What to wear on your winter trip – Clothes for cold and snow


In this post you will find all the tips on what to wear on your winter trip – cold and snow clothes – to ski or snowboard or to visit cities with cold weather.

To enjoy a winter trip, with or without snow, it is very important to be well wrapped up, as feeling cold is something that really changes our mood and the perception we have of the experiences.

Therefore, dressing properly is essential for you, who will come in contact with snow or cold and extreme temperatures.

I, who currently live in Sweden, learned from the local people the motto that “there is no bad climate, but only inappropriate clothes” and I started to agree with them after I adapted to live in the cold wearing the right khaadi online clothes.

So, I will share all the tips I learned while living in a cold country and also when traveling a lot in cold weather countries, so you can also enjoy the best of the season!

And in this context, it is important to note that the appropriate clothes to enjoy the snow are completely different from winter clothes in cities, as the environments are very different from each other.

Of course, this does not mean that your snow clothes cannot be used on other trips, but there are some significant differences if you are planning to play winter sports, for example.

For this reason, we have prepared a complete post with clothing tips for practicing winter sports or for any experience involving contact with snow and to access click here.


I must admit that I am not a fan of dressing with several pieces of clothing piled up and I believe that the quality of these clothes is much more important than the number of layers.

That said, I want you to keep in mind that if you use the correct thermal layers, you will not need to wear a large amount of overlapping clothing to keep warm in the winter, so be sure to follow these tips to ensure your success trip.


This is a very important layer to survive the cold and the most important thing is that the pieces are soft, breathable and above all comfortable.

For this layer, use long-sleeved blouses, long trousers that reach the ankle and some of the most suitable materials are synthetics that dry quickly or naturally, such as wool and silk.

Some materials, such as cotton, are not ideal choices, as they absorb and keep sweat, leaving the body cooler than normal.nishat linen online

I usually buy thermal clothes at the Decatlhon store, more specifically from the Wedze brand and I have always been very well protected by them.

Intermediate layers

These are important pieces, as they are supposed to be capable of natural insulation in the body already ensured by the base layer.

For the top you should choose wool, wool or cotton blouses and for the bottom, jeans, heated pants or even waterproof ski pants.


Outer layer

This is the layer that will protect you from the adversities of the weather, such as mariab rain, snow and wind and so it is extremely important!

Now that you know how to dress, follow our basic checklist of clothes for your winter trip and at the end, we will give you tips on how to save on your purchases.

What to wear on your winter trip

The coat is undoubtedly the most important item in the winter travel bag and deserves priority in your planning.

A good coat will make all the difference on your trip and although it is usually a very expensive piece, our tip is to have no pity and really invest.

Even if it is a good quality piece, you will be able to use it on other trips for many years, so the best idea is to try to buy a timeless and resistant piece.

Unsurprisingly, The North Face, Columbia, Marmott , Sorel and Mountain Warehouse are the best sportswear manufacturers.

But, I’m here to tell you that you can find good coats from not-so-popular and expensive brands, as long as you make sure your coat is:



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