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What you should know about IP addresses

TheĀ  Internet ProtocolĀ  address (IP address) is a digital label assigned to each device (eg, computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.

In the following, we will try to explain the role of the IP address, and what you gain by acquiring a dedicated IP address.

What is the role of the IP address?

The IP address has two main roles:

Identification: it is a name that identifies what you are looking for, for example on the internet

Addressing: like the postal address, the IP tells you where what you are looking for is

The IP address is displayed as a series of digits, separated by periods (eg:

How useful is the IP address in the field of web hosting?

IP addresses are not only used for computers as many Internet users think, a multitude of machines work with IP addresses.

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The IP address in the hosting context allows a website to exchange quickly and efficiently with a server. IP addresses can be converted to a host name (or domain name) and vice versa.

Blacklisting of IP addresses

Search engines blacklist the IP addresses of mail servers because of spamming, which is a practice prohibited by the majority of web hosts and which consists of sending unsolicited e-mails by their recipients.

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Web hosting companies, like ADK Media , try to protect their customers using shared hosting packages and ensure compliance with standards.

This also includes SPAM carried out through an improperly configured script or malware present on the customer’s website, which thus allows access to its features from outside the server. We tell you more about it in this article in our online help center .

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The benefit of having a dedicated IP address

A dedicated IP address is reserved for a website, and it does not change. Websites that do not use dedicated or static IP addresses, use their server’s IP address by default. Consequently, this IP address becomes shared with all the websites which are hosted on this same server, hence the interest of having a dedicated IP address.

This IP address allows you to:

Install an SSL certificate, while allowing your certificate provider to validate your domain or your information, depending on the type of certificate chosen. We talk to you in detail about the different types of SSL certificates in this article

Improve the reputation of your website: with a dedicated IP address, you have your unique address, and you are only impacted by the reputation of your own website.

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Boost your SEO: some search engines penalize IP addresses because of cases of abuse (see the reasons for blacklisting and abuse in our article). If you share the same IP address as other websites you may be impacted

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