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With each season, trends are launched and the coldest season of the year would be no different. Evangelical fashion in winter comes full of possibilities that please all styles, from the most classic to the most modern. If you want to stay on top of the news that are hot right now, check out this article and rock it!

Evangelical fashion in winter – trends to invest

Before getting to know the various trends in evangelical fashion in winter, know that it is essential to choose the one that best matches your personal style. After all, it is no use wearing a piece just because it is fashionable, is it not? Prefer comfort and well-being first.

It is always important to remember that regardless of your body, fashion should not have rules, the only prerequisite for wearing an outfit is to feel good.

See what’s hot in this low-temperature season and choose your favorite look:

The plaid print is a classic. It is quite possible that you have in your wardrobe a piece that follows the pattern. However, the novelty of the moment are the colors, the traditional chess appears colorful and updated with larger squares.nishat linen

Monocratic look

An all black look is naturally chic and super democratic, right? But how about khaadi summer sale innovating and betting on the monochromatic trend with an entire composition in a single tone? Red is one of the colors of the season and makes any combination powerful instantly.

Contrasting well with the sobriety of winter, pastel tones appear in several pieces and are one of the apparent trends of winter 2018. To get into fashion, dresses and flowing fabrics are also present. To break the look a little and keep warm, invest in a basic denim jacket. On the coldest days, add thick tights and you’re done!

Having a little piece in your wardrobe is a sure choice!

Among the trends of evangelical fashion in winter, the two pieces are a great option to leave ready for various types of occasions, from the most casual, to formal – such as work commitments.

In addition to being able to use them together, the set can be combined with other khaadi sale pieces, that is, it is possible to make several combinations.

Did you like our evangelical fashion tips for you to rock this winter season? Take the opportunity to check out the various options available at the Estrela Evangélica store and continue to follow the news of the blog Vestida de Luz !

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you noticed how colors can move you ?

Whether looking at the sky and feeling infinite peace, or entering places with red colors and suddenly you can start to feel hungry … Or have you ever imagined yourself in a completely black house? Thinking about this experience is not the best, is it?

Each color can awaken a feeling, and it acts in different ways under our body. Therefore, there is chromotherapy, a therapeutic practice that uses colors to treat physical and emotional conditions.

What is chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is a therapeutic treatment that uses the seven colors of the rainbow , in addition to pink . Each color has a different property and vibration, which can cause healing or calming effects, because in addition to our vision, our body and body also absorbs the energies of a color.

The use of colors in medicine is a very old practice, sunlight and colors were used by the Egyptians for healing since 2800 BC This technique has been recognized by the sobia nazir World Health Organization since 1976, as one of the main complementary therapies. With the advancement of technology, this exercise has been studied in more depth.

How to use colors to your advantage in quarantine?

Each color can awaken a feeling in us, be it bringing calm, concentration, energy, balance, arousing desire, creativity among other emotions.

At this moment, when we are in social isolation, we can use colors as a benefit, through clothes or home decor. Therefore, understanding the reactions of each color, we bring here the meaning of some of them, for you to apply it to your daily life.

What feeling do you want to awaken in yourself and your environment?nishatlinen

The red color increases energy, is known as the color of conquest, passion, sexuality, and in chromotherapy this color provides vitality and adrenaline, helping in the functioning of the heart, as it activates blood circulation. It is important to be careful when putting red in the decoration of the house, especially in bedrooms and living room, as it can end up leaving the person very agitated.

Also read: Monochromatic Looks know how to use

Blue the color of the sea, when looking at the sea and sky it is impossible not to feel calm. And in chromotherapy, blue has precisely these calming and tranquilizing properties. This color, operates in the body, nervous and muscular system, bringing calm and harmony, helping to fight stress, improving sleep quality. So, here’s a tip, if you’re thinking about redecorating the room, you can invest in blue!

Yellow is a vibrant color that works on the central nervous system, the color acts on the mind and increases creativity, in addition to improving mood. When thinking about yellow, the smile already radiates, isn’t it? In addition, in nishatlinen color therapy this color helps people who are more introverted. On sunny days, it is impossible not to open that smile, so to brighten the day, invest in yellow!

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Style Tips Trends Styling Tricks

Let’s talk about jeans! For sure, he is the protagonist of the most versatile pieces of his wardrobe and can be used in any season. Jeans are the right bet to create the most varied looks in a simple way. In the coldest season of the year, it could not be different: perfectly fulfilling the functions of heating and making it fashionable, denim will be present in the most varied pieces, colors, styles and formats. Curious to know what your mind is going to do this season? Know all about the 10 jeans trends for winter 2021 and choose your favorite pieces now.

We know that fashion is constantly reinventing itself and that what has been successful for decades can make up the most modern and current look from one moment to the next. Likewise, what was successful in the past season may simply disappear from stores. For more than a century, more than all this swinging, supreme, jeans have always been present in trends and are part of our daily lives, including in the months of June, July and August.

For this winter, trends are for everyone! I have separated the 10 most interesting ones to share with you


The skinny model has been practically an absolute success in recent years. However, this year, the finish more adjusted to the body gives space to the models of jeans with high waist and more open mouth.

Modeling, which has a more sporty style, is one of the great jeans trends for winter 2018 and will accompany you at all times. The high waist can also be found in the bell-shaped format, more shortened. Combine with sneakers to achieve a cooler look or with high-heeled shoes and more elaborate pieces, if the idea is to compose a more elegant look without going out of fashion.


These pieces, with a style literally “destroyed”, arrived shy in recent years and now gain more prominence.

For this reason, detonated washing is among the biggest jeans trends for winter 2021. The satrangi destroyed will be very present in delavé pieces (those with faded wash), whether with a blue or gray background. Cool, they are indicated to leave any look with more personality. The style will also be present in oversized pants and jackets. You bet!


Forget the pieces in lighter and softer tones, such as baby blue and pastel colors. In that season, the strongest and most closed blue, like indigo blue, should dominate the shelves of jeans and, consequently, your wardrobe. The striking blue is a big trend for winter 2018 and can be present in the whole piece or just in details, like side bands of pants and jackets.


This is the denim season! Dresses, overalls and little monkeys will dominate the streets and make your looks more boring and fun. The less heavy pieces are the face of the Brazilian winter, which has milder days. They can be combined with boots that go above the knee (called over-the-knee ) and other more striking accessories, such as sunglasses and larger earrings.


Due to its versatility, this fabric can play smoothly with different proportions and formats. One of the jeans trends for winter 2018 that proves this theory is the model of pants with a shorter flare bar, known as cropped pants.

The piece is ideal to combine with statement accessories , such as colorful and patterned shoes. Due to its shape, the flare pants are able to make the shoes stand out, contributing to a more balanced and totally trendy look.


Less popular than pants, the dresses arrive with everything this season. They promise to be one of the most interesting jeans trends for winter 2018. With a straight or full volume shape, the denim dress already makes up the look of many celebrities, be it sleeveless, with buttons, with a marked waist or fluid bar. The garment has a feminine footprint and is capable of making the look more elegant and full of attitude: for this, combine it with ankle boots, mule shoes and sandals.


Strong trend in recent years, the denim jacket returns with everything in winter 2018. Whether with a simple and classic wash or with applied details, such as embroidery and applications on sleeves and collars, it has everything to dominate the looks. The wider jacket, in oversized format, for sure, will enter the list of your darlings


Although the pieces in jeans give a show of style, everything can improve with the choice of the perfect accessory. To combine with simpler jeans, how about investing in a striking belt at the waist? The overlays also arrive in full force as one of the great jeans trends for winter 2018, like the jeans shirt with colorful vest and belt. Another way to make the jeans stripped is the combination of the piece with bright and colorful clothes: success is guaranteed! How about combining it with metallic?

We talked about metal trends


The most varied applications are a great way to make jeans look sophisticated and more modern in winter 2018. In this season, it will be common to use pieces with pearls, embroidery, fringe and other details that make all the difference in the look.


Even if you do not relate the name to the face, you have probably seen or heard about the lettering. One of the biggest jeans trends for winter 2018, fashion consists of the use of letters, words and even entire phrases highlighted in the pieces.

With a footprint that recalls the 90’s look, fashion has everything to compose your jeans look with a lot of style and attitude. In order not to miss this movement, the tip is to invest in t-shirts with nishat lettering. Use the trend to pass fun messages and make the look more relaxed.

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5 tips for drying clothes faster in apartments commentsin 5 tips to dry clothes faster in apartments


Drying clothes is a simple task, but drying clothes in winter becomes a more complicated task, especially if you live in an apartment or live in a poorly ventilated house. Imagine the following situation:

During lunch, Ana received a call from an employment agency inviting her to participate in a selection process the next day, while planning for her appointment, Ana thought about wearing a more sophisticated shirt, which was kept neatly in her closet but when she arrived at her apartment Ana realized that the shirt was not stored, but rather dirty, in the basket to be washed. As it was winter and the sunny days were getting scarcer, Ana despaired about how to dry her shirt until her appointment.ideas gul ahmed

At a time like this there are several steps that will help you dry clothes more quickly, without damaging the fabric or increasing your expenses.

Check out the main tips for drying clothes in winter

1- Wrap damp clothes in a dry towel

An excellent tip is to wrap your damp clothes in a dry towel. After washing a piece, wring and let as much water drain out as possible. Even if the excess water drips, the fabric will still be damp, so take a large towel and wrap the garment inside it. Make a roll and press the fabric for some time. The dry towel will absorb the rest of the water and your clothes will dry much faster.

2- Make wind on your clothesline

At the beginning of autumn you already pack your fan and keep it stored until the end of winter, after all, it won’t be of any use to you in cold weather, right? Wrong! With the sun missing, air is your ally when it comes to drying your clothes faster and to blow it more powerfully the fan will make all the difference. If you can and if it is not raining, leave your frock design clothes exposed outdoors, but those who live in vertical spaces may not have this option, so make the fan your best friend.

3- Use the hair dryer

This tip is valid for those who want to dry socks or small parts more quickly. Leave the hairdryer on at a distance of one inch from the garment, the hot air will circulate through the fabric and contribute to the evaporation of water. This tactic even works with large items, such as shirts or pants, but it takes work, takes a little more time and is not suitable for saving electricity .

4- Freeze your clothes

If you have an urgent appointment the next day when you need to wear a specific shirt the tip is to wash it the day before, let the excess water drain, put it in a plastic bag and freeze the piece. The freezer will transform the remaining water from the liquid state to the solid state and the next day, when moving the piece, the ice flakes will break, so just iron it to heat the fabric and the clothes will be clean and ready for use.

5- Hang a few clothes on the clothesline

When extending your clothes, leave them stretched and with more space between one piece and another, so it will be easier to circulate the air between the fabric and make the clothes dry faster. When the frock design clothes are on the clothesline remember the second tip mentioned above.

Did you already know these tips? Tell us in the comments which one you have already applied and which one you like best. Take the opportunity to tell your secret to make your clothes dry faster inside the apartment.

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Double-sided sequin fabric

Sequin is already a super shiny and flashy fabric.

But in recent years an even more brilliant variation has appeared. We are talking about the double-sided sequin fabric that started to integrate fashion clothes and accessories.

You have probably seen some fabric that changed color with your hands. This is how shiny fabric works with different colored sides .

Bringing a lot of joy and mixture of tones, the double-sided sequin can be used in several ways. Next you will see more about this fabric that is pure style.


Everything indicates that sequins appeared more than 2500 years ago BC They were not as we see today, of course, but they were like rectangular coins that were used to adorn clothes.

The sequins were a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and may even have holistic meanings, like approaching the light through the sparkles.

But it was in the 20th century that sequins began to dominate our current fashion. The bright clothes were a hit in the 80s. Pop icons used sequins and shiny fabrics in their costumes, which served to further popularize the fabric.khaadi sale

Since then, sequin has been used in many ways and in many styles of garments. It was recently that the fabric had a change that added even more shine to the compositions.

The sequins gained an extra row of shine. But what was that change?



The sequins double-sided fabric is nothing more than joining two sequins of different colors to form one. A feature that makes double-sided sequins very interesting and fun is the possibility of changing and mixing colors.

The stitching is done in such a way that when passing the hand khaadi online through the fabric, the highlighted color changes. If the double-sided sequin is black and red, then your piece can be just black, just red or a mixture of the two.

If the sequin already has several color options available, just imagine the possible combinations with all colors? The fashion of clothes and accessories was able to take advantage of the success of the double-sided sequin fabric .

It is not for nothing that from major brands to popular brands bet on double-faced sequins as an innovation. If the simple sequin was already guaranteed to arrive and be present, imagine with twice the brightness.


This is a fabric that has twice the shine of a simple sequin piece. However, it is also necessary to have double attention when combining looks with double-sided sequins.

The use of the fabric needs to follow some rules:

If the piece is made of double-sided sequin fabric, its shine will be much better seen at night.
Night parties are perfect environments to show off the fabric’s shine.
Try not to use accessories or shiny shoes with double-sided sequins to avoid overloading the look.
Bet in light colors if you want to use the fabric during the day.
There are several pieces with double-sided sequins. The best combinations are with neutral colors, stay tuned with combinations that have prints.

Now that you have seen more about double-sided sequin fabric , be sure to have a piece or accessory in your closet. Having a key piece like this is ideal for days when you want to shine and not go unnoticed.

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Linen: the comfortable and natural fabric

Linen is a fabric considered to be of noble origin, mainly because its composition happens naturally, offering a different texture, with a touch of comfort and sophistication.

But, you need to do a lot of research before purchasing your linen fabric and look for a supplier who is really committed to the quality of this product, so that you will be satisfied and be able to produce your clothes with excellence.

See below for more information on this incredible fabric and learn how to use linen on several occasions.

Maximus Tecidos pure linen fabric


Linen is a fabric widely used in various fashion compositions and, every year, it has appeared in different ways in trends.

Originally, it was produced for the purpose of being used in clothes that offered an elegant and sophisticated look.

But, with the passage of time and the development of fashion, stylists began to realize that the mixture of elements to compose looks of different styles would work very well, being possible to place a fabric in different types of situations.


Linen is a fabric produced in a very curious way, which is undoubtedly the most striking in its final result and its very peculiar texture.

Understand its main characteristics and see why this is a nishat linen online fabric considered so special by several fashion producers, stylists, tailors and tailors from all over the world:

It is a fabric produced from a herbaceous plant, being considered a noble material, mainly because it does not contain any type of synthetic fiber in its production;
Its threads are very resistant and can be molded according to the need of each production where the fabric will be used;
Linen is considered a fabric so resistant that it ends up becoming more and more malleable with each wash, and its quality is not compromised in any way;

sapphire online

With this type of fabric, several productions can be made, such as dress shirts, dresses with the most straight fit and casual clothes, with a more beach style;
With linen it is also possible to produce materials such as curtains and cushion covers, just by strengthening its composition and showing how this material is very malleable and easy to be included in various situations, from the most conventional to the most unpredictable;
It is a fabric with a very soft texture and a minimalist appearance, which combines with different types of accessories.
According to its main characteristics, linen has been chosen by several stylists to be an integral part of collections of many years, following fashion in an assiduous way.


Maximus Tecidos pure linen fabric
The Maximus Fabrics is a reference premises for sale of fabrics, being a major brand that really ensures the quality of their material, showing that this should be a major concern of customers when choosing a fabric for making your clothes.

But, in addition, Maximus Tecidos also offers guidelines that show how to use the fabrics correctly, giving modeling tips and which needles should be used to sew the fabric, providing the best possible sapphire online finish.

In this way, it became even easier to produce her pieces, with the quality and orientation necessary to enter the world of fashion.

Linen is a very special type of fabric and, for this reason, it must be chosen carefully, so that its quality and texture are maintained with excellence in its productions.

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bonanza satrangi


With the next seasons of the year coming, surely you have already thought about buying clothes for the winter, haven’t you? So keep this tip: when it comes to fashion, the winter of 2020 is far from sober and bland. Therefore, we at Upperbag will look for winter 2020 trends in the main international fashion shows for you to use during the coldest season of the year. Check it out below!

It is normal to have that doubt just before the start of a new season:

“which clothes will be in fashion?”. So, for you to get rid of this concern, we will already advance the news that are coming for you to go after these pieces.

That way, when you find out what the winter 2020 trends are, you already get to know what’s in the closet and what’s still missing to complete a boring look from that season. You know that in this part you can count on the people of Upperbag , right? We will send you the best looks according to your tastes so you can choose the ideal outfit for the coldest season of the year.

It is not because there will be a chill that you will not rock the look! This climatic bonanza satrangi time of the year is great for abusing coats, skirts, colors (of course!) And many other items.

So, find out what’s new in the fashion world for this winter. In this article, you will check:

The puffing sleeves are from the 80s, but they came back with a reinterpretation for the current times with a touch of modernity.

However, the princess and romantic style came back all over again! In fact, you can find puffed sleeves in shirts, bodysuits , jackets or sweatshirts, which give a fashionista look to the look. So, they came back with everything in this cold season of the year!

In addition, you can choose from the available models, such as a one-shoulder puff sleeve, shoulder to shoulder, oversize or shoulder volume, among others.rang rasiya

Super marked, they promise to appear to “cause” your look. However, if you feel afraid to bet on super fancy sleeves, then you can start with a few less puffers.

This piece brings glamor and sophistication to the look, so you can use it on special occasions like parties, events – especially if they are nightly.

However, this trend is not indicated for those who have an inverted triangle shape because it accentuates the broad shoulders of the body even more.


oversize coat, one of the trends of winter 2020

You spent the whole year waiting for the chance to wear a beautiful winter coat to walk around with him. So now is the time!

For this winter 2020, the blazers and jackets will be very wide with a relaxed shape and super max.

The seams of the sleeves will be more off the shoulder to convey the idea of ​​a “borrowed piece” from someone much bigger than you. To balance production, you need to wear pants that fit your body.

Coats are the key to a great winter look. In addition, there are plenty  rang rasiya fabric and style options for every occasion.

So, how about using a trech coat that will be very welcome for this year? The trech coat is a great bet for the cold season of 2020, so you can already write it down on your wish list.


knitting blouse, one of the trends of winter 2020

The knits winter 2020 are neat, with oversize big points and full of details.

This year’s style has an aspect that looks like the pieces look like they were made by hand.

This time, they get more sophisticated details like embroidery, shiny fabrics and elaborate weaves.


image of a woman with transparent blouse

The transparencies are still going on in winter 2020. You can use bolder pieces, like a totally transparent fabric or less bold ones with small transparent details of the clothes.

One way to use this trend is to use a tulle blouse and underneath complement with lace top.

However, be careful to be the same color because when wearing a black transparent blouse and a white top it doesn’t look elegant.


woman with beige vest

Coming straight from the men’s wardrobe , the vest is a third functional piece that adds even more charm to the winter look.

In the winter fashion weeks abroad, the vest was featured on the catwalks and appeared in different formats, such as tailoring, short and long versions, leather materials and sweater style.

Therefore, with the fashion of the 80s and 90s increasingly high, the sweater gives a retro tone to the look of this season.

In fact, a great combination is a knitting vest in a neutral caramel color over a white shirt.

6. Beaded Skirt

beaded skirt, one of the trends of winter 2020

The beaded skirt left the wardrobe and returned to occupy the prominent place in the windows for winter 2020.

The beaded touch gives a touch of femininity to the clothes, as well as being light, cordial and retro.

However, for this year, what is on the rise is the skirt just above the knee or super long.


woman with plaid pants and blouse

Chess never goes out of style, no doubt. In recent years, Vichy , the prince of Wales chess, has risen, but the tartan pattern – of Scottish kilts – will potragonize this trend with a colorful and fun footprint.

In fact, this style was successful in the 90s and was inspired by the uniforms of Americans.

In fact, this print appears a lot on pants and dresses, in addition to winter jackets with this plaid pattern.


two women in blue jackets

Last winter, fashion proposed a vibrant and colorful palette for the season.

This year, the trend remains to deconstruct the idea that cold weather is synonymous with a neutral card.

Even those who think that vibrant colors can only appear in summer are mistaken, after all, they will appear again in this cold season of the year.

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Everyone certainly loves fashion tips .

Especially when it helps to improve the image . After all, there are times that we wear some clothes, and we realize that something is missing, right? It’s that day that you’re out of creativity , where the look looks dull and without personality. But, that still, we can add some personal touch to give more style to the composition.

So if you were interested, first of all, read this post! Today, we at Upperbag , are going to give you six surefire tips for you to be surprisingly more fashionable every day, with these quick style tricks . And the best: without spending money, with the parts you use on a daily basis!

Watch the video and check it out:

quick blazer-style tricks

In order to use a wild card, the first look chosen for the quick style tricks was with a blazer . How can you leave it with a different touch, apart from the use of the perfect trio, which is the configuration of the blazer , jeans and T-shirt , or with it all open?

Closing the blazer , and putting an accessory that everyone has in their wardrobe, which is a belt over the waist. In this way, we can also fold the sleeves, thus giving a more stripped look to this composition. In contrast to the blazer , we can also add sunglasses, to complement this look, which in fact, will not only look different, but will add a special charm.

In this composition, you will need washing jeans of your choice, a basic t-shirt , it can be a white t-shirt , for example, a blazer , and the key accessories, which are the belt and sunglasses.

If you don’t have matching jeans , it’s also worth betting on black flare pants, cigarrete pants or pants. Remembering that both flare pants and pantaloons, help to lengthen the silhouette and disguise the hips a little wider, as well as the thick legs. Undoubtedly, this is another one of the quick style tricks you can pass on to friends.


quick style tricks with shirt and pants

Not only is it a basic and classic composition , it can be used in cooler, formal environments, for work or sightseeing. So, with this look, we can use many elements to improve the appearance of this composition, in any way.

At first, a super quick tip, in those of the combo of the quick style tricks, that will give another face to this look is, first, fold the shirt sleeves. Folding the sleeves twice is enough to give a more fun look, just to illustrate. Another trick is to put only one side of the shirt into the pants, to make it look even more asymmetrical.

Then, as much as practical, just finish off with a belt, which can be a basic black belt , or whatever you have inside your wardrobe, to give that belt. Finally, do a before and after looking in the mirror and you will see a look nishat with a completely different effect in seconds, with what you have there in your house .


cool woman with quick style tricks in a basic look

Another classic and timeless tip, for women of all ages , which is ideal for any environment or occasion, is the union of jeans with T-shirt and sneakers. Let’s think together about how to recycle this basics , with the purpose of giving an upgrade to this look.

First, we can exchange sneakers for square-heeled sandals, to look refined. In addition to being comfortable, it completely changes the air. Another quick style trick for this look may be to fold the hem of your pants, which can be skinny jeans, for example. But you can explore these looks with jeans, according to your closet, okay? Using the example of the skinny, with the shins showing, you will be more elongated, and finally, finish off with a belt. That is, it is a casual , refined look and suitable for various occasions.

Ah, but I don’t want to stop being comfortable, and that way, I do n’t want to wear a high heel shoe, even if it has a square heel. No problem! So, let’s go to the stylist’s tips to give your composition a personalized look . A proposal that matches the basic trio of T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, for sure, are the details.

In other words, making a folding of the shirt’s sleeve, making a side or front knot, already change the face and make you more curvy. Secondly, by folding the hem of the pants, in this case, a more dry one as well, such as the cigarillo or skinny, the air changes. The belt cannot be missing, either wider or thinner, as it also gives a stripped-down look. This composition, then, is the combination of comfort and style, whether for a cooler work environment , for college, or a complete female outfits. Write down all those quick style tricks, words by the stylist that are, in short, infallible.


stripped look with stylish tricks to compose basic boot shorts and shirt
Photo: Pinterest

Certainly, we could not help talking about this darling trio of all women , which is wild, and in any case, it is beautiful and easy to compose: they are the shirt, the shorts and the boots. It can be a printed shirt, very fun, for example. In order not to look sloppy, since they tend to be less waisted, we can put them inside the shorts, or tie a front knot, joining the good folds in the sleeves. Add a belt, and that’s it! As a result, a finished composition.

Another good tip for quick style tricks is to put the shirt under the top.

So, you turn it into a cropped one. This look, which can be with several models of shorts, in the same way with a high waisted shorts and a belt is very stylish. The shirt is a super versatile piece, and the boot, as much as the short, long, thick or lower heel, combine surprisingly with each other.
woman with basic dress but with quick style trick
Photo: Pinterest

Certainly every woman has some model of dress inside the wardrobe, and when it is a little longer and longer, we can play with it and change it: one of the quick style tricks is to add a belt. It leaves a more marked and even sexy look for the waist, and you can leave it in the length you want. You can wear sneakers with a dress, yes! For example, with a slip on nishat linen online sneaker, and even a midi dress, it looks basic without being dull, and serves for a day of partying or socializing, and even a happy hour.

Therefore, they are very simple and quick tricks, for you to do in a few minutes, without wasting time or spending money. With these valuable tips, neither the mirror nor the eyes will undoubtedly be mistaken with style and practicality, whatever.


Tell us about any quick style trick you have that is, above all, very easy and undeniably can give that diverse look? Leave it in the comments! If your wardrobe is missing that key piece, visit the Upperbag website . There you get to know the best of fashion , and later you can receive a personalized bag by a personal stylist in the comfort of your home! And the best sapphire online: without the commitment to purchase . Access the site and get to know Upperbag , which combines the best of fashion and convenience, practicality and safety, and of course, you will learn how to dress well!

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nishat linen online

Looks to wear with sneakers: inspirations for everyday life

Anyone who thinks that the Christian woman is always wearing heels or sneakers is totally wrong.

Tennis is a modern and super comfortable shoe, and is increasingly present in our daily lives, composing charming and unpretentious looks.

The sneaker is the perfect alternative to create cool and youthful compositions , as it has a casual and sporty footprint that goes very well in casual looks. But don’t stop there: women’s sneakers are also capable of adapting to the most tidy looks, breaking the chic look and creating a new style.

Thus, footwear works very well for any occasion. And you know what is better? It is the perfect key to a cool and cool look.

To learn how to create looks to use with sneakers, follow the reading and see our tips and inspirations. Thus, it will be much easier to decide what the next composition will be.

Tips for combining sneakers with clothing easily

It may seem difficult to create looks with this type of shoes and not look sloppy, but it is not. On the contrary, composing different productions with women ‘s sneakers is very simple, just a little creativity and good taste.

The most important thing in this whole story is to attend to your personal style and personality, after all, we like to convey our principles in dress , don’t we? Whether you are romantic, urban or simply attentive to trends, you can adapt the items to your look.

The suggestion is to bet on sneakers with neutral colors , like white, black or nude, which go well with any composition. In addition, it is worth choosing those models that are on the rise, as is the case with the classic All Star, Vans and Keds – which offer versatile and timeless options.

Pay attention to the colors and patterns of the clothes, always trying to combine the details so that the final result is harmonious.

If you are going to wear a printed dress, with various colors and patterns, bet on a flat shoe;
If you are going to use a patterned sneaker, opt for a plain dress;
Dresses with delicate elements are perfect with white sneakers;
Bet on high-top sneakers if the goal is to create a shortening effect;
To lengthen the silhouette, bet on a monochromatic look; rang rasiya lawn

Inspirations of female looks with sneakers
Now, the long-awaited moment has come: to see the inspirations we love so much! You will notice that the look you least expected looks just amazing with sneakers. There, it will be much simpler to create and recreate differentiated compositions .

This is the easiest combination to work!

The end result is basically a charming , feminine, delicate and unpretentious look, the way we love it. Opt for pieces with stripped mood, made in simple fabric, such as mesh or jeans. The good news is that you can choose from several types of trim in this production, be it more fluid or structured.

With this length, it is possible to bet on a high-top sneaker quietly, without fear of compromising the look.

foto blog moda evangelica look com tenis 06 easy resize com

Midi dress + sneakers
The midi is just perfect with tennis ! That’s because it unites two super current trends in one look. You can choose any type of fabric, print or trim, but the plain or striped knit midi dress is one of the favorites to use with sneakers, after all, both items have the same mood: both are trendy, cool and stripped.

Bet on a low-top sneaker and, if possible, with a platform. Thus, it is possible to lengthen the silhouette and give a touch of elegance to the production.

foto blog moda evangelica look com tenis 05 easy resize

Short skirt + sneakers
Did you know that tennis is also perfect with the short skirt? This harmonization works basically like the dress, but with a blouse to complement. In this case, the tip is to combine the color of the sneakers with the color palette that makes up the look, whether in details or prints.

short skirt foto blog moda evangelica look com tenis easy satrangi

Midi skirt + sneakers
Look at that charming look! The harmony of the midi skirt with blouse and sneakers is ideal for discreet women who do not neglect fashion trends.

foto blog moda evangelica look com tenis 02 easy resize com

foto blog moda evangelica look com tenis 03 easy resize com

Long skirt + Sneakers
And whoever thought it was not possible to wear a long skirt with sneakers , look at some inspirations that prove that it is possible to make this combination!
foto blog moda evangelica look com tenis 04 easy resize com

In short, with the skirt, there are more possibilities to innovate in different productions, leaving your look with your face rang rasiya lawn!

Open post
rang rasiya

What to wear with a women’s jeans shirt to put together 6 amazing looks!

Jeans, or denim, is a textile with a lot of history in the fashion world:

created for the world of work, it took on different facets and was used in different pieces. The best known, of course, are pants and skirts.

The women’s denim shirt , however, is nothing new. It was already used in the 1950s and, for a long time, it remained relatively forgotten. In recent seasons, however, it has made a triumphant return, appearing in fashion editorials around the world as a featured piece.

Today’s topic is exactly that wonderful piece that makes up incredible looks , but that sometimes leaves us in doubt about how to use it and combine it. The purpose of this post is to introduce you to 6 possibilities that the denim shirt provides, and to show that wearing it is much simpler than you think.

Come on?

Blouse or denim shirt: 6 pieces to match

The women’s denim shirt is nothing more than a super classic tailoring model, in one of the most basic and democratic fabrics in the world. This combo is pure versatility!

This is one of the reasons why the piece is so loved: it goes well with everything and everyone! Combining it is easy, but we know that no one denies a little inspiration. Next, we put together the best looks that incorporate the feminine jeans shirt in evangelical fashion . Check out! mariab

1. Denim shirt and pleated skirt

Like our darling shirt, the pleated skirt is also a strong trend. Elegant, feminine and super sophisticated, it composes chic looks without any effort. The informality of the denim shirt complements its formal features, modernizing the look.

Have you ever thought about combining a pleated midi skirt with stoned denim shirt and sneakers? The look is a combination of styles that works super well and is very comfortable.

blog post shirt pleated jeans skirt rang rasiya

2. Denim skirt with denim blouse

This combination was, for a long time, considered a fashion mistake: joining jeans with jeans ? Never! Impossible.

It seems that this statement has been overlooked in the past. It has been a few seasons since the “ all jeans ” looks won the catwalks and were marked by the modernity and youthful air they transmit.

The denim skirt , which has already established itself as an icon of evangelical fashion, is super versatile, basic and comfortable. Therefore, it is present in most of our looks. Combined with a shirt made of the same fabric, the well-known skirt gains a whole new face, modern and young as the trend.

The look can be monochromatic , with shirt and skirt in the same color and washing jeans. As you already know, using upper and lower parts in the same color creates an impression of stretching the silhouette. To intensify the effect, bet on shoes with nude color heels.

But, if you want, feel free to join jeans pieces of different colors ! The look is super fun and much cooler. Want to accessorize? The blue jeans look amazing with golden pieces, like bracelets and necklaces.

blog post denim shirt khaadi online

3. Shirt with applications and pencil skirt

Do you have an important dinner? Why not invest in a denim shirt with stone appliqués and a black pencil skirt? The contrast with the jeans, plus the applications and the black of the skirt create a very elegant and charming result, ideal for the night.

To complement the look with a golden key, bet on a tall nude or black shoe that leaves the instep free; thus, it will result in a silhouette stretching effect . Choose a handbag, and it’s ready!

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4. Denim shirt with tie and godê skirt

Believe it or not, but the combination of a tie-down denim shirt and a skirt is really wonderful. If you’ve never tried it, it’s time to test it. Our tip, to make the look more modern, is to opt for a printed godê skirt.

How about a light blue denim shirt with martingale and a flowered skirt? The mixture of light jeans with the colorful floral print of the skirt causes a cheerful effect to the look and makes it super modern. Here is a great tip for an unpretentious occasion, such as lunch or coffee with friends.

The mooring is a very current detail that has taken over women’s blouses. With this look suggestion, you can go from work for a walk with your friends without any problems. Ah! Don’t forget the accessories.

blog post tie shirt jeans

5. Denim shirt with blazer

This mixture is incredible for more formal situations, such as the work environment, corporate lunches and events, meetings and the like. But it is not a rule. Remember: when it comes to clothing, anything is possible, as long as the pieces are adapted and combined correctly.

Do you want to modernize the combination? Choose elongated modeling blazers on the bar , with influences from male tailoring. They stretch the trunk and lengthen the silhouette. To complete the look, invest in our long-remembered black pencil skirt, a good watch and a maxi purse.

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blog post shirt jeas blazer

6. Denim skirt with leather pieces

Jeans are a stripped-down fabric by nature. Its color, washing and even its participation in the history of fashion communicate joviality, lightness and relaxation.

Leather, in turn, is a noble and heavy material that communicates seriousness and tradition. The contrast of these two very different elements can create a unique effect full of fashion information!

How about wearing the all jeans look , the one that wraps around the denim shirt and skirt, and adding a superimposed leather jacket? The result is bold, young and stripped.

An incredible combination, without error, is the jeans shirt + straight midi leather skirt . The look is chic, classic and, at the same time, very fashionista.

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Leave one button open or all closed? Folded or unfolded sleeves?
Many women are unsure about how the sleeve and buttoning of the shirt should be worn. First of all, understand that there is no right and wrong!

You will notice that if you wear a shirt and close all the buttons, it will look more serious and formal. When we leave one or two little buttons open, no matter how discreet and subtle, the look changes and takes on a relaxed face.

The closed buttons up to the end can also be an interesting style option: the shirt takes on a retro vibe, and the closed collar design looks amazing with discreet overlapping necklaces.

So, when you wear your shirt, think about the place you will go with it and your intentions with the look . Is it a formal or casual place? Are there any requirements regarding clothing? Do you want to show a specific style image? With these answers, you will know how to wear it.

So, are you ready to make combinations with this piece that we love so much?

blog post shirt aboatamento closed and open

On the Via Evangélica website you will find incredible models of denim shirt and all the other pieces we quote here. It is worth visiting there to be inspired by many other looks in evangelical fashion. How about checking it out?

For more posts like this, full of tips and information to rock the wardrobe, stay tuned to our blog, where we talk about everything about fashion and lifestyle for evangelical women !

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