The urban-chic style dominates the pieces of our Suite line.

Versatile, timeless shapes and precise cuts are the premium highlights we want to bring to your closet.

The classic clothes of the women’s wardrobe are revisited and, thus, make the look more contemporary and full of highlights that finish off any production. It is not just the monochrome pieces that take the top. In Suite, there is also space for prints, which gain a sophisticated and iconic look.

Versatility on top

Blouses are the favorite pieces for almost every occasion. After all, they have the power to guide the look and will always be at the top. Uncomplicated, versatile and stylish models are always in demand.

Sober colors like black, navy and offwhite go well with all the others, so feel free to combine the other pieces and accessories. Tailoring clothes can be great companions to the chosen blouses.

Single piece + prints
frock design

The practicality of the unique pieces always deserves to be exalted. They are fancy by themselves and when in print power mode they guarantee another scent to the look.

We’ve talked a lot about color combinations , so it’s time for practice. In the Suite dresses you have plenty of options of colorful pairs and full of power. The graphics and the colorful mood are perfect together. So choose your model and spread beauty wherever you go.


The Logomania makes your chic revival than ever! Symbols become true icons of sophistication and elegance.

In the Suite line, shirts and skirts that have an exclusive pattern have already reached the season with a classic status. Ties and ways to fold the sleeves are at the top of the look. Play with the possibilities and make the easy chic style even more evident.

Classics revisited

There are pieces that are true queens in the female closet, that is, they never lose their majesty. Tailoring clothes are part of this select hall. Pants and skirts with this verve take on a new look. Strategic pleats and buttons appear to invigorate the more formal look.

Want a more loose and casual shirt? We have! Transparency appears as the main character of a piece that usually has thicker ideas gul ahmed fabrics. Stay free, light, loose and modern with a more fluid shape , but that leaves nothing to be desired.

Second piece, yes!

Elegance and charm are not only at the top. The skirts are there to prove that they deserve all the attention they owe. It can add movement, create contours and outline a chic look without being complicated.

In Suite, the skirt is even more versatile and plural. Asymmetries with femininity, striking details and delicate prints, form the various versions of one of the most beloved pieces of the closet.

Timelessness and elegance go hand in hand in our Suite line . Discover other pieces and discover new possibilities for looks and designer dresses pakistani combinations. The color palette, the models, fit like a glove in looks that call for style and pieces aligned in the right measure.

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