Likewise, if your hosting performance is good but your content is bad, you will fail again.

Let’s now look at how Hosting service affects SEO.

1. Provides Important Security Features

A good hosting service ensures the security of your website. It creates the necessary infrastructure for this and offers you a secure access both software and hardware. In the internet environment where new viruses are produced and circulated almost every day, an unsecured website can easily get caught by these viruses and as a result, these viruses that settle on the website can harm the site visitors. In such a case, your website will be perceived as a harmful site by Google and your site will be completely deleted from the search results. Even people trying to enter will not be able to access your site. Because now your site is marked as a site with malware.

Of course, you did not have such a goal, you did not put the virus. However, because you had an unsecured hosting, your site was vulnerable and was defeated in the first attack. This shows us how important a role hosting security plays.

It also offers you a secure hosting experience with an SSL certificate. With SSL, your connections are made over the HTTPS protocol and data flow is encrypted. Since 2017, Google has been giving priority to sites with SSL certificates in search results. This has been an important factor for SEO.

As The email shop, we offer you hosting access with high-level security software, as well as providing your SSL certificate in all hosting packages free of charge to ensure HTTPS access to your site. Thus, you save both time and money.

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2.Faster Load Times

Keeping your site loading fast to improve the user experience is a very important criterion for SEO. Google measures and evaluates the speed of your site by observing the users’ experiences. But you need to do this not only for SEO, but also for your visitors. Even if your position in the search engine is high, if your site speed is low, nobody will want to visit that site. Time is everything nowadays. According to researches, if people wait 5 seconds at the opening, they leave that site. That’s why it’s your job to make your site open as soon as possible.

A slow opening website is a sign of a poor quality website. Therefore, Google does not reward a site that opens this way, but penalizes it.

When you buy a good web hosting package, the speed of your website gets its share. Because the purpose of high resources and high features is to give you a faster access. If you’ve made a bad hosting choice, your site will likely be slow to load. This will negatively affect your SEO performance.

Your hosting performance may be good, your hosting speed may be high, but your site may still open slowly. Why? Because you may not have designed the content of your site to open quickly. Hosting only offers you access speed. However, it is up to you to provide this access speed to users quickly.

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3. Keeping Your Site Open Forever

One of the situations that affect SEO performance is the issue of uptime. This is a big problem if your site isn’t open all the time and people can’t access your site occasionally. Google occasionally visits your site during the day and makes these measurements. And if you have a bad hosting service, if your site is not always able to be opened, it will negatively affect your SEO performance. Because when Google tries to enter it, it cannot find your site in place and therefore will not recommend you to searchers.

The email shop offers you 99.9% uptime guarantee. This provides uninterrupted access that guarantees that your site will always be open. Your visitors will always find your site open and your website will be constantly available from all over the world. This positivel y affects your SEO performance.

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It is very important for a website to be available. A website that does not rank high in search engines is a website that cannot be visited by humans. So even if your content is very good and useful, your content won’t matter if no one can find it.

In order not to waste your efforts, we recommend that you choose the right web hosting package that significantly affects your SEO performance. As The email shop, we guarantee to give you the best speed and uptime.


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