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How to dress for work?

Clothing for work in a corporation, office or elsewhere is extremely important.

Here are the main ideas for looks to rock at work.

The look you wear creates your image as a skilled and professional employee and expresses your attitude towards work, customers or colleagues. See how to dress for work on multiple occasions!

Looks to rock at work? General rules
How to dress for work every day and how to attend important company events? Although the question seems trivial, sometimes the problem is in the details.

Dressing for work daily depends on the generally applicable dress code. Therefore, if you do not have a uniform imposed in advance, as is usually the case in companies, where employees are required to wear clothes provided by the employer, the decision as to what to wear is yours.

At first glance, the most difficult thing is to feel the climate of a certain company in the first weeks of work . Because companies often don’t have written rules about work clothing, and you learn about office habits every day by observing your colleagues’ style.

Corporate attire, contrary to what it seems, is not very formal in everyday life. So, for important meetings or on days designated by management, dress in a business style following the following rules:

A skirt or dress should not reveal the knee

The blouse must have a sleeve at least half the shoulder
The neckline should not be too deep (avoid revealing the breasts)
Avoid translucent materials
Choose neutral colors and soft clothing patternsdesigner dresses pakistani
Looks to rock at work: Business style

The business style is also often called formal. Not every profession requires a daily business style. Most of the time, it applies to sales representatives, employees, as well as lawyers and bankers.

The formal dress code for work emphasizes the seriousness of the work and the professionalism of the employee, which must be shown to the client or business partner.

Thus, for women, the business style combines a feminine suit with trousers, in soft colors combined with a shirt, elegant blouse or possibly a basic jacket.

A pencil dress made of thick fabric, for example, will also work well in nishat linen business style. But the style is best completed with high heels up to 8 cm or grainy leather loafers. Choose clothes in soft colors.

How to dress for work? Smart casual style

The smart casual style is called sporty elegance . Anyway, this is the most popular way to dress for work, also in a company. What will fit in this style?

Especially for women, a combination of plain jeans with a shirt and a sports jacket works well.

You can also choose dresses with an A-shaped skirt or combine a pencil skirt with a plaid shirt . But stylish casual shoes can be formal or you can wear white sneakers.

Top tips of what to wear in looks to rock at work
Jackets – feminine costume or suit in soft colors, with classic cut;
Pants – made of material that does not wrinkle, at least up to the ankle;
Skirt – to the knee or just below the knee, straight or pencil skirt, slightly wide;
Blouses / shirts – Never tight, preferably in good cotton or silk, with small neckline, in pastel colors, preferably plain;
Shoes – should cover the toes and the heel;
Makeup – it must be delicate;
Hair – always clean and combed. Long, stuck in a ponytail, shoulder length. They must not cover your face or distract you;
Jewels – only classic, discreet: delicate chains, earrings and bracelets , without excessive flashy decorations. Metal watches only (silver or gold, with a leather strap).

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