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These models are welcome, as they are more stripped and lighter

For those who, even on the hottest days, do not give up wearing pants in their looks to work, the businesswoman suggests betting on pantacourt, which has a shorter length than usual. he says.

This type of garment was already out and about in winter , combined with medium boots and boots. Here the recommendation is to combine it with a flat shoe or a high-heeled sandal, to make the look even more modern.

As the options with pantacourt are diverse, it is possible to escape from a look stuck to solid colors and traditional black pants. If there is a more flexible dress code in the place where you work, why not choose colored or even patterned pants? For casual Friday, a denim pantacourt can also help you escape the heat.

Despite being more informal, the shirts can be ideal for the looks for work and combine with other pieces

The t-shirt is a wild card for all seasons and comes with a similar function to the race: match everything! “Bet on the cotton ‘t-shirts’, as it is a light and natural fabric, which goes well in several combinations”, recommends Cláudia.

In addition to being versatile, t-shirts never go out of style and it is no challenge to put rang rasiya lawn together looks to work with them. Thus, it is also possible to vary the choice of fabric and colors, in the same way as other types of blouses for everyday life. Even t-shirts with phrases or prints can be useful in a less formal situation.

And, believe me, it is possible to escape the combo “shirt and jeans” combining the piece with other options, such as midi skirts and pantacout – yes, the models we mentioned earlier. In this case, the bet is for a “casual chic” look.

Overalls are great looks to work with because, in addition to being elegant, they are practical and of lighter fabrics

Just like pantacourt pants, overalls are pieces that are pumping in this nishat linen online fashion season and, of course, on the hottest days. In addition, they are elegant enough for a day at the office, but also ideal for that happy hour at the end of the week.

Whether with print or vibrant or solid colors, just choose the model that goes with your style and combine with accessories, such as necklaces and earrings, and shoes to finish the look the way it looks most at your workplace.

“The overalls are synonymous with sophistication and bring an air of lightness to the looks to work that are the face of summer. If it is ‘casual friday’ and depending on the style of the garment, it is even worth combining it with a sneaker. made of lightweight fabric and light, it is ideal for hot weather! ”, concludes Claudia.


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