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Green evening dress makes you more luxurious on important occasions

If trends and colors vary with the seasons and desires, we must recognize that green is one of those colors that remain timeless. Without being flashy, it is a shade that is not dull either and has made a place of honor in the very closed universe of timeless colors. Nevertheless, the elegant tree remains a real challenge that is not necessarily within everyone’s reach. It is precisely for this reason that through this article we invite you to discover the best ways to wear the green evening dress .

The advantages of going green
Fir Green Mermaid Off The Shoulder Applique Lace Evening Dress With Embroidered Train
Fir green mermaid evening dress with bardot neck floral lace applique and exquisite jewelry
Endowed with a luminous and radiant hue, green is generally khaadi  associated with the brilliance of the precious stone which evokes since antiquity the beauty and the rebirth as well as the sophistication and the luxury, in many cultures and religions. Often linked to the notion of hope, wealth or abundance, it also has negative connotations such as jealousy, anger, envy, illness which make it often shunned. Nevertheless, it guarantees without a shadow of a doubt a great classic elegance, ideal for evening dresses which has earned it today its status as a luxurious and timeless shade.

The art of being sublime in a green evening dress
Mermaid Pine Green Long Evening Dress with Jeweled Waist Floral Lace Cape
Long pine green mermaid dress with detachable lace cape & golden accessory
If green has conquered the hearts of true fashionistars, it is simply because of its ability to combine simplicity and glamor to create original and luxurious looks. For the most timid and especially not to make mistakes of taste. When choosing accessories for a green evening dress, consider the “color temperature” of the hue. Shades of green, close to yellow, look good with accessories of warm hues. The same shades in which there is more blue tone, it is better to combine with additions of cool tones. Daringly and unexpectedly combines with green dresses, accessories of contrasting colors, so you can use red accessories.

Simple Green Empire Strapless Draped Long Evening Dress
Green evening dress on sale: € 82.21
But monochrome models based on green, stylists do not advise. The abundance of green will make a woman look like a lively tree. Therefore, the green as a whole, in addition to the dress, there can be only one thing. For example, a belt, bag or shoes.

Remember, the model wearing the dress you like in the magazine might (or probably) not khaadi summer sale have the same physique as yours. Your green evening dress must absolutely adapt to your body type : Show your strengths, hide your flaws.

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