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The cropped and long skirt set is excellent for any lady who wants to feel beautiful and modern.

 The cropped and long skirt set is among the biggest trends of recent decades.

Based upon the model of the pieces chosen, you can take advantage of this look for both informal and formal occasions. Because of the longer duration of the skirt, it contrasts very nicely with the blouse, making the appearance very harmonic. Have questions about how to use this combination? Have a look at some tips! The model can be determined by your style. If the notion is a more romantic look, you may choose a pleated or round skirt. However , if the intention is to write a timeless appearance, it might be worth investing in traditional pieces, in fundamental colors, such as black, white, gray and pastels. Because it’s a piece that shows the stomach, the  frock design perfect is that you put on a high-waisted skirt. This usually means that the navel has to be covered. If you want to give the impression that you are taller, the tip is to wager on a monochromatic appearance. For example: when the cropped is in lotion, the skirt will also need to be this colour.

When to wear the cropped pair and long skirt?

The way to choose the skirt? The main thing is to feel comfortable and lovely with all the selected look! Can you see how easy it’s to adhere to the style of this cropped set and long skirt? Check out other current trends on the Moda Colmeia site! Everything will depend on the selection of clothes. The elongated croppeds, that is, those that only leave a stomach line exposed, would be the best for formal surroundings. Subsequently, the versions that are more open or using a neckline combine longer with relaxed situations. One of the advantages of the cropped set and skirt is that it unites with various sneakers, which makes it easier to pick. For those who want to stretch the ideas gul ahmed shape, high heels are a terrific alternative. It is possible to wear thick, thin, open or closed heels. This last one is the most suitable choice for the most complex events. But if the circumstance is more casual, you can wear sneakers, flat sandals and even sneakers. Which shoe to wear?

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