FFXIV Data Center Split

Friends reunite with the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Callback Campaign


You can collect all kinds of valuable loot in ffxiv data centres Online… but as we all know, the real treasure is the friends you made along the way.

Well, that and an ultra-rare armor set. But companions are pretty cool too, and now’s a perfect time to reconnect with some of those old pals… and get some rewards in the process.

ffxiv data center split Online Callback Campaign is now up and running. If you have an old chum who’s currently taking a break from the game, you can invite them to return so you can play together.

What’s more, if you meet the basic campaign requirements, you’ll both get special rewards – valuable items for you and free playtime for your friend! Also, hopefully, some new memories.

FFXIV Data Center Split

…you mainly care about the items, don’t you?

It’s really easy to participate in the campaign – you don’t even have to leave the game.

Simply click on the name of an offline friend from your in-game friends list, or free company member list, and choose ‘Invite Friend to Return’ from the menu.

Now you may be thinking: who to invite? There are a few conditions to consider.

Firstly, the friend you send an invitation to must have a registered account that has been inactive for at least 90 days (including the free play period). Anyone who’s played the game within the last 90 days won’t get an email to join – even if you invite them. So don’t bother.

And obviously, they need to own a copy of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online to play. That probably goes without saying, but we said it anyway.

Each character on your account can invite up to five friends back to the game. To see the more details about the Callback Campaign, you should head over to the ffxiv world status Lodestone website:


What can you get from the FINAL FANTASY XIV Callback Campaign?
If one of your friends rejoins the game – and they meet the criteria above – then both of you will be eligible for some awesome in-game rewards.

You’ll get 5 Gold Chocobo feathers via the Moogle delivery service. These can be exchanged for special items from the Calamity Salvager in Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, or Ul’dah.

The people you invite get some pretty cool rewards of their own. Each will receive 7 days of Free Play, starting the moment they log back in. That means they can start questing, battling, adventuring, or simply hanging out with you at absolutely no cost.

They’ll also get 10 Silver Chocobo feathers, which can be exchanged with the Calamity Salvager for some awesome gear. For example, they can trade Silver Feathers for level 70 Scaevan Magitek weapons – perfect for anyone about to start the epic Shadowbringers story.

The FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Callback Campaign runs from now until Monday, February 17, 2020. Hopefully you’ll see some familiar faces return in the next few weeks to join in your adventures. Or, if you haven’t played for a while, it’s a perfect opportunity to jump back in and experience some of the fresh content in the game.

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