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5 tips for drying clothes faster in apartments commentsin 5 tips to dry clothes faster in apartments


Drying clothes is a simple task, but drying clothes in winter becomes a more complicated task, especially if you live in an apartment or live in a poorly ventilated house. Imagine the following situation:

During lunch, Ana received a call from an employment agency inviting her to participate in a selection process the next day, while planning for her appointment, Ana thought about wearing a more sophisticated shirt, which was kept neatly in her closet but when she arrived at her apartment Ana realized that the shirt was not stored, but rather dirty, in the basket to be washed. As it was winter and the sunny days were getting scarcer, Ana despaired about how to dry her shirt until her appointment.ideas gul ahmed

At a time like this there are several steps that will help you dry clothes more quickly, without damaging the fabric or increasing your expenses.

Check out the main tips for drying clothes in winter

1- Wrap damp clothes in a dry towel

An excellent tip is to wrap your damp clothes in a dry towel. After washing a piece, wring and let as much water drain out as possible. Even if the excess water drips, the fabric will still be damp, so take a large towel and wrap the garment inside it. Make a roll and press the fabric for some time. The dry towel will absorb the rest of the water and your clothes will dry much faster.

2- Make wind on your clothesline

At the beginning of autumn you already pack your fan and keep it stored until the end of winter, after all, it won’t be of any use to you in cold weather, right? Wrong! With the sun missing, air is your ally when it comes to drying your clothes faster and to blow it more powerfully the fan will make all the difference. If you can and if it is not raining, leave your frock design clothes exposed outdoors, but those who live in vertical spaces may not have this option, so make the fan your best friend.

3- Use the hair dryer

This tip is valid for those who want to dry socks or small parts more quickly. Leave the hairdryer on at a distance of one inch from the garment, the hot air will circulate through the fabric and contribute to the evaporation of water. This tactic even works with large items, such as shirts or pants, but it takes work, takes a little more time and is not suitable for saving electricity .

4- Freeze your clothes

If you have an urgent appointment the next day when you need to wear a specific shirt the tip is to wash it the day before, let the excess water drain, put it in a plastic bag and freeze the piece. The freezer will transform the remaining water from the liquid state to the solid state and the next day, when moving the piece, the ice flakes will break, so just iron it to heat the fabric and the clothes will be clean and ready for use.

5- Hang a few clothes on the clothesline

When extending your clothes, leave them stretched and with more space between one piece and another, so it will be easier to circulate the air between the fabric and make the clothes dry faster. When the frock design clothes are on the clothesline remember the second tip mentioned above.

Did you already know these tips? Tell us in the comments which one you have already applied and which one you like best. Take the opportunity to tell your secret to make your clothes dry faster inside the apartment.

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