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From head to toe: accessories to complete the look

The fashion accessories of the season refer to Marrakech’s imposing design and architecture. Earrings, necklaces, shoes, belts and bags show that they go beyond the trivial and transport you for unforgettable trips. And, of course, stylish!

With an ornamental signature, the jewelery abuses metals with an air of jewelery for their lavish look. In addition, the belts and bags of the time also reveal more about the details of the Red City.

On a nonstop flight from Morocco to Brazil, the special collection shows that the colorful tapestry and its hotspots , like the Majorelle Garden , make the look even more sophisticated.

Not to be overlooked is the commandment of the day, as the colored crystals, pearls and sobia nazir pendants attract looks wherever they go. Double necklaces, dangling earrings and bags with exquisite details complement the look effortlessly and are more versatile than ever.

History of accessories
Fashion accessoriesnishatlinen
Photos: Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Accessories are present in the clothing of many peoples and cultures. Since always, they have several functions that go far beyond elevating the look. In many peoples and religions, accessories serve as objects of identification and representation.

Since prehistory, accessories that at the time were made with bones, served as amulets and other mystical signs. In Ancient Egypt, the exuberant jewels marked their clothing with lots of gold and precious stones. Egyptians were pioneers in the art of creating accessories and served as inspiration for other peoples.

In some cultures like India and some African countries, accessories are part of grand khaadi online ceremonies. From weddings to religious events, grandiose necklaces with many colorful details become real attractions of the place.

When it comes to fashion, the accessories really deserve their place of honor in the visual. They are responsible for ending production and making your life easier, such as handbags, for example.

So let’s see some parts tips to give an up to the look of the day!

Fashion accessories

Earrings are some of the accessories that have been around the longest in the world of jewelry. At the top of the look, they show that size is not always a document, as the stones, colors and details make all the difference.

Asymmetry, fringes and rings are the highlights of the bijus of the time. Versatile and timeless, earrings can accompany you on many occasions and complement various styles, from casual chic to comfy .

Feminine, they steal attention to your face and illuminate you. They can still play with the production, completing the look proposal or creating an interesting counterpoint.

Fashion accessories
Photos: Reproduction and Maria Filó
The ornamental side of the accessories gains an extra dose of elegance with the necklaces. The neck and neck deserve prominence with pieces ranging from long chains to elaborate, double, colorful and ball necklaces.

Because they are in a privileged location in the field of vision, some necklaces have become real icons. The stones of Audrey Hepburn in A Little Doll of Luxury and Marilyn Monroe in Men Prefer Blondes marked an era and are still remembered today.

The Marrakech color came to the necklaces to give another life to the piece and be another item that lifted the mood. Here, we love to combine colors , so adding a necklace full of shades is the key to an even more vibrant look.

Fashion accessories

The bags, companions of all times, appear renewed and signed with a work of art. Taking your essentials with more bossa and color is the mission of the models of the season. Useful and still full of fashion information, they make your life easier, from work to happy hour.

The sizes vary, but the elegant and utilitarian side of the bags is not shaken at all. When we talk about accessories, the freedom to choose colors and textures gains even more strength, since with them, it is worth exploring all the details.

So, dare in combinations and use colorful bags with printed clothes, bags with lighter shades with other vibrant pieces. Use your creativity to let the bags reign together with the other items in the production.

X-ray of new bags
Fashion accessories

All in knitting and with an exclusive intarsia, the bag looks more like a canvas. A work of art for you to walk around and turn any occasion into an exhibition. The final finishing is due to the handles made manually with bias from the same material.

The desire for stripes migrates to the B&W bag. Because it is made of cotton canvas, its detail is made of reforestation wood. The painting? Made with water-based paint that does not harm the environment.

Fashion accessories

The shoes are not left out when giving up (literally!) The look. Especially heels, which sophisticated production in the blink of an eye. Highlight for the naturalist touch of wood and straw, which create an interesting counterpoint with the metallic touches of bijus.

And as the news is always on our radar, it’s worth bringing the white sandal to the fashion podium. Current and versatile, it lends a clean bias to any production, whatever the main color. Or even a total white look, why not?

Besides them, elaborate moorings and braids, for example, make all the difference in the look. Neutral tones finish off the composition and still streamline your life. Uncomplicate without giving up elegance!

Fashion accessories

Belt a lot! No, we didn’t write the wrong expression. The belts of the season won special touches direct from Marrakech and deserve due attention. The local architecture and the tones that recalled some spices, such as paprika, reveal a more unusual side of the accessory.

Whether to dress up dresses, skirts, pants or shorts, the belt has left its comfort zone and wants to take the top of the look. To match, there is not much mystery, but our quick and practical tip is: understand the color palette you are going to use and choose the belt.

But as the piece increasingly gains elegant and imposing touches, the reverse path can happen. Let the belt give its slogan and from there you combine the clothes.

From supporting actors to protagonists
Fashion accessories

In fact, this trick of coordinating colors, proportions and sizes applies to any accessory. They can dictate which shades and clothes you choose. The accessories not only complement the look, the pieces play an important role. And we saw that it comes from prehistory. So a good idea is to choose your handbag, shoe, jewelry and belt to later choose the pieces of clothing. How about reversing the order? They deserve!

Fashion is inspiration and ours came straight from Marrakech for the looks of the season. From accessories to clothes, try to wear pieces that tell a story, show references from somewhere, style and feel the dress in a different way. Turn the time to create your look into a special and fun moment.

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