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Top 7 features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 October release


Microsoft’s upcoming October 2020 release for Dynamics 365 is coming with a variety of great features. Users of Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Field Service have a lot to be excited about.

Let’s touch on the top seven features in the October release:

1. Dynamics 365 Marketing: Running webinars in Teams
In the wake of organizations’ increased need to be flexible in working remotely and connecting with people over the internet, Microsoft business email will be offering webinar capabilities right in Teams. This feature will integrate with Dynamics 365 Marketing and allow users to manage registrations, communications and reporting for webinars.

Top 7 features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 October release

microsoft business email

This feature will allow you to:

Set up a webinar event as a Teams live event or a Teams meeting
Enable event check-ins for live events and meetings, allowing more visibility into online attendance
Integrate marketing events directly with Teams
Use Teams as the webinar provider
2. Dynamics 365 Sales: New mobile experience
Often, sales teams are on the move and lack the time to update CRM tools. With fast-paced work environments, entering sales data can be brushed over. Yet up-to-date sales data and consistent entries are the keys to driving business performance.

Field sales teams no longer need to wait. With a new mobile app, D365 Sales is quick and simple to use.

The app allows you to:

Access a home screen that displays users’ most important information and related records using automatic search suggestions and responsive lists — letting you make relevant updates
Add notes with a touch of a button as you walk out of a meeting
Quickly update records in seconds while on the go
Search information on customers
Top 7 features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 October release Top 7 features of the Microsoft business email Dynamics 365 October releaseTop 7 features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 October release

3. Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Improving agent productivity
The improvements Microsoft business email has made to the unified interface are driving the benefits of this release. Improvements include analytics, KPIs and additional insights that the customer support agent can view while dealing with cases. This way, as they are alongside a customer, they can view key insights related to that customer and areas of their business to help flow the conversation and build background to the customer’s current situation.

Agents can engage in multiple sessions simultaneously to help drive productivity and improve the agent’s experience and the customer service they can offer; this concept is similar to opening multiple tabs in a web browser.

4. Dynamics 365 Customer Service: AI-driven suggestions
Support capabilities are becoming more robust as omnichannel offers more avenues for success. Frequently, support agents must sift through many cases and knowledge articles to extract the relevant information for a customer. In this update, with the help of AI, the system can proactively search for relevant information and make suggestions for the agent to present to the customer — saving the agent time spent digging through cases and giving them more time spent with the customer.

Additionally, agents can view previous agents who have dealt with similar cases and collaborate across agents to find the information they are seeking.

High-level benefits: Reducing time spent on one call with a customer (improving turnover rate of calls), as well as adding more depth to the conversation because agents can use AI to help suggest relevant knowledge articles or cases.

5. Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Omnichannel for customer service
This last D365 Customer Service update expands the channels where customers can engage with support agents.

Live chat can now be embedded into a user’s mobile app.
Customer support agents can now proactively reach out to their customer network to send notifications regarding upcoming appointments, status on tickets, etc.
Surveys can be posted to the customer after their engagement with a support agent has been concluded. This helps provide continuous improvement levels to the customer support system.
Messages can be translated in real-time to allow customers of unique backgrounds to receive the support they need in their own native language. Staffing multiple employees who are multi-lingual can be challenging — this enhancement helps with that.
6. Dynamics 365 Field Service: Insights for Field Service
Improvements to the insights for Field Service will undoubtedly be a favorite added feature for those using Field Service frequently. Managers can unlock more visibility through work order completion surveys, dashboards for key field service metrics and work order metrics.

The update allows you to:

Configure customer satisfaction surveys and send them out through Forms Pro to solicit feedback and ensure work is meeting the customer’s expectations.
Use a new dashboard with out-of-the-box field service metrics and measures to ensure service is effective.
See the estimated duration of a work order and the history of service over its life cycle. Some metrics that are captured include total estimated duration, as well as first arrived on and completed on; these are captured on every work order.
7. Dynamics 365 Field Service: Scheduling for Field Service
A variety of features released for Field Service will allow scheduling to become a more efficient and less grueling process. Service managers will be able to more accurately manage their technicians with tools that can predict technician travel time, allow for travel outside of working hours and much more.

Features include:

A resource scheduling optimizer that enables automated scheduling and reduces manual scheduling to free up dispatcher time for higher-value activities.
A tool that provides a prediction for the duration of a given job. This AI-powered model can be used to uncover technician’s strengths and learn from historical booking completion times.
A feature that automatically matches a technician with the least common denominator of skills first when there’s more capacity than demand.
An improved user experience that makes it easier to manage the requirements calendar.
How Wipfli can help

Let Wipfli work with your team to analyze how Microsoft business email October 2020 release impacts your D365 environment. We can also help you plan your transition and prepare your team. Contact us to get started, or continue reading on:

Field Service inspections for D365 – the wait is over

D365 user adoption tips and tricks

Prepare dynamic budgets and financial analyses with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Linux VPS or Windows VPS: which is the best option?

Now we need to know if the VPS Linux or VPS Windows: what is the best option?

Linux VPS
The Linux VPS is based on the open source Linux operating system and its distributions.

As it is an Open Source initiative, it is very popular with the developer community and there is a huge amount of resources, updates and support from the community.

Windows VPS
Based on the Windows operating system, from the giant Microsoft, it is a very robust option. It has in usability and ease of adaptation its greatest advantages, since it does not require advanced technical knowledge to carry out its configuration.


Differences between Linux VPS and Windows VPS
One of the main advantages of the VPS UK is the cost. Since it is developed in open source, it does not depend on software licensing , which ends up making the solution cheaper because it does not involve license costs. The Windows VPS has a paid license from Microsoft and you must pay to use it.

Another advantage of VPS Linux is the great compatibility of the operating system with several languages . In general, VPS Linux is indicated for applications developed in PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python or MySQL. VPS Windows has better performance in specific applications for Windows , such as, MySQL, C #, VB, MS Development Access and other Microsoft products.

Ease of use
In terms of ease of use, VPS Linux requires you or your technical team to have technical knowledge of the operating system and command line interfaces.

The graphical user interface (GUI) of the VPS UK and the remote desktop make the usability and management of resources easier, eliminating any kind of knowledge in programming or commands in terminal to be operated .

Both Linux and Windows have regular updates . On Linux, as it is an open source operating system, updates are made by the community and have reliability and quality. The Windows VPS also receives constant updates from Microsoft.

The Linux VPS is historically less targeted by hackers than the Windows version. One of the security measures that help explain the reason for the security of the Linux VPS is the restriction of editing access and security to administrators through the Secure Shell of Access (SSH).

The Linux VPS has an extensive and active community of enthusiasts and developers who are constantly releasing stability improvements, new features and periodic updates. The VPS UK is fully supported by Microsoft and its team of experts.

CPanel compatibility
Linux VPS is compatible with cPanel , the most used website hosting control panel in the world, allowing you to manage VPS server, database, emails and use FTP for file transfers.

The VPS UK does not offer compatibility with cPanel. The user needs to opt for paid control panel alternatives, such as the Azure cloud storage service or the Plesk hosting panel.

If you have come this far you can already consider yourself a VPS specialist and you are more than prepared to hire a server for your projects.

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What’s CodeGuard Website Backup and What are Its Features


One of the major concerns of site owners, both big and small, is data security. There could be valuable information stored on the host whose potential leakages could bring the entire company on its knees. Most conventional hosting is vulnerable to DDoS attacks, malware and other malicious cyberattack efforts. On the flip side, cheap email hosting is thought of as one of the safest choices to safeguard against a security violation. Also, the added advantage of email hosting is that it stores information in the cloud rather than a single physical server, which might suffer from frequent hardware and software failures.
In the scenario of growing safety breaches, the importance of data backups can’t be understated. It’s crucial to take frequent backups of your whole website, so that, in the event of any catastrophe, one can restore the site in the shortest possible time. However, the obsolete method of creating backups in physical forces, though still powerful, has its own set of issues. They tend toward damages and becoming corrupted. Cloud copies provide an alternative. One of the most popular cloud backup solutions is CodeGuard. But before knowing CodeGuard and its features, let us take a look at the value of backing up your own data.

best email hosting for small business uk

Why Do Backups For Your Website?
Increased cyberattacks: Various study implies that the number of cyberattacks is increasing each year. In fact, every 0.65 minutes, a new site is compromised by malware. Virus attacks and other security breaches by hackers for sabotaging your business reputation can do a lot of harm.
Monetary Loss: This is true, especially for e-commerce or company websites. Going downtime even for a couple of seconds can lead to a huge financial loss for the company. Backups will help in the restoration of sites in an easy manner.
Hardware and software failures: Backups can stop data loss during hardware failures. Sometimes, even during software updates, unexpected things can occur and may block you from accessing the data.
What is CodeGuard? It monitors and tracks for modifications in your site and notifies them via an email. The whole process is automated, and the off-site backup feature can help you recover from any disaster seamlessly. CodeGuard backups involve a four-step procedure to work to its entire potential by means of your website.
Linking with the website: The very simple process requires some of your credentials to get connected to your site.
Creating backups: After creating an initial backup, CodeGuard tracks for any changes made and stores the documents on the cloud. You are able to configure the settings depending on your requirements. Furthermore, it notifies you for any viruses, malware or malware threats on your site.
Restore: It provides a repository of backups to choose from, therefore, you can restore to a previous date with no hassle.
CodeGuard is more than just a backup tool. It has numerous features that it’s patented overtime to supply you with a one-stop alternative in site security.
MalwareGone: it is a malware cleanup tool that automatically scans and fixes any threats on your site. It immediately informs you via ChangeAlert email notifications for any such malicious efforts, and you’re able to fix the problem with just a single click. Without the usage of this CodeGuard backup tool, most of these malware and viruses may go unnoticed and may compromise the security of your website.
CodeGuard Daily Monitoring: It monitors your site daily for any changes, and then notifies you instantly. It is helpful for businesses, both big and small, who can concentrate on other areas of their business. Automatic backups are created for any modifications made, giving you the choice to restore your website to the preceding condition.
Easy installation: Setting up CodeGuard demands no prior knowledge. You simply need to connect your SFTP along with MySQL database with the CodeGuard and let CodeGuard do the remainder.
Website Restore: Using CodeGuard, you can easily download the contents of your website to your personal computer. The Zip file can then be easily uploaded to restore any previous version of your website.
Infinite Backups: CodeGuard gives you the option to determine the time that you would like to store backups. The default setting is for 90 days but can be changed to store the information infinitely or permanently.
Encryption: CodeGuard backups are encrypted using AES 256-bit method, which means hackers will not have the ability to comprehend your data.
Mobile Access: CodeGuard backups for your website can be accessed from mobile devices as well.
Website migration: CodeGuard allows seamless migration from 1 website to another.
Benefits of Using CodeGuard for Website Backup
Convenience: With CodeGuard integrated with your site, you don’t have to maintain a reminder each time you want to take backups .
Access: CodeGuard, being cloud-based, permits you to access your backups remotely from anywhere and anytime.
Affordability: Along with most cloud solutions, CodeGuard is a cheap solution for the features it offers. It eliminates the cost of buying physical hardware and drives.
Security: Using AES 256-bit encryption method, your data enjoys improved security.
Data versioning: All backups are stored with version information connected, so you can restore your website with any version you prefer.
Reliability: As stated previously, CodeGuard allows you to restore immediately, thereby avoiding downtime for your site. Higher uptime rating for your site ensures improved user experience.
Resource management optimization: With automatic copies, you have the freedom to optimize your resources for other areas of your business. Your IT management team can perform other important work rather than being concerned about creating backups.
Hopefully, this guide could have helped you understand the importance of installing CodeGuard on your own site. Together with our Cloud best email hosting for small business uk plans, you might even incorporate CodeGuard Website Backup to appreciate all of the advantages. Ensure the perfect security partner for your email hosting infrastructure with strong backup, automatic restore, reliability, and cost-effective strategies from CodeGuard.
To know more about how to customize your website, keep it up-to-date along with other updates from the world of development head to our Development Websites today.

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Understanding the Function of the Control Panel in VPS Hosting

Today regardless of the size of the business, it is now critical for all businesses to have a site which showcases the services and products offered. The changing customer buying patterns have forced businesses to stay online 24*7, and a few of those ways to become online is through a site. While there are several cheap email hosting plans offered by hosting service providers, it becomes hard for SMEs and startups to deal with the technical aspects of operating the web site in the lack of a dedicated IT team.

cheap email hosting

Within the past few decades, the trend has changed towards supplying a control panel cPanel along with not just VPS or Dedicated servers, but with Shared servers also. Technically speaking, there’s absolutely no demand for a cPanel as most of the essential tasks may be performed using CMD (Command Prompt) command interface, scripts, and customer connection tools. Since not all companies with a website or use a best email hosting for small business uk agency possess the technical abilities to do so, cPanel is provided to produce tasks quicker and simpler for your users.


The control panel isn’t only essential for basic functions, but it is going to offer the server admins with browser-based instruments and features. In the case of resellers, it can help them automate jobs and perform server management jobs right in the browser with no need for any commands or code.

Using a VPS Hosting has its own set of benefits like stability, functionality, dedicated tools, flexibility, and much more. If you also get a cPanel with your email hosting, you will find comprehensive resources that are available at your disposal.

Domain Name & File Management: Actually if you have more than one domain or subdomain of your existing domainname, the control panel makes it extremely simple to handle anything from an addon domain into a parked domain. CPanel allows you to handle domains with a few clicks, eliminating the need to run commands. Monitoring storage usage gets seamless with the cPanel. You can also edit in addition to backup files and folders in the controller panel.

Security: Safety of your site is a critical variable that should not handled properly, can result in serious consequences. Together with your cPanel, it is possible to block IP addresses, set up access restrictions, add SSL/TLS, configure password-protected directories, and watch over the site with added features such as ModSecurity. The VPS server comes with its own resources and OS, which is configured and uninstalled.

Mail Management: This is among the most common cPanel features used by an ordinary user. In a nutshell, using your hosting control panel, you can control all aspects of your emails.

Databases and Logs: A Control panel lets you use databases to manage data storage and also restrict access to data. From the control panel, you may also track the operation of your site using the analytic data.

Configuration: Using your VPS cPanel, you can also configure the virtual private server like a Dedicated Server. These features make your virtual personal server as close to your dedicated server as possible.

VPS Hosting Control Panel Features For Enterprise

A control panel is a tool that brings a lot of features for the resellers and enterprises too. It permits them to choose their company to the next level by implementing a range of features easily. Using a control panel, it becomes easy for the business to empower their clients to conduct cPanel applications on a server in parallel and also provide customers with a ticketing system to report problems. The VPS Hosting control panel enables the hosts to handle multiple servers from a single control panel. Enterprises can also support IPv6 and track the services with alerts.

The VPS control panel, with its additional benefits, is suitable for a wide range of consumers from administrators to end-users. It ensures that net administrators do not have to configure FTP servers separately and can do so with a single service available in the control panel. Web professionals can maximize service management operations and their web presence using the control panel. SMEs can also buy more resources and then provide reseller packages.


Control panel is something which is no longer an extra feature. It is essential for every single user — right from a company owner to a enterprise — that is offering Reseller Hosting services.

The most famous VPS Hosting control panels are cPanel control panel along with Plesk control panel. The former is one of the most frequently used control panels because of its ease of use and recognized reputation. On the flip side, Plesk, that was released in 2003, works for both Linux and Windows. It comes with a vast range of features like an automated billing or business manager which is not seen in other management panels.

Plesk can also be considered better coordinated with its cleaner GUI. Plesk control panel has its own group of loyal users including new and experienced users alike. One of the main drawbacks of Plesk is the permit price. However, hosting providers are increasingly including the Plesk control panel in the hosting plan. So, it’s crucial for you to compare the control panel feature, also while choosing the final decision to purchase.

The VPS Hosting program offered by ResellerClub includes a Plesk Onyx control panel. The Plesk Onyx is an update of the conventional Plesk control panel also supports advanced features and technology like Docker, Git, etc..

We hope this site helped clear your doubts regarding the part of the management panel in VPS Hosting. If you have any suggestions or queries, kindly insert them in the comments section below.

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How Email Hosting Works and Why You Want It


You recognize a few, but a few appear unknown, vague, and perhaps malicious. There’s an email from that’s affirming an order you might have placed and there is an additional email from that also claims to be about an order you placed.

Without even opening the email you understand whether or not you placed an order from’Furniture Central’, but can you be sure about a random email from a Gmail accounts — you’re likely to delete or ignore that without opening it.

If you’re wondering how does personal email hosting operate, that’s only one of the many benefits — it increases manufacturer remember.

Thus, what is email hosting?

best email hosting uk

Simply put, it is a service that lets you send, store, and receive emails on the server, supplied by a professional hosting provider. Unlike free email service providers, for example Gmail, Yahoo and much more, with an email hosting service you can establish a professional email address that integrates your domain name. As an example, if you operate an e-commerce shop,, your email address can be

That said, apart from creating a powerful brand recall, email hosting allows you to create a stronger brand identity, enhances business scalability, boosts email protection, enables better integration with other essential tools, and many more advantages come in using email hosting.

How does email hosting work

With domain and email hosting, you don’t just get a host to host your emails but also bring in additional options to better scale your company. These solutions include features that enable secure authentication, re-routing and replication of your emails, management of consumer domain names, and much more.

When you send an email, it has routed between both servers, to ensure smooth shipping and transportation of your emailaddress. This adds greater security to your emails, thus eliminating the risks of spam and viruses. With email hosting, you have an additional layer of safety when sending sensitive data over mails, minimizing the danger of information breaches, or theft. Professional email servers are equipped with industry encryption, ensuring the transfer of information is completely encrypted and an unauthorized party can’t access it.

Furthermore, with professional email hosting, you can always rely on better uptime. You can stay away from critical communication errors, and convey in a fast and timely way. That is increasingly important for companies who might regularly send and receive communication from customers that need immediate attention.

Why Does Your Company Need Email Hosting?

With nearly all industries and businesses going electronic, it requires more than just great services and products to have noticed. Customers trust brands that they recognize and resonate with. With email hosting, then you may produce a professional and recognizable impact, from the word go!

More importantly, customers value security and more significantly value brands offering complete security. This makes it possible to build credibility and dependability to your industry. Email encryption, offered by professional email providers, ensures that all data communicated through emails stay secure and can’t be accessed by unauthorised parties.

Prepared to acquire  best email hosting uk for your business? ResellerClub offers distinct email hosting programs, to match individual needs. Get great storage, safety, mobile-friendly solutions, and even more.

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Assessing Email Service Providers for Bloggers

This is the third post in our Mail Newsletter Series.
One big sticking point for most bloggers that are setting up a newsletter is deciding what email service to utilize. There are tons of different, competing, options out there, and there is no one ideal solution.
In case you were considering it… do not attempt to run a newsletter by emailing everybody through your regular email client, using the”BCC” field. If you personal email hosting readers from your own gmail, yahoo, even @yourdomain. Com email account, you put your own IP address in danger for being authenticated by Internet Service Providers if you get flagged as spam.
Meaning all your emails — not only bulk emails delivered to your readers but regular everyday communications — could have difficulty getting to anybody. Definitely not a scenario you would like to find yourself in. You also want to be certain that you don’t unintentionally violate any privacy or anti-spam laws or you might end up in even more trouble.
Why Use an Email Service Provider?

Most email services have quite similar features, including those principles which really do eliminate the hassle of sending mass emails by:
Distributing emails. Obviously you’ll want to be able to domain and email hosting your list whenever you like! Most services allow you to send unlimited emails — nonetheless, if you’re on a free or cheap program, check the small print.

domain and email hosting

Offering a load of innovative features such as sign-up kinds, scheduled sending, automated message sequences, tagging and segmenting your audience to aim with Various messages and elaborate templates to assist your emails look great

What email support is going to work for you depends upon what you need from a service and often what point of blogging you have at. For example, obtaining a free or low monthly rate may be more significant once you’re just starting out. Whereas a intricate array of trigger-based autoresponders according to subscriber action will be useful to convert your readers to become paying clients via an best email hosting uk sales funnel.
A simple trap to fall into would be to begin looking at email support providers before analysing your own needs and priorities. You can very quickly become overwhelmed by the array of choice and diverted by features that might not be necessary or even useful for you.
Some questions to ask yourself are:

In what direction would you think your site will develop? Are you currently planning to monetize and in what ways?
Just how many subscribers do you have? What goals/objectives do you have for subscriber growth and over what time span?

What’s your budget? If you’re intending to monetize your blog, it is easier to offset the cost of email against sales earnings.
Are you currently technically-minded?
Is graphic layout and using images relevant to your mails? If you’re a fashion, lifestyle or food blogger, this may be much more important than if you are writing about more visual issues.
How much time do you need to set things up and devote continuing to your email system?
Once you’ve got a frame of your requirements, it becomes much easier to sort through the various features and options to evaluate what email systems will do the job for you and if there is one which suits you best.
The good thing is that even if you change your mind at a later stage, it is possible to change from 1 support to another. Most will make it quite straightforward to export your subscriber database to proceed to some other supplier.
In ProBlogger, we have only finished the process of changing our email service provider. We have used AWeber for about 12 decades, alongside Mailchimp on event and we continue to do so for my other site Digital Photography School. We took our time to explore other email options, trialling a couple of alternatives and working out what will also work best with different systems we are using. You do not have to spend so long as you did in this process, but do enough homework to work out what suits you best. I’m an affiliate for those programs we utilize and the subsequent recommendations comprise our affiliate links.
Which Email Service Should You Use?

The following list is a review of popular email service providers that we’ve personally trialled over a long time. Each of these have their own weaknesses and strengths and are suitable for bloggers with various priorities and at several stages. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but hopefully it will give you an notion of a few of the essential alternatives for conducting an email list.
This is free up to 2,000 subscribers, and utilized by lots of newer bloggers to get up and running. Mailchimp provides a really friendly interface, making it easy to produce good-looking emails using their nice templates with a drag and drop editor. The simple version is not so feature-rich as other options, but does offer some neat integration with Facebook and Instagram. Mailchimp charges an extra $199/month for their Pro add-ons which give you more advanced tracking, targeting and automation.
RECOMMENDED FOR: MailChimp could be a good option if you’re (a) just starting out with email and also have under 1,000 subscribers (b) visual demonstration and images are important (c) not yet ready to use a lot of detailed features like tagging.
ALTERNATIVE: You may also want to consider the more recent MailerLite that’s quite a bit cheaper (after you get past 1,000 subscribers) and provides a few extra features.
This well-established service costs from $19/month to get as many as 500 subscribers, and contains slightly different strengths and features from MailChimp. It is possible to refer to our comparison table below for specifics. While AWeber’s user interface is a bit dated, it signifies increasingly excellent value for money as your list grows and contains useful functionality to maintain your email marketing up a notch. You can use tags to your readers to section them, activate email campaigns and autoresponder sequences. AWeber also supplies split-testing allowing you to test different subject line text or message content, even different sign-up forms to increase response rates. The AWeber coverage is a bit more difficult to use and doesn’t quantify far beyond open and click rates. AWeber do provide decent customer support via phone, email and live chat which is above and beyond most suppliers who only supply you with an online library of tools.
RECOMMENDED: AWeber is a solid, no-frills option that’s functioned for several (ProBlogger included) to get a long-time. It is particularly cost-effective as you create a large list to advertise to.
“Built by bloggers for bloggers” is the tagline of the new child on the email block. We trialled Convertkit early and were amazed with the system’s simplicity and recently added performance which suits’professional’ bloggers. If you would like to segment your list in several different ways (e.g. based on which links a single subscriber has clicked), Convertkit has hosted, customizable landing pages and opt-in forms that allow you a lot of tagging choices together with easy to use trigger-based email automations and sequences. There are no beautifully designed templates here (if you don’t code it yourself): the focus is on sending easy, simple content.
RECOMMENDED: If you’re able to budget for this, ConvertKit allows a whole lot of power and flexibility, and works very well to deliver a sign-up incentive (e.g. a free .pdf) — this is incorporated together with the”confirmation” email, so whenever your contributor clicks to receive their freebie, they mechanically affirm their email address too. It’s simplicity allows you to get up and running quickly and if you are switching to Convertkit with over 5,000 subscribers, they offer a free migration support.
ALTERNATIVE: GetResponse provides similar features to Convertkit but with more of a visual focus providing you created email templates and a stock picture library.
Drip is a bit pricier than the other choices we have covered thus far ($83/month to get 5,000+ readers ) but it has more features and comes with a money-back warranty. It is possible to compare it with different options here though note this is Drip’s own comparison tool. Finally ProBlogger decided on Drip as it gave us the best insights to our readers, beyond email activity. Drip empowers us to identify how valuable subscribers are, scoring each individual as a lead and also monitoring their action over on the blog. We could follow up on those interests with quite personalized automatic email workflows. Many similarly strong systems require that you employ a consultant to browse their complexities, whereas Drip is simple enough to handle yourself with fantastic learning tools such as a Facebook Group along with a supportive customer service staff to assist.
RECOMMENDED: If you’ve got a proven blogging business and are searching for a powerful but easy to use CRM-type system check out Drip.
ALTERNATIVE: There are quite a few solutions within this top-end class, but none of them are inexpensive. Leading options include ActiveCampaign, Ontraport and Infusionsoft.

Desire a convenient comparison of the options we have utilized and trialled? Download the ProBlogger Email Service Provider Comparison for Writers, based on the majority of the the same criteria we had to pick our email service provider.
Whichever service you select, the main issue is that you choose something and get started on building your list. Hopefully, the options above have given you a few thoughts of what may suit you best.
Got your listing setup but still feeling stuck? Do not worry. Next week, I’ll be taking a look at seven frequent newsletter issues… and solving them for you.

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An Intro to Email Marketing Campaigns


Email marketing is among the most popular and dependable methods to engage your website’s audience and increase your profits. In fact, the only drawback to personal email hosting advertising is the fact that it can be very tricky to jump right into, due to all of the information and tools you need to manage.
The fantastic news is that if you know how to write a solid campaign, you can take advantage of whichever tool you’ve chosen.
In this article, we will teach you the three core components that make for an superb email marketing campaign, and how to execute them. Before we get to that, let us take a moment to talk about email marketing campaigns are such a helpful instrument.

Advertising campaigns are omnipresent nowadays. Different companies and people are always trying to promote new products and services via each channel, and email is no exception. The illustration below shows a part of a promotional email offering subscribers a discount.
While marketing campaigns are platform-agnostic, they lend themselves especially well to email because of the following reasons:
Short-term results. Marketing campaigns are often designed around long-term strategies, but email allows you to take immediate actions thanks to analytics. They can also supply a fast Return on Investment (ROI) since they are a direct form of marketing.
Simple to talk about. domain and email hosting campaigns make it easy for recipients to share them, which translates into an enlarged advantage.
Precise targeting choices. Some email marketing tools allow you to segment your audience based on certain criteria (such as engagement with previous messages) and target future campaigns so.
Inexpensive. Sometimes, email marketing could be exceedingly economical — certainly a lot more so than conventional media options.
Private touch. Email isalso at its heart, much more personal than many traditional marketing methods. It enables you to provide a personal touch and engage your readers by making them feel like you are reaching out to them straight.

personal email hosting
As you can see, there is no shortage of reasons why you should consider giving email advertising a move (if you haven’t done so already). Now that we’ve emphasized how effective the platform may be, let us review what makes for an excellent email advertising effort.
The 3 Main Elements of a Superb Email Marketing Campaign
Every email marketing campaign is unique, but there are a few maxims that hold true for the vast majority. No matter the subject of your effort, it could surely benefit from implementing these 3 elements.
1. A Solid Headline
When it comes to email hosting, your headline will be the first thing readers see. In fact, it’s one of the key factors when it comes to deciding whether your email will be opened. The headline under, targeted at a particular audience, is very explicit regarding exactly what to expect from the content of the email.
There’s no single headline that will convince every user to click it, but there are several ways you can increase the chances. Listed below are 3 components most amazing headlines talk:
They’re related to the topic of your campaign. Clients should not be left wondering exactly what the contents of your email are after studying your headline.
Actionability. Headlines that make it clear you’re offering an answer to a particular problem frequently convert better than names that are generic.
An perfect headline should not be overly long or too brief. Studies show that titles round the 55 character mark perform better among subscribers.
Once you’ve integrated this advice into your following headline, we recommend that you utilize CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer tool to check it over. This service analyzes and scores your headlines according to several criteria — including word balance and duration — to give you a good idea of their efficacy.
That is it for headlines, so let us move on into the meat of your efforts — the content itself.
Relevant Content
It goes without saying, but it’s crucial that you keep the information of your promotion effort relevant to your subscribers. The very best way to do this is to provide them with information they will find useful.
Additionally, focusing your email advertising campaigns on relevant content for your readers will help position you as an authority in the very long run. There are several ways to go about providing relevant content to your readers, but let’s focus on three simple methods:
Interesting articles. If you’re a decent writer or always on the lookout for interesting bits, you’ll always have something to share with your viewers.
Free tools. Everyone loves a freebie — particularly if it’s something pertinent to their interests.
Update notices. If someone signed up to a list, chances are they’re also interested in your site. Keeping them up to date with the most recent developments regarding your site and the services or products you provide is bound to interest them.
In regards to email marketing, there is no wrong solution to articles — so long as you’re not content and focus on providing relevant content to your readers.
3. A Compelling Call to Action

It usually comes in the shape of a button using a brief, punchy message such as Sign Up, Buy Today, or Find Bargains Now (such as in the image below).
CTAs are a critical part of any email marketing campaign since they enable you to achieve conversions. If you are working on a campaign, odds are you’re trying to market a product or service. A compelling CTA can increase your likelihood of convincing users to buy or register.
Most email marketing platforms provide you with the tools required to make attractive CTAs. MailChimp, for example, enables you to add them using a drag-and-drop purpose, along with lots of customization choices:
Straightforward CTAs can be as successful as great content in regards to raising conversions, so they are definitely worth paying attention to.
Email marketing campaigns ought to be part of each website’s overall development strategy. When used correctly, they could turn in excellent returns at reduced costs, while engaging your subscribers at precisely the exact same moment. Additionally, there are a good deal of email marketing tools and list building solutions which could help you on the way.
Although mastering email advertising does require some work, anyone can get off to a great start provided that they know the three basics of a good effort:
Create a Good headline.
Contain relevant content.
Add a compelling CTA.

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Ffxiv world status

Official survey results: TFF’s favourite Final Fantasy is… Final Fantasy IX!

The beloved Final Fantasy series spans dozens of games such as sequels, prequels and spin-offs. As a significant Final Fantasy enthusiast community, lots of TFFers have played , if not all the primary collectible games from the show and a number of the other people also. Obviously that also means everybody has favorites. In November as a part of our newest Official Poll informative article series, we requested TFF what their preferred Final Fantasy primary game was.
Final Fantasy VI, originally released as IV in the united states, was the final of the Super Nintendo era games and very memorable with its own large, eclectic cast and among the most moving scenes in Final Fantasy history, only called The Opera. It’s also famous for its really dastardly (and mad ) villain, Kefka that the magicite-addled courtroom mage. Since TFFer SuperSabin so succinctly puts it,”The air in the game is actually nice, really superior personality development, unforgettable soundtrack, also that I think FFVI introduced occasion type games in which you’re motivated to go a particular direction and choose that path.” Surely it’s deserving of its location near the top of the listing.

Ffxiv world status
Additionally in 2nd area is uber-popular Final Fantasy VII, which for several years has become the face of the franchise one of mainstream gamers. Many show fans were introduced into Final Fantasy for this PlayStation console debut, which sold 2.3 million copies in the first 3 days of its Japanese launch and 330,000 copies in its opening weekend in the united states, going on to split numerous sales records. To this day it’s among the best selling video games ever with over 10 million copies sold.
So, what’s TFF’s favourite ffxiv data centres, though it is not VII? This one could come as a surprise, since it is a tiny sleeper favorite and much more frequently seen on surveys for underrated games.

Despite selling just half as many duplicates as predecessor and runner on our listing Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX has made the top spot as TFF’s favourite.
“IX is the character of what Final Fantasy needs to be.” –che
“Final Fantasy IX is each Final Fantasy until it wrapped into a single ” –Loaf It will get the balance right in numerous respects; an engaging narrative with a few sharp spins, serious topics (like mortality itself) and comic relief normally done very tastefully. The audio is endearing, the places are a Few of the Finest in Final Fantasy…” –Alpha
Even show creator Hironobu Sakaguchi lists Final Fantasy IX because his favored, stating it is the nearest to his ideal of everything Final Fantasy ought to be. In other words, Final Fantasy IX is the quintessential ffxiv data center split, and that’s the reason why it’s TFF’s favourite.
Beyond conflict, Lightning is just as Lightning does. Except for a brand new Assassin’s Creed-esque stealth alternative (triggered by essential events/quests), the game manages precisely as its predecessors did. It is the passing of time that actually breaks the mould. It’s true, it is possible to tell me that Majora’s Mask did it and you’d really be incorrect, but still not confused. Time Traveler did it in 1991, and that I do not know if THAT was the very first example of rewinding time at a videogame. Regardless, the largely nondiscussed capability to add time back into the planet is maybe among the most fascinating parts of Lightning’s hottest challenge.
I will provide you that opportunity, Lightning. Do not blow it.
Exiting the airport and scaling in my buddy’s car the day following case… after staying up too late composing the first policy, posting at absurd hours of this afternoon, and almost missing a flight as a result of mad airport shuttle drivers… I had been loaded with excitement and energy. Talking to fellow fans of the ffxiv world status franchise, I’ve almost (not , fortunately) foamed at the mouth praising the small alterations. Some gamers may consider these tweaks and off them. Others, especially those who didn’t take care of the first two games, may see only enough of a gap to jump board – or shy off entirely. Me? I am bandwagoning more challenging than a Chiefs fan who gives up following week three of this year. But I am on the wagon. I mean to remain there.

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FFXIV Data Center Split

Friends reunite with the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Callback Campaign


You can collect all kinds of valuable loot in ffxiv data centres Online… but as we all know, the real treasure is the friends you made along the way.

Well, that and an ultra-rare armor set. But companions are pretty cool too, and now’s a perfect time to reconnect with some of those old pals… and get some rewards in the process.

ffxiv data center split Online Callback Campaign is now up and running. If you have an old chum who’s currently taking a break from the game, you can invite them to return so you can play together.

What’s more, if you meet the basic campaign requirements, you’ll both get special rewards – valuable items for you and free playtime for your friend! Also, hopefully, some new memories.

FFXIV Data Center Split

…you mainly care about the items, don’t you?

It’s really easy to participate in the campaign – you don’t even have to leave the game.

Simply click on the name of an offline friend from your in-game friends list, or free company member list, and choose ‘Invite Friend to Return’ from the menu.

Now you may be thinking: who to invite? There are a few conditions to consider.

Firstly, the friend you send an invitation to must have a registered account that has been inactive for at least 90 days (including the free play period). Anyone who’s played the game within the last 90 days won’t get an email to join – even if you invite them. So don’t bother.

And obviously, they need to own a copy of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online to play. That probably goes without saying, but we said it anyway.

Each character on your account can invite up to five friends back to the game. To see the more details about the Callback Campaign, you should head over to the ffxiv world status Lodestone website:


What can you get from the FINAL FANTASY XIV Callback Campaign?
If one of your friends rejoins the game – and they meet the criteria above – then both of you will be eligible for some awesome in-game rewards.

You’ll get 5 Gold Chocobo feathers via the Moogle delivery service. These can be exchanged for special items from the Calamity Salvager in Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, or Ul’dah.

The people you invite get some pretty cool rewards of their own. Each will receive 7 days of Free Play, starting the moment they log back in. That means they can start questing, battling, adventuring, or simply hanging out with you at absolutely no cost.

They’ll also get 10 Silver Chocobo feathers, which can be exchanged with the Calamity Salvager for some awesome gear. For example, they can trade Silver Feathers for level 70 Scaevan Magitek weapons – perfect for anyone about to start the epic Shadowbringers story.

The FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Callback Campaign runs from now until Monday, February 17, 2020. Hopefully you’ll see some familiar faces return in the next few weeks to join in your adventures. Or, if you haven’t played for a while, it’s a perfect opportunity to jump back in and experience some of the fresh content in the game.

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FFXIV Data Center

What is a server attack surface and how to reduce it?

The challenges facing CIOs in the field of cyber threats are extensive, especially as networks evolve at an increasingly intense pace. With the fusion of physical and virtual environments, and with the emergence of a range of resources based on IoT and endpoint, the attack surface has become bigger and more dangerous in the corporate universe.

Did you know, for example, that 1 in 5 small and medium – sized businesses affected by ransomware closes its doors immediately after an attack? Worse is to see that, for some years now, hacker attacks have been growing in Brazil at a much faster rate than in the rest of the world: in 2015, the invasions registered in the country increased by an impressive 274% ; in 2016, cases of attacks to take sites down grew 138% . The risks are diverse and from multiple perspectives.

But how to reduce the exposure field of systems and servers in an era of ffxiv data centres hijacking, vulnerabilities arising from IoT , and where even SSL encryption is used to hide malware, spy on the network and execute malicious traffic? Today you will learn about effective measures to protect your network perimeter and prevent damage to servers with critical functions in your company! Check out!

FFXIV Data Center


Do you know what a server attack surface is?
It is the extent of penetrability in a system or in servers. The smaller this surface, the more robust the security infrastructure of the organization’s computer systems. This rigidity is not acquired with isolated security tools, but with a systemic approach, which integrates and automates the existing protection resources, forming a complex real-time monitoring and correction ecosystem.

In 2016, an avalanche of DDoS attacks against DNS provider Dyn brought down much of the internet in the U.S. PayPal, Netflix, Airbnb, Spotify and Twitter were some of the services that went down due to the Mirai malware, which took advantage of vulnerabilities in multiple ports and connected systems.

Cameras and DVRs were some of the devices used as a starting point for the attack, a fact that makes it clear that the large amount of equipment connected today (such as GPS systems, robots in smart factories and holters used in hospitals), if not managed together. , render any information security initiative useless (since they expand the attack surface).

In this perspective, solutions in managed firewall, anti-DDoS backbones, special backup devices with encryption and dedicated servers are some features that can be implemented globally in your systems, guaranteeing customized dimensioning, high performance and protection of critical information.

Why has the emergence of new technologies been followed by an increase in cases of invasions?
There is no way to completely eliminate the attack surface, but there is a way, through a new way of thinking about the security fabric of your company, to significantly reduce the possible presence of vulnerabilities.

The central point for excellent IT security is to understand security projects as inseparable parts of the application design itself, developing and updating within the software life cycle (and not gradually adding).

Another important issue is knowing how to diagnose the exact limits of your security perimeter, especially at a time when almost all information is processed in the cloud.

In other words, as new technological solutions cause many activities to be performed outside the range of sight of traditional protection features, incident monitoring is head-on compromised. It is here that cybercriminals see fundamental loopholes for undue access.

What are the measures to reduce the attack surface on your company’s servers and systems?
1. Implement an intelligent firewall solution
An intelligent firewall solution is broad and proactive, helping, for example, to effectively combat DDoS attacks .

This is because this type of solution allows complete control of the work environment, through filters and rules for using the resources present. Features such as Access Rules, user authentication and antivirus gateway (which performs the filter of viruses originating from the external environment in the protocols HTTP, FTP, IMAP, SMTP etc.) are some of the tools that shield your network from third party accesses, protecting your servers and the availability of your applications.

2. Reduce the attention to security already in the programming phase
Did you know that the attack surface can be increased even in the programming phase of your website or web application? Just a hidden tag that contains a “clue” about your systems and a door will be open to an attacker.

There are situations in which, when viewing the source code of an e-commerce website, for example, hackers are able to access even payment server data, putting the entire retailer’s business at risk.

3. Carry ransomware decryption tools
Are you afraid of falling victim to a locker? You can prevent yourself from permanently blocking your ffxiv data center split by implementing ransomware decrypters , capable of decrypting your files without having to pay even R $ 1.00 for a ransom. Anyway, this type of instrument must be used in conjunction with other tools, such as an online backup solution.

4. Do not give up backup resources for mission critical servers and workstations
A remote backup system for companies allows:

automatic scheduling of backup copies;

compression and encryption of the selected files with a password;

restoration of multiple selected files;

among other facilities, which ensure robustness, reliability, availability and performance for your most important data.

5. Have a strategy for constant monitoring of server entries
Permanent management and real-time alerts are critical to keeping your servers safe, as they reduce response time to attacks and prevent the spread of threats.

Considering that hackers’ actions are generally based on social engineering (such as phishing) or exploiting known vulnerabilities for ftp servers, improperly configured network devices, among other predictable weaknesses in the corporate world, having their entire voice and ffxiv world statusinfrastructure constant monitoring significantly reduces the chances of intrusions.

By the way, what is the attack surface like on your company’s systems and servers? How do you integrate your cloud security strategy with traditional IT protection policies for the physical environment? Download our free e-book “ Learn how to migrate your IT to the cloud effectively ” and take information security to the next level in your organization!

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