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6 reasons to start making a Bible reading planner

How a well-organized planner can help with your devotional.

The idea of ​​making a planner is that it is an instrument to help you make the most of your time studying the word of God.

If there’s one thing that we always leave for later is to study and get to know more about God, we put countless tasks ahead of something so important, in fact only that is important, knowing the word of God you realize that nothing is necessary, besides love and God’s care for our lives.

But if you, like many people promised that this year of 2018 would read more the Bible, today’s post is special for you, we have separated 6 important tips for you to set up your study plan.

1 – Choose a time to do your devotional

To do a devotional is to be aware that you are going to an encounter with God. Thus, your devotional must be treated as a very important commitment in your life with God. Always keep in mind that you must choose the best time to do it.

Imposing a schedule for this routine will make you always available at the scheduled time, because you have made a commitment to God, and remember: He will be waiting for you!

2 – Create a playlist
Set aside time and choose songs that will make you meditate, this is part of the preparation, choose songs that make you reflect, making worship even better.

These songs you can listen to before, leave playing or after, it is up to you, the important thing here is to talk to God and be shaped by the word of Him.

3 – Make a list for prayer

Before your prayer ask for help from the Holy Spirit, because he is the one who helps us in prayer. Feel free in His presence. But don’t just depend on ES, write down what you want to intercede, whether for things or for people.

By creating a list, you end that old story for good. “But I don’t know how to pray”. And everything is easier and more practical.

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Remembering that prayer is a conversation with God it is you and Him, do not get so caught up in lists or notes, speak what your heart desires too.

4 – Choose a Bible book
It is for him that his devotional will begin and so on, others and other books will come. The Bible is the oldest book in the world, it is incredible, there we find true stories of men and women of God, in which they were honored for their love and fear of the Lord.

But it also scares how a book can contain all the commandments and the word of God, as it is the only book that we can take all the teaching for a lifetime. But the fact is that we usually don’t know where to start, and we are done with that old habit of opening the Bible in any passage, almost “in luck”.

But that feeling tends to pass, as you study and become more intimate with the word of God.

What you need to keep in mind is that the Bible is the way in which God speaks to us.

A book suggestion for those who are starting to read the Bible is to read the 4 gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

5 – Memorize frock design
We know that we cannot always count on memory, and studying the word is no different. The Bible is our manual of life. So for you to be successful in this walk with God and your study, memorize Bible verses, start with the smallest ones and gradually increase.

Everything we do for a long time is proven to create a habit, so when you least expect it you will be cracked in several verses, and if you ever need a situation you will remember.

6 – Write why it is so important to do a devotional

We talk a lot here about how our memory deceives us. Man has a crazy ability to forget, some many others not so much.

But if you want to make a habit of reading the Bible, you need to write it every day. Today you can be sure that you will do a devotional throughout this year,

but at some point it may turn out to be not as interesting as it was in the beginning, and make other activities more attractive to you.

By writing and rereading your motives daily, you will keep them alive in your memory ideas gul ahmed!

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