you noticed how colors can move you ?

Whether looking at the sky and feeling infinite peace, or entering places with red colors and suddenly you can start to feel hungry … Or have you ever imagined yourself in a completely black house? Thinking about this experience is not the best, is it?

Each color can awaken a feeling, and it acts in different ways under our body. Therefore, there is chromotherapy, a therapeutic practice that uses colors to treat physical and emotional conditions.

What is chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is a therapeutic treatment that uses the seven colors of the rainbow , in addition to pink . Each color has a different property and vibration, which can cause healing or calming effects, because in addition to our vision, our body and body also absorbs the energies of a color.

The use of colors in medicine is a very old practice, sunlight and colors were used by the Egyptians for healing since 2800 BC This technique has been recognized by the sobia nazir World Health Organization since 1976, as one of the main complementary therapies. With the advancement of technology, this exercise has been studied in more depth.

How to use colors to your advantage in quarantine?

Each color can awaken a feeling in us, be it bringing calm, concentration, energy, balance, arousing desire, creativity among other emotions.

At this moment, when we are in social isolation, we can use colors as a benefit, through clothes or home decor. Therefore, understanding the reactions of each color, we bring here the meaning of some of them, for you to apply it to your daily life.

What feeling do you want to awaken in yourself and your environment?nishatlinen

The red color increases energy, is known as the color of conquest, passion, sexuality, and in chromotherapy this color provides vitality and adrenaline, helping in the functioning of the heart, as it activates blood circulation. It is important to be careful when putting red in the decoration of the house, especially in bedrooms and living room, as it can end up leaving the person very agitated.

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Blue the color of the sea, when looking at the sea and sky it is impossible not to feel calm. And in chromotherapy, blue has precisely these calming and tranquilizing properties. This color, operates in the body, nervous and muscular system, bringing calm and harmony, helping to fight stress, improving sleep quality. So, here’s a tip, if you’re thinking about redecorating the room, you can invest in blue!

Yellow is a vibrant color that works on the central nervous system, the color acts on the mind and increases creativity, in addition to improving mood. When thinking about yellow, the smile already radiates, isn’t it? In addition, in nishatlinen color therapy this color helps people who are more introverted. On sunny days, it is impossible not to open that smile, so to brighten the day, invest in yellow!

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