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Looks by Fernanda Paes Leme: know her bets

One of the things we like most here is talking to women who are protagonists of real life and learn more about their lives, tastes and, of course, about fashion. Well, our delicious chat this time is with Fernanda Paes Leme. The presenter and actress has a close connection with the fashion world and conscious habits.

Fepa, as it is known there, was the host of the live shop of our spring collection.

Together with our style team, he showed the looks of the season. Passionate about fashion, she wasted no time and chose her darling productions to flower her days even more.

Your bets reflect your style, eclectic, versatile and full of information. Therefore, from sets to embroidery, we already say that the presenter’s choices go through several moments and in all of them the wild pieces are at the top.

Without further ado, let’s check out the nice conversation we had with Fernanda and find out what looks she will steal the show this season!

Fernanda Paes Leme looks

Inside the style of Fernanda Paes Leme
“It is very difficult for us to define ourselves. I think that more and more this is out. You can’t choose a style because of the many possibilities we have. When we see a collection with endless possibilities for styles, colors, it makes me want to have a little bit of everything. I’m very eclectic, versatile. My sign, Gemini, says a little of that. My choices range from prints to the most tidy, classic. You look and think, ‘Would these clothes all be for the same person?’khaadi online

I think it’s great to see a collection that has these infinite possibilities for those who like all styles.

So I never get bored. From my choices, you can see that I like a pair of pants, a set. But above all, they show that I am versatile. After all, I can take the shirt of my choice and wear it with other pants. This makes one piece become several others, with infinite possibilities ”.


What makes you bloom?
“It makes me bloom here. To work. Having conquered such a beautiful space in people’s imagination through my art and also a place in the market, as a professional, as a woman, as someone who has not only something to show, but to speak. Being one of the rang rasiya  spokespersons for an event like this, in the midst of so many market difficulties, undoubtedly makes me flourish ”.

Our collection is an invitation to flourish our many versions. What are Fernanda’s versions blooming now?
“Fernanda who works, adapts to new conditions. Fernanda who mobilizes more for the other. I participate in a food delivery campaign for people in vulnerable situations and that made me flourish. Not in a vain way, but useful. I have been to the field less often, for reasons of time, but I have done what I can. This version of Fernanda enriched me a lot ”.


Each of us has an inner garden. We keep our own oases in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What are your oases, your private havens?
“I collect oases depending on what I need. Rio de Janeiro is an emotional oasis, I lived and lived with many things that have done me well for years. São Paulo, for example, is my family oasis and Salvador is my soul oasis. I am currently dreaming of revisiting Salvador ”.

The Florir collection talks about private retreats and small pleasures. What little pleasures do you not give up?
“A brigadeiro in the pot. Marathon a series. Spend a day doing nothing. These are things that feed my internal    khaadi online pleasures ”.


About the Florir collection
Flowering is about cultivating, caring, waiting. Not only to observe the changes, but also to absorb the beauty. Interpret nature with your eyes, respect the wisdom of time.

Inspired by the culture and art of the Majorelle Garden, we understand that we are a profusion of references and stories. Each of us has an inner garden. You, for example, can surely keep a world of beauty, pleasures, paradises within the memory, of your dreams.

We keep our own oases in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We are living works in motion, ready to flourish our many versions. Therefore, allow yourself to learn over time, improve, mature and explore your style. From life to fashion, from the inside out.

Spring knocks on the door. Open and open to new colors, shapes, desires. Enjoy the possibilities of the season that begins and spread lightness wherever you go.

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