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Whether you are a young girl, barely out of puberty or a young woman of about 30 years old, the vast majority of women of our generation have for the most part been rocked by TV heroines with whom they identify and who They make them fantasize especially in terms of clothing. Who has never dreamed of wearing a princess dress like Cinderella, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty? Beyond the fairy tale characters, it is real characters such as Sissi the Empress, Madame de Pompadour or the Marquises of Versailles who make others dream; and precisely the ball gives you the opportunity, the time of an evening to also be a princess. If wearing a princess dress, which is the perfect replica of that of our heroines may seem a little out of date these days, we can still take inspiration from it to be a modern-day princess at a ball. This is exactly what Persun offers you with its new collection of ball gowns.
green princess ball gown off shoulder lace appliquedThe ball is a prestigious event for which the dress code is formal, elegant and refined. We do not therefore skimp on the means to appear more beautiful than ever. To do this, you already have to know how to choose the perfect ball gown but also know how to wear it in an elegant and glamorous way. You don’t have to be a nishat linen celebrity to look stunning in a princess ball gown. You just have to choose a cut that fully matches your body type, so that it can highlight your assets. We play moderately on extravagance to keep the chic attitude inherent in an event such as the ball. We can also play with its sensuality and femininity, through discreet sexy details to sublimate the final look, without however risking falling into vulgarity.

Persun has on its site, a very wide range of princess dresses, in a variety of designs and colors, ideal for making a splash at a ball. But her latest collection highlights dress cuts with clean lines, which combine contemporary classicism and modern-day sophistication for a chic-contemporary look. Beyond the choice of materials which are very refined, the site surfs on shimmering color palettes, which arouses wonder and creates an original look. For example, we offer you this majestic red dress with a V-neck, featuring a bustier entirely covered with rhinestones, which is a real crush.

If the red seems too obvious to you why not stay in the same spirit, by opting for this one below, in emerald green color with the round neckline also equipped with a bustier covered with rhinestones and sequins.

For a much more formal look but imbued with incredible class, we suggest this sumptuous navy blue dress with an illusion bardot collar, to be embellished with a jeweled necklace.


On all occasions, women must be beautiful. The idea has more imperative meaning when it comes to an event such as a prom, where the appearance should be neat and elegant. Oh yes ladies, you owe it to yourself to be well dressed. To do this, start choosing the color of your ball gown, the rest will follow. The options in this direction are varied, but for a charming and irresistible khaadi sale effect, bet on a blue ball gown .

High-Low Strapless Heart Ball Gown

If you want to feel beautiful and radiant, the blue ball gown is one of the most ingenious idea of ​​adornment. Indeed, it is a piece that by its brilliance will draw attention to you. Blue is a soft, shiny color that is generally popular with everyone. Appreciated for its refreshing side, it represents privilege, tranquility and confidence. It is partly because of these attributes that it is widely adopted for chic occasions. However, with a ball gown, the value and the charm of blue are felt more. A blue ball gown will therefore set you apart from the crowd, and make you feel even more valued. It is a bright and expressive outfit recommended if you aspire to intensely play the cards of elegance, aesthetics and glamor.

Princess Strapless Organza Ball Gown Azurin Strapless Heart Jeweled

The blue prom dress will make you look great with a touch of sexy, depending on the model chosen. Its long version, for example, would be an elegant and classy choice. It could be close to the body and highlight your figure, for a glamorous and seductive effect. The short-sized ball gown will take care of enhancing your legs and the curves of your body. A strapless sweetheart or straight dress is sure to enhance your appearance as it is so classy. Given the strong tendency of blue to shine, its association with satin or muslin gives an absolutely satisfactory result. Of course, you may prefer other fabrics as your scope is wide enough for this purpose.

Blue slit prom dress

On you will find models of blue ball gowns that could suit you. The strapless azurine organza jeweled strapless princess ball gown is one of them, as is the blue wrap dress V-neck wrap dress with strappy neck.


Got to go to a ball and struggling to choose what to wear? Don’t panic, these are things that happen, often because of the wide variety of options offered by this category of outfits. However, we will guide you so that you can get the best out of the lot and be the most beautiful possible. So what if you tried on a sexy ball gown ?

Bodycon Evening Dress with Strapless Neck with Front Slit

For your own image and to stay in line with this type of celebration, you owe it to yourself to be all dapper when you are invited to a ball. By deciding to put on a sexy ball gown , you will have made a choice worthy of praise. Indeed, it is a remarkable piece, which will undoubtedly give you visibility through the charm with which it will fill you. It is very feminine and remains ideal to suggest in all decency your sublime silhouette. Sensational and elegant, this outfit has a chic side that seduces. If it can boast of giving allure and class to your clothing, its absolutely glamorous side does not fail to arouse admiration.

Shiny Mermaid Evening Dress with Neckline Back

The sexy ball gown is recommended if you want to show off and seduce yourself. Exquisite and refined, it can be short or long, always offering something special and original whatever the size. When fitted with a slit in its long form, or limited to the knee in its short version, it offers a view of your legs, the charm of which is emphasized more when they are placed on pumps. The sexy ball gown is an adornment with a fine texture and excellently combines elegance and sexy, regardless of its shapes and details. She is the reference when you want to provoke desires and focus attention on you and your figure that she refines with care and delicacy.

Long asymmetric mauve evening dress

Another effect of this dress is the luxurious character with which it overwhelms your style, especially if the fabric used for its making allows for beautiful sewing effects. Various models of this prom set abound on for your greatest happiness. When you take a look, you’ll see enough to admit it was worth the effort.


When the opportunities for going out present themselves, women become as demanding as the fashion police. We can easily understand this behavior because in no case should we take a wrong step. However, when it comes to wedding or prom, they go beyond the search for the simple pretty dress to dwell on the details that can influence obtaining the perfect dress. A ball gownin addition to having to be as spectacular as possible, it must also be charming, classy, ​​chic and pleasing to the eye. It is this last characteristic that has an impact on the choice of color, which must be done with taste and precision. All young women may opt for feminine colors such as pink or fuchsia, but at a ball it will be to your advantage to charm with a blue ball gown. Why ? Here are the reasons.

Princess Strapless Organza Ball Gown Azurin Strapless Heart Jeweled

The color blue is one of the most popular with the public as it is pleasant to look at in all its shades and more precisely when it is found on the ideal dress. To get you noticed positively, the blue ball gown is a good choice since many women do not adopt it often. After all, in addition to beauty, it is a matter of course to strive for originality. The charm and the distinguished allure provided by the blue ball gown will make you the star of the evening. To help you choose the dress that will make you the queen of the ball, Persun offers three models from its ball gown collection .

Red chiffon empire strapless ball gown with rhinestones

First you have the A-Line Strapless Ball Gown Embellished with Chiffon Rhinestones. Designed in a flowing model long to the floor, this dress in cyan blue hue is sleeveless. It is indeed a bustier dress with sweetheart neckline and adorned lawn frock design with a multitude of jewels precisely at the level of the chest. For a modern and stylish young lady, this dress would make a perfect prom outfit.

Short Blue Ball Gown Toggle Style Tencel Embroidered Straps

Then find the short blue ball gown rocker style in Tencel embroidered strap. Thanks to its unconventional shape, its open back as well as its sequin and pearl embroidery, you can be sure to have a young and flirtatious look. There is nothing better than this dress to live a frenzied evening with friends.

Blue Prom Dress Wrap Slit V Neck With Strappy Neck

Finally, we present to you the blue prom dress split wrap V-neck with strap at the neck. This dress will sublimate your curves through its mermaid shape while highlighting your chest thanks to its sexy V neckline adorned with jewels. With either of these blue prom dresses, you are sure to have the ball of your dreams with you as the star of the event.


The ball gown is a singular piece as evidenced by its complex structure which provides a sophisticated allure. It is very classy and the designers are rigorous on this aspect, because the ball requires an outfit that is both imposing and impressive. Thus, to go to a ball, it is advisable to wear an outfit which puts you in scene and whose cut presents a certain originality. To find such a piece, you just have to consult the online store and you will be dazzled by the different models of dresses intended for the ball. The cuts are diverse and in terms of size you will find mostly long prom dresses. However, if you are not a fan of full coverage outfits, you will also find short ball gowns that will make you look regal as well.

strapless dress
These different pieces come in several colors, so you can choose your prom dress in the shade that suits you best. Several sizes are also available and tailoring is an option available to you if you want a fully personalized ball gown. In order to give you a taste of the obvious beauty of the different dresses that you will find on, we will present three models of prom dresses available on this online store.

Strapless Pleated Ruched Taffeta Ball Gown
Find the ruched pleated taffeta strapless ball gown . It is a sleeveless dress with a strapless neckline. It is arched high and adjusts properly to the figure. After the waist, it flares out, giving birth to a puffy skirt that goes down to the floor. This piece is adorned with jewels and then made into a lining. It incorporates a bra and has been made with a combination of tulle and taffeta.

Short blue ruched ball gown with strap around the neck
You can also choose the blue ruched short prom dress with strap around the neck here . This dress has a simple cut but will give you a look that is both sexy and sophisticated. It has a round neckline and has no sleeves. It stops at the knee so as to highlight your shapely legs. It has a comfortable bra, and muslin is the fabric used to make it.


Dresses, there are various kinds, and they are an essential symbol of feminine elegance. Strapless dress, low-cut, skater, short in front of long behind; the cuts are innovative and therefore create the conditions for a refined adornment. But besides the classic models of dresses that we know, there are now some that can be extended or reduced, all thanks to a detachable train. The concept started out in bridal fashion, but increasingly incorporates evening, prom and cocktail fashion. If you therefore want an outfit that offers you a choice for its size, the detachable train dress will be quite up to your expectations. Very practical, it can be modeled according to whether you want a sensual or ceremonial look. You will find such a piece on the site, and many others that will not leave you indifferent. We will already present to you here, a model designed to make you beautiful like never before. Discover women infatuated with elegance, theshort blue rhinestone ruched dress with detachable train .

Blue Ruched Rhinestone Detachable Train Mini Dress
If you are looking for originality in dress style, this dress is simply for you. It has a single sleeve leaving one shoulder uncovered to dedicate the sexy. Sheath-shaped, it stays close to the body then has a mid-thigh length. At the level of the chest and the waist, it is embellished with rhinestones which makes its texture sparkling and engaging. This piece is ruched, thus presenting pretty folds over its entire extent. It comes with a detachable train that merges well with the original cut. The train can be placed to have a kind of short dress in front of long behind, or removed to just keep mid-thigh length. The short blue rhinestone ruched dress with detachable train has been crafted with elastic satin and then incorporates a bra that will fit perfectly on your chest.

Blue Ruched Rhinestone Detachable Train Mini Dress
Although the model is shown in blue, you can get it in other colors. These are also available on the platform and you just have to select the ideal shade to enhance your silhouette. In addition, the dress is available in several sizes ranging from 32 to 50 and tailor-made is possible if you wish to make changes to the initial structure. With us, you will always be the center of attention when you go out.


In women’s fashion, there are several types of dresses and each of them is appropriate for specific occasions or events. However, there are certain dress names which bring together a few of these various types of clothing and the choice can be made depending on the event in question. Thus, the formal dress is one of the most versatile pieces in women’s fashion. It comes in various cuts and generally includes, the evening dress , cocktail , prom , and even the wedding dress .

If you have a ceremony in sight, the ceremony dress remains the ideal outfit for the occasion but you must still adopt it taking into account the event. This dress has a multitude of models, and displays a harmonious and original design, but it is clear that the prices set are not always within the reach of many women. They are therefore constantly looking for physical or online stores that offer the ceremony dress at a reduced price . If you are, have no worries because we have exactly what you are looking for.


We provide you with the cheap ceremony dress in all its diversity and as its name indicates so well, you can get it at a low price. You will find with us asymmetrical dresses, with ornaments, open back, pleats, strapless, neckline, and many other trendy models as well as dresses of various colors, pink , red , blue , yellow , black , green , purple …

color idea & inspiration for formal ceremony dress
A large palette for your ceremony dress!

All these pieces have been cut to give you a delicate look, and you will not go unnoticed during your outings. The ceremony dress is a quality garment although it is at a reduced price. It is available in several sizes so whatever your type of morphology, you can have it without difficulty. If you want it to be personalized, do not hesitate to ask us for a custom order and rest assured, the price is also interesting and easy to pay.


We have planned a wide variety of colors and fabrics which gives you a good margin of maneuver. You will only have to make your choice according to your preferences and obtain the chosen dress within a reasonable time. Come explore the cheap formal dress in all its vastness and plurality with us, and you will enjoy a happy shopping. In addition to the elegance and the obvious charm of each model, you will undoubtedly be impressed by the prices set because we have really done everything to ensure that you make your purchase without any kind of difficulty. Join us, to find out for yourself.

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