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Everything you Want to know about Reseller Hosting


Have you thought about how to make money online with hosting? No? Or do not you understand how it functions? Don’t worry, we have prepared this article for you to know just how a hosting reseller operates, in addition to some practices on how to make this service highly rewarding for you.
First, you need to know that this type of hosting service is a really old practice. Some time ago, hosting wasn’t as cheap as it is now, so it was a way for big providers to resell to small businesses.
Currently, businesses, agencies and salespeople seeking to increase their earnings online have begun to opt to obtain a set of hosting resources or a dedicated host.
Or even freelance professionals like developers and web designers who wish to add value and total functionality to the service supplied to their customers. See below how best email hosting uk reseller works and how to make money on the Internet for this activity.
Everything you will see:
What is Reseller Hosting and how it works

Who’s the Hosting Reseller advocated for?
Shared hosting and reseller hosting, understand the difference

What a hosting company needs to have for me to provide a quality hosting reseller

Benefits of being a reseller

Advantages of reselling to your customer

domain and email hosting

How freelancer support functions
Migration of Sites in reseller domain and email hosting
Chosen hosting company, paid server, am I prepared to start making money on the internet?
Manage your company’s fiscal
Collection Computer Software
Payment methods

CPanel, what can it be?

WHM package, what is it and how do I create one?
Time to Make the account

Do you know what DNS is?
Security with my hosting company, how does this work?
Security Socket Layer

Why is WebLink reseller plans different from any other?
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Hosting resale is not anything more than you, your company or service”transforming” into a web site hosting company. But how? It is simple. To resell, you sign a strategy with a personal email hosting company and resell the GB of this contracted program to the customers to manage a site.

You will have the ability to command the entire data distribution for each client. Being a freelancer has benefits such as having your brand strengthened and disseminated, along with having a stronger relationship with your customers.
As an example: When I, as a freelancer, hire a hosting plan that provides me 60GB, I could have as many customers as I desire within that limitation. And the supply can be done exactly the way you want. Remembering that a few hosting company plans limit the creation of websites within the account, however, here at WebLink it is possible to create as many sites as you want.
To get a business or professional who’s setting up a website and needs hosting, they’ll have the ability to hire the service directly from you, in which you become your manager for one or more sites. Therefore, you can provide a hosting to your client in a couple of minutes, which makes it a lot easier for both sides.
Providing this support is quite easy, as in many cases and in certain programs, who are responsible for all of the infrastructure and maintenance of the servers would be the hosting businesses that create shared freelancer environments, allowing a decrease in the expense of the host, besides enabling a less costly service.
Here at WebLink, by way of instance, we provide two types of Reseller Hosting services. Reseller a server, where the reseller offers customer service. Or Reseller by user, where, if you want, our technicians provide all of the assistance.
By hiring these solutions, you utilize the services of a website hosting company, while itmanages the server, performs updates to enhance the page, etc..
Typically, companies use the same system as shared hosting for reseller programs. However, it is possible to even use a freelancer on programs such as VPS or dedicated servers, but that is offered by the website hosting company.
Who’s the Hosting Reseller advocated for?
Combining the development and maintenance of websites or applications with the email and hosting support has become the most lucrative way to earn money on the Internet using this product.
Agencies, Web Designers and Programmers: All these work with a high number of consumers, producing websites and pages, which makes it a lot easier to be a”website hosting firm” for the customers themselves.
With a more concentrated and independent work, in the resale value of hosting there’s All of the support and monitoring of the host by the provider, to provide good experiences for the freelancer and the Last customer;
Internet providers: Lots of famous internet providers do not arrive in certain towns, so some providers in the city itself, who are already a reference for citizens, additionally offer this resale service to clients who wish to have a site or have an agency, as a way to further increase profit;
SAAS Companies: These are businesses that sell software for a service (which work online). Let us say you own a furniture store, you need to create a web site and you will need this program to maximize it, therefore it is interesting that, in addition to the software, this firm also offers a hosting reseller plan, since it will deal with several customers using the software.
And, of course, in addition to all these professionals, in addition, there are entrepreneurs who work in a”free” way, where they simply look for a means to improve income and make money online, developing a website and offering reseller hosting to friends and clients.

Shared hosting is among the most used servers in the world, mainly as it has a very good price advantage. You host your website on a server that also hosts several different reports and sites. It is as if you were at a birthday party, the cake was the host and each guest a client. Every one of those”guests” gets a”slice” of the server. And the maintenance of the server is totally up to the website hosting business, the drawback is that, should you want more space, sadly you can’t do it, having to migrate to some other strategy.
In addition, from shared hosting, you have just 1 login for all reports, displaying a little bit of amateurism in your enterprise, as your client can get into the other sites, since they’re hosted in precisely the exact same location.
Each client has a password and login to access the cPanel, not needing the information shared with third parties.

In addition to supplying this security, together with resale you can still manage accounts how you want, if a client forgot the payment or has been late for a while, you just disable the account until you receive the money. With shared hosting that this can’t be carried out.
What a hosting company needs to have for me to offer a quality hosting company
As you’re going to control your clients’ accounts, they won’t understand their website is hosted by a business and you are only the intermediary making money from it. Therefore, You Have to choose a professional hosting company, respected and with the following attributes:
Support: having professional technical assistance is of utmost importance. You never know what doubts you and your client will have, in addition to undesirable unforeseen conditions. So, choose a business that offers 24/7 support. Speed ​​and efficacy in this regard have to go hand in hand.
Uptime: This variable refers to the time your server is online. It is encouraged that you use a hosting service with 99% uptime, meaning that your website will be online most of the time. Nobody wants to pay for a service and also be disappointed with the site going offline because of technical problems, right?
SSD space: this option depends on the number of clients you can resell hosting. Since your resale grows, with the entrance of new customers, your host also has to grow to encourage the sites. Remember also that the website of the customers themselves may also grow a lot inside the reseller program, which makes you want to update and seek the services of a strategy with more space.
Site and CMS founder: check the freelancer support for accessible CMS. The best known and most used is WordPress. This is a positive point that the customer sees, since the WordPress platform interface is user friendly. A site creator is also an excellent attraction for the customer. Here at WebLink we’ve got our own website creator, Zyro, easy to use and fully optimized for SEO.
Location of servers: Another very significant element is the place where the servers are, since the reaction time of the web site can be influenced. It is recommended that it be located on American or Brazilian soil. At WebLink, freelancer servers are hosted in america.
Security: we have to be secure in everything we do in life, and it is no different when we handle a site. For that reason, it is important that you opt for a website hosting company that offers SSL on your website hosting plan. Here at WebLink we now offer free SSL on some plans.
Traffic limit: Some kinds of plans have a traffic limitation over the sites, in other words, if a particular number of people access any site that is hosted on your reseller plan at precisely the same period, along with the traffic limit is reached, the server is inaccessible.
Advantages of being a freelancer
Keep on top of the benefits of being a freelancer and start earning money on the internet.
Own WHM panel, in other words, management of customer accounts, hosting programs and DNS zones are done there. In addition you have the power to enable and disable functions of the client’s cPanel and also to delete accounts if you wish;
Free SSL certificates for each of your customers and for you too;

Charge the amount you want from your client without having to pass on part of that cash to the hosting company. You charge and gain 100% of the value, while the price of the lodging you hire is fixed. For more clients, some people even charge under a Organization’s hosting service;
Economy with physical host, as You will hire a hosting firm, focusing solely on supporting your client and operating WHM;
Strengthening your own brand, being able to promote it and make it more professional;

Based on the type of reseller you pick, you may choose between having the support of our technical staff or your customer directly. At WebLink you can choose between both of these options, along with the support being 24/7.
Advantages of reselling to your client
CPanel is used by the resale customers themselves, in which they can create e-mail accounts, install plugins and applications, configure spam security, alter and specify passwords and other Kinds of operations that cPanel allows to perform;

All the necessary tools to make an optimized website and start making money on the internet;
Based on the plan you employ, your customer receives 24/7 support.

WebLink provides two forms of reseller service, it’s all up to you to select which one best matches the service. One is reseller hosting by host.
With this plan, you can hire servers in line with the disc space you want. In this plan it’s also possible to upgrade the servers, even if you reach the limit of any.
The support of this modality is devoted only to the reseller, in other words, you will take all your doubts with our specialized staff and supply customer support. It is recommended that you utilize reseller hosting by server who has clients with various kinds of websites, who should customize the plans and distribute the resources.
Now let’s talk about another plan, that of hosting each user. Within this plan, you pay just $11.50 for every client, who’ll have 10GB of space to control the website. This resale is suggested for people who want to come up with great jobs and projects.
The big difference from this plan to another, besides the values, is the service. Here, you may opt to support your client directly, or the hosting company’s technicians can perform it for you. It all depends on your business model and what makes the most sense for you.

How reseller support works

As explained above, support will be contingent on the support you select. If you decide to resell hosting by host, you, the freelancer, will receive support. But if you choose to resell the consumer, your customer who receives the assistance, if you desire.
Here at WebLink, support is 24/7 and in Portuguese.

Migration of Sites in reseller hosting
Many website hosting firms provide website migration, however, the vast majority of them charge with this service. Here at WebLink we perform the entire migration procedure at no cost, provided that the panel you use permits you to perform a backup.
Consider this as a bonus for your dealer. Because our migration staff does all in 72 hours, along with your site stays online all the time.
Regarding e-mails, for those using cPanel, all of them will be migrated automatically. If you do not use the above panel, then it will be necessary to manually copy All them and reconfigure them later

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