Double-sided sequin fabric

Sequin is already a super shiny and flashy fabric.

But in recent years an even more brilliant variation has appeared. We are talking about the double-sided sequin fabric that started to integrate fashion clothes and accessories.

You have probably seen some fabric that changed color with your hands. This is how shiny fabric works with different colored sides .

Bringing a lot of joy and mixture of tones, the double-sided sequin can be used in several ways. Next you will see more about this fabric that is pure style.


Everything indicates that sequins appeared more than 2500 years ago BC They were not as we see today, of course, but they were like rectangular coins that were used to adorn clothes.

The sequins were a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and may even have holistic meanings, like approaching the light through the sparkles.

But it was in the 20th century that sequins began to dominate our current fashion. The bright clothes were a hit in the 80s. Pop icons used sequins and shiny fabrics in their costumes, which served to further popularize the fabric.khaadi sale

Since then, sequin has been used in many ways and in many styles of garments. It was recently that the fabric had a change that added even more shine to the compositions.

The sequins gained an extra row of shine. But what was that change?



The sequins double-sided fabric is nothing more than joining two sequins of different colors to form one. A feature that makes double-sided sequins very interesting and fun is the possibility of changing and mixing colors.

The stitching is done in such a way that when passing the hand khaadi online through the fabric, the highlighted color changes. If the double-sided sequin is black and red, then your piece can be just black, just red or a mixture of the two.

If the sequin already has several color options available, just imagine the possible combinations with all colors? The fashion of clothes and accessories was able to take advantage of the success of the double-sided sequin fabric .

It is not for nothing that from major brands to popular brands bet on double-faced sequins as an innovation. If the simple sequin was already guaranteed to arrive and be present, imagine with twice the brightness.


This is a fabric that has twice the shine of a simple sequin piece. However, it is also necessary to have double attention when combining looks with double-sided sequins.

The use of the fabric needs to follow some rules:

If the piece is made of double-sided sequin fabric, its shine will be much better seen at night.
Night parties are perfect environments to show off the fabric’s shine.
Try not to use accessories or shiny shoes with double-sided sequins to avoid overloading the look.
Bet in light colors if you want to use the fabric during the day.
There are several pieces with double-sided sequins. The best combinations are with neutral colors, stay tuned with combinations that have prints.

Now that you have seen more about double-sided sequin fabric , be sure to have a piece or accessory in your closet. Having a key piece like this is ideal for days when you want to shine and not go unnoticed.

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