Natural Beauty You don’t have to go far to discover inspiring stories from women entrepreneurs.

A fantastic portion of Brazilian businesswomen have an unbelievable trajectory – that deserves to be understood by you. Check out! Having an entrepreneurial vision and focused on encouraging female power, Trajano transformed Magazine Luiza into one of the biggest companies in Brazil. For this, the businesswoman claims that it was decisive to be an optimistic person, who does not complain about problems and is always willing to learn. After working for several years as a salesman in the family business, she took over her uncles’ furniture shop in the 1990s. Zica assis natural beauty Mônica Burgos is a fantastic example it is possible to change professions and be prosperous. When she realized that the legislation was no more that which made her happy, she transferred from Bahia to Rio de Janeiro to study Fashion. They’re smart, strategic and have come a long way in their careers.

Whether they established their own business or improved a family business, these girls entrepreneurs are inspiring.

Former maid and nanny, Zica Assis has always worn black hair. But for many decades, because of the demands of these directors, she had been made to conceal him, although she loved him. At 21, after shooting a hairdressing course, the young girl decided that she needed a specific product for her locks. 2. When it comes to women entrepreneurs, most people immediately think of Luiza Helena Trajano. But do you know how it started? Thus, Avatim was born, an extremely successful flavoring franchise. As she said in Many interviews, after discovering what she wanted, the entrepreneur realized that her courage was greater than her fear, so that she never stopped 3  For those who are starting a job today, it’s interesting to know the history of these businesswomen. See how they became successful and what lessons rang rasiya lawn you can learn from it! Zica assis natural beauty 1. After much research and with the support of his family, Assis was able to create a new product for hair relaxation. Thus, the Beauty Natural brand was born, which completely altered the self-esteem of girls with curly hair. Despite three kids who demanded his affection and attention, Burgos was not discouraged. Until, during the course, she realized there was a difference in the market: that of olfactory advertising.

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