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FFXIV: Launcher connection Issues


There’s currently a major login issue with the EU servers, which means that many players only get an error message when they
attempt to begin the game after inputting their information. This problem could indicate DNS problems. Another problem could be the
so-called routing tables, these are the signposts on the Internet. When there was an upgrade, it could happen that this has not
yet arrived everywhere. This is the way ffxiv data centres is sent to the servers also arrives there, but unfortunately much too late. Let’s say
the server is set into a timeout of 10 seconds, but our data just reach the server after 12 seconds. Since they just had to go too
long through the navigation table, for instance. So you now get an error message that the link hasn’t yet been established. It can
of course also happen that some of the data does not arrive in the host; Here just the Web suppliers can take care of the issue.By
restarting the router at home or using a VPN, you may be able to attain success here, but there is no 100 percent chance.Exactly
what does this mean? So-called IP addresses are actually used on the world wide web, these only exist as numbers, e.g.

ffxiv-data-centres, in order that in short, the links are based online. Throughout the DNS (Domain Name System), it is possible that an
IP addresses can also be reached by means of a name. This makes coping with the Internet, for example, much easier for us, because
let’s be honest, who wants to remember hundreds of IP addresses? Let us take Google as an example. It’s possible to reach Google
through the next IP address, but if you want to remember this IP address, we do not think so. Throughout the DNS
it’s currently possible to reach Google through the title google.com.Try it out, it works. If there’s a problem with a DNS server
that handles these names and may assign them to the IP addresses, it can happen that the names can no longer be assigned. If you
attempt to visit google.com, by way of example, it can occur that just an error page is shown here. If, on the other hand, you
start the effort via the IP address, the webpage is going to probably be called up. The precise location of this
error can be a tricky search. On the 1 hand, it may be with the Web suppliers (e.g. Vodafone, Telekom), in one of these data
centers, or in an entirely different location. Yes, you can. Possibility Number 1Together with your router, you can check whether
there’s an issue with the Internet provider’s DNS server. Here you just change the DNS server, which is generally obtained
automatically from the provider. This then has to be altered manually and then the best thing to do would be to restart the router.
One could use the DNS server from Google or Cloudflare here.GoogleIPv4: 8.8.8 and 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8888 and 2001:
4860: 4860:: 8844CloudflareYou could also use this DNS server permanently, but you should always keep this change in mind if you
have such issues again, as issues may also arise with the above-mentioned DNS servers. The best thing about this option is that it
impacts all devices, therefore PlayStation 4 users may also use it in order to solve these issues. Where you are able to get the
settings on your router because of this, please refer to this manual, as there are a high number of routers and web interfaces for
this, it isn’t possible to supply universal instructions. The possibility to working with a VPN could help here. What is a VPN, one or
the other question that will appear? Generally, a VPN is actually only utilized in a company network.VPN means Virtual Private Network,
in short, you construct another network within a network that’s also secured. You can use it anonymously online. This builds a
connection with a host of a VPN supplier that’s in the united states, for example. This offers you an IP address from the USA,
each of the connections you make now run via the VPN provider’s server and then end up on your computer again. It’s now also
possible to set a connection. It may be sufficient to establish a link for a brief time and to disconnect it after a brief time, or
in rare circumstances, a connection must exist all of the time. But you need to appear closely at VPN suppliers, there are a few
free providers, but you may find a very slow link, only a particular data volume, or that there are only a limited number of free
connections. Free VPN providersProtonVPNSelection of 3 nations with fair speedWindscribeLimited nation choice, fair speed, and
restricted data volume on the flip side, you will find the paid VPN providers, many of which also provide their services free of
charge. All these are priced between $ 4 and $20 (per month), depending on which subscription version or characteristics you want.
Paid VPNNordVPNSurfSharkLarge selection of countries, very fast speed, no limited ffxiv data center split. The big drawback with VPN is that
just PC gamers can solve the problem with it because sadly there isn’t any way to do this to the PlayStation 4.There are of
course a high number of additional free and paid VPN suppliers, we’ve only given a few examples here. Option 3By restarting the
router, it establishes a wholly new connection to the Internet. This can also result in success with this problem. There are
exceptions here, therefore restarting the router may have no effect with a few Internet providers, as the prior connection is
simply re-established. We expect that we could help you with this. Regrettably, we cannot provide you a 100% guarantee that our
choices will address your issue. Just the online provider or Square Enix provides an exact statement about the current issue.

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