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Looks to wear with sneakers: inspirations for everyday life

Anyone who thinks that the Christian woman is always wearing heels or sneakers is totally wrong.

Tennis is a modern and super comfortable shoe, and is increasingly present in our daily lives, composing charming and unpretentious looks.

The sneaker is the perfect alternative to create cool and youthful compositions , as it has a casual and sporty footprint that goes very well in casual looks. But don’t stop there: women’s sneakers are also capable of adapting to the most tidy looks, breaking the chic look and creating a new style.

Thus, footwear works very well for any occasion. And you know what is better? It is the perfect key to a cool and cool look.

To learn how to create looks to use with sneakers, follow the reading and see our tips and inspirations. Thus, it will be much easier to decide what the next composition will be.

Tips for combining sneakers with clothing easily

It may seem difficult to create looks with this type of shoes and not look sloppy, but it is not. On the contrary, composing different productions with women ‘s sneakers is very simple, just a little creativity and good taste.

The most important thing in this whole story is to attend to your personal style and personality, after all, we like to convey our principles in dress , don’t we? Whether you are romantic, urban or simply attentive to trends, you can adapt the items to your look.

The suggestion is to bet on sneakers with neutral colors , like white, black or nude, which go well with any composition. In addition, it is worth choosing those models that are on the rise, as is the case with the classic All Star, Vans and Keds – which offer versatile and timeless options.

Pay attention to the colors and patterns of the clothes, always trying to combine the details so that the final result is harmonious.

If you are going to wear a printed dress, with various colors and patterns, bet on a flat shoe;
If you are going to use a patterned sneaker, opt for a plain dress;
Dresses with delicate elements are perfect with white sneakers;
Bet on high-top sneakers if the goal is to create a shortening effect;
To lengthen the silhouette, bet on a monochromatic look; rang rasiya lawn

Inspirations of female looks with sneakers
Now, the long-awaited moment has come: to see the inspirations we love so much! You will notice that the look you least expected looks just amazing with sneakers. There, it will be much simpler to create and recreate differentiated compositions .

This is the easiest combination to work!

The end result is basically a charming , feminine, delicate and unpretentious look, the way we love it. Opt for pieces with stripped mood, made in simple fabric, such as mesh or jeans. The good news is that you can choose from several types of trim in this production, be it more fluid or structured.

With this length, it is possible to bet on a high-top sneaker quietly, without fear of compromising the look.

foto blog moda evangelica look com tenis 06 easy resize com

Midi dress + sneakers
The midi is just perfect with tennis ! That’s because it unites two super current trends in one look. You can choose any type of fabric, print or trim, but the plain or striped knit midi dress is one of the favorites to use with sneakers, after all, both items have the same mood: both are trendy, cool and stripped.

Bet on a low-top sneaker and, if possible, with a platform. Thus, it is possible to lengthen the silhouette and give a touch of elegance to the production.

foto blog moda evangelica look com tenis 05 easy resize

Short skirt + sneakers
Did you know that tennis is also perfect with the short skirt? This harmonization works basically like the dress, but with a blouse to complement. In this case, the tip is to combine the color of the sneakers with the color palette that makes up the look, whether in details or prints.

short skirt foto blog moda evangelica look com tenis easy satrangi

Midi skirt + sneakers
Look at that charming look! The harmony of the midi skirt with blouse and sneakers is ideal for discreet women who do not neglect fashion trends.

foto blog moda evangelica look com tenis 02 easy resize com

foto blog moda evangelica look com tenis 03 easy resize com

Long skirt + Sneakers
And whoever thought it was not possible to wear a long skirt with sneakers , look at some inspirations that prove that it is possible to make this combination!
foto blog moda evangelica look com tenis 04 easy resize com

In short, with the skirt, there are more possibilities to innovate in different productions, leaving your look with your face rang rasiya lawn!

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