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The Black Friday is one of the most anticipated dates by retailers, which can burn the stock still and start year-end sales, with an excellent opportunity to make more money .

The event started in the United States, being celebrated after the Thanksgiving holiday. Currently, several countries have already joined the practice and also do promotions on Black Friday, which includes Brazil.

This year, Black Friday will take place on November 27th and you can’t miss this opportunity to earn more!

Preparing your clothing store for Black Friday 2021

In 2020, Black Friday is even more relevant! After a troubled period, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the date may serve for your clothing store to increase sales.

We brought some tips for you to enjoy the event to the fullest, without neglecting the safety of your customers and employees. Look!

1. Ensure sanitary measures at your clothing store
In practically all Brazilian regions, clothing stores and other commercial establishments can now open normally, provided that some sanitary measures are taken.

You should already know that you need to make alcohol gel available to customers, as well as maintaining social distance between people. However, on Black Friday, intensify these actions to ensure that nothing gets out of hand. Add displays with liquid for hand cleaning at key points of your store such as the entrance, changing rooms and cashier. The ideal is to have at least 1 container every 25 square meters.

2. Hand out passwords to avoid clutter

As there will be an increase in customers at your store, it is a good practice to pret wear distribute passwords for customer service at the door. Thus, avoiding agglomerations within the establishment.

It is recommended to limit a number of customers at a time within the store. When a person leaves, the next number is called, so they can come in and do their shopping. Again the 25 square meter rule applies: we recommend a maximum of 5 people (including your salespeople) to each specified area block.

3. Extend Black Friday to dilute the flow of customers

Also in order to avoid crowds and to increase the period of promotions, you can extend Black Friday. A good alternative is to create a Black Week, with discounts for customers throughout the week leading up to Friday. Unlike the practice that was already common in other years, you must specify in your communication that, this time, the discounts are only being extended to avoid the uproar.

If you have enough product availability, you can even extend to a Black November, with discounts throughout the month. This tactic is useful to attract customers who already want to anticipate Christmas shopping, taking advantage of discounts. Or take advantage of the strategy to stock up a little more than normal .

4. Take care online

Merging physical and online services is a good alternative at a time when we are still experiencing a pandemic, although the situation is already milder. Many people are still afraid to leave the house and you should think about them when planning Black Friday.

Make posts on Instagram , create groups on Telegram , sell by WhatsApp and delivered by delivery. Any strategy is worth not leaving any customers out and increasing your profits considerably!

5. Prepare your store

Even with the pandemic still in progress, much of the physical commerce is already serving normally. The flow of customers on the streets increases every day and, therefore, it is worth investing in the decoration of your store as a differential for Black Friday 2020.

Decorate your fa├žade to attract the attention of customers, preparing expressive communication materials to help advertise in promotions. You can make use of stickers in your window, posters and also colorful bladders to attract the eyes of passersby.

6. Prepare your stock

To have good products to sell in your clothing store, having a good stock is essential! After all, if they arrive at the establishment and find no interesting options to buy, customers may feel frustrated.

In the end, what will be decisive in the success of your Black Friday 2020 is the same that makes the difference in all other years: the product mix defined to receive the promotions. Select your stranded khaadi summer sale products to settle and, if you do not have enough pieces, take advantage of other types of promotions such as progressive discounts or facilitating payment methods, extending terms or charging interest exemptions.

Furthermore, in addition to burning old collections that are out of stock, you also need to have new releases available, for those who want to get in fashion for the current season and the next. It is worth making an extra purchase as a backup.

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Access right now and check out all the beautiful pieces that can be resold in your store. You and your customers will like it very much!

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