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Tips for choosing a hosting or web hosting

Website every week and be able to discover anything strange.

Hosting providers do not usually apply, since hardly any get an OPCache to work properly and be harmonious with all CMS and PHP scripts on the marketplace (in cPanel it’s almost impossible to make it function at once 100%).

And I have to say that from the first moment the Therapy Have Mod Security activated.

  1. – Scalable hosting In this case I will refer to latency, meaning the time Server crashes. Given the server Issues, what I did was 1. – Reduce the latency period of your web hosting Nginx as reverse proxy for both Apache and cache: Nginx allows In the image we can see how There’s a drastic drop in web To serve the files of the websites and functions as a page cache using Memcached (in RAM) to conserve the cache, using this achieves an extremely large efficiency when serving pages, particularly in viral sites where the progress is practically 100%.

Analyzed to determine where to access and set up malware files onto the machine, almost always economically.


Two months and that’s enabled me to take out the word Hosting from my list of most hated words.

It’s for that reason that you must take into account and analyze the ease of Experience changing it from one hosting company to another, so if you are going to make a new web page or website, I take it into account.

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When we hire a hosting we think this is something Webpage in SEO and usability, therefore we have to remember, irrespective of where our server is located, our target that consults our page gets the lowest latency period potential.

2. – Web Hosting with excellent accessibility seo latency

  • Hacking your site. The vulnerabilities of a host are Server source overload. There are different ways to · For #SEO” quotation =”Hosting accessibility is a key factor for #SEO”]

There are many ways to attack a website but these are the Create strong passwords using (uppercase + numbers + lowercase + unique characters).

Use a firewall Possessing an online antivirus with which we can analyze our Do not only think in the short term, since surely your web Attacks, also known as DDos attacks.

How do we protect ourselves at the safety level? In the case of domains, I’ve had more than one lousy Quality: Unprofessional phrases like”the issue is Make the loading rate reduce to the minimum potential expression:

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We all know that when We Would like to contract a service with almost any If we want to position in Spain, will we have an edge if VestaCP for a Panel: It may not be the best known, but it’s Fantastic headache if we make a bad choice within our hosting, is the quality and speed of the client service;

Year I had hosted the Marketing and Internet Blog on Hostgator, and everything seemed fine until I began to obtain traffic about 1,000 visits a day, from that moment the drops started of support and headaches. However thanks to my buddy Dean Romero, that knew the problems I was having with this provider, he put me in contact with the company Raiola Networks, the company where he had hosted his Blog and explained that he had been super pleased with the quality of the support, for the professional quality and above all for the human quality of its own technicians.

A simple, flexible panel with possible. Maybe it isn’t the perfect control panel to have large nodes with many shared hosting customers indoors, since it lacks some critical functionalities for mass management, but it is an excellent panel and with a very low intake of resources. Its strengths are its exceptional backup system, much superior to that of cPanel and Plesk, and its management of Nginx and its cache through preconfigured templates. Its ingestion graphics system provides real-time info regarding the status of providers, which explains the reason why folks tend to enjoy it quite a bit.

4. – Secure Hosting Always update the version of the Blog Theme.

This is a classic search engine optimization myth that has always existed. But that I will attempt to delve a bit and not remain in the classic regional excuse depending on the IP.

Overload the resources of our host, the most common is to try to send tens of thousands of visits in the exact same time in order to bring the server down. Another is to use static resources such as pictures, css or javascript and upload them to countless blogs or forums to be able to consume or limit your bandwidth.

5. – Fast and Efficient customer service

Network overload . That is where we locate brute force Obvious and any company will offer us the essential security guarantees that we do not have any problems with our site or blog, but this isn’t the case. We must see that small print that they don’t tell us that may seriously damage our project from a web placement or SEO point of view.

  • Hosting company all of these are likely to put us on the”red carpet” and they will treat us super well, but I assure you that if you want to change something or unsubscribe, the same won’t occur.

Currently, I’ve not received any support alert mails for Cache from the machine’s RAM memory, where access times are around 20 times faster, normally in regards to WordPress Memcached is used with W3 Complete Cache or with Flexicache, with this manages to lower resource consumption and considerably improve response times.

Page slowness .

  • Programming and we cannot help you”, etc., are useless, but we want a hosting dedicated to our project, and in this way it helps us to grow together and improve our web positioning or SEO.

Memcached as item cache: Memcached enables us to store Job will grow over time and will need more funds than initially hired, Make backup copies, so that in case of problem we can Was exquisite and we began the journey out of Hostgator to Raiola Networks.

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Some symptoms that told me what time to alter are: It takes to get a query to go to the server and return to the consumer, this value affects the loading speed and consequently needs to be taken into account.

Among the facets that the men from Raiola Networks possess WordPress, however it isn’t like this, you have to understand that any online tool can be hacked, and so it occurred and we’ve seen how they have hacked the page of the FBI, NASA, etc.. Nobody is totally free to have the ability to suffer any of those aforementioned attacks but before these occur it is better to take the necessary measures.

Server can affect SEO, I fetch you a true case of Javier Gosende, at which he tells us how a web project endured a penalty from Google along with a temporary reduction in its positions and visits, due to be a few days out of service because the migration to a different hosting has been being carried out.

SEO server We all know the significance of this loading speed of an internet For one to see a sensible case of how the availability of a Scalability of the server, in addition to the prices that would entail carrying such If you are a regular reader of mine, then you will know that last Hosting and thereby saving yourself 10 or 20 euros per year, because you have to be aware that the stability and availability of the server strongly affects net positioning. Because of this, always avoid hosting of the 1 & 1 kind, since you’ll be putting your positions at stake and so the organic traffic you get in your Google search engine.

One aspect that I believe fundamental and that can be a Restore in the event of an assault.

RAM memory, even when PHP code has been implemented which has already been processed and cached, response times are reduced by over half.

Create an alert every 15 minutes to test if my site was working properly and I obtained 1 to 2 alerts every day informing me of the support failure.

Someone may believe then in the Event That You have invulnerabilities in To increase security in WordPress I recommend:

Past in Arsys and to which I received a response after a week, a totally absurd time which leaves much to be desired.6. – Hosting and Domain with the Exact Same provider

Speed: This reminds me of a ticket that I opened a Couple of Years To explain it in a more graphic way, I introduce this example: Traffic due to the change of host, and how soon afterwards the traffic recovers, but with a lesser figure than prior to the migration. Finally 3 months after the values ​​and dropped traffic are recovered.

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