Regardless of the dimensions of your business, there are some products that are indispensable in any clothing store that has the desire to have satisfied and loyal customers.

They are those pieces of clothing that, fashion goes and fashion comes, always sell well

– like, for example, jeans, a universal product!

But it is also important to know the ideal proportion of each type of garment to have in your store, since no shopkeeper wants to see garments getting stuck on the shelves, is that right?

Have any questions? Do not worry: we prepared this post especially to tell you what are the pieces that can not miss in your clothing store and how not to make mistakes when composing your product mix. Continue your reading and check it out!

Denim is one of the most popular fabrics in the world. We can find it in the most rang rasiya lawn varied pieces, in the most varied tones, washes and modeling.

In addition, as they are universal pieces that go well with just about everything, they are easily combined in different looks, which helps your store to sell other pieces to accompany the jeans chosen by the customer.

Next, check out the indispensable Jeans in any clothing store:

1. Jeans

Whether winter or summer, jeans are strongly present in the daily lives of Brazilians. So it is a piece that can never be missing from your store.

Always try to have different models and styles of jeans and in the most varied sizes.

2. Short Jeans

This piece became the great companion of Brazilian women in the summer, being another piece that, during the hottest times of the year, can never be missing.

And here the same rule applies to jeans: always try to have different styles and models available, in the most varied sizes.

3. Bermuda Jeans

If your clothing store sells a lot to the male audience, denim shorts should also be on the shelves in your store. However, as this piece is not a wild card among men, it is necessary to pay attention to your audience so as not to make mistakes and bet too much on them.

Try creating combinations of these pieces with cooler T-shirts, short-sleeved shirts (more stripped), assemble belted and belted looks and with the right shoes, like loafers, boat shoes and canvas or leather sneakers that go well with the summer .

With women’s shorts you also need to be a little careful. Purchase a limited quantity and, as you leave, replace the parts on your shelves.

4. Denim Skirts

With the revival of the 90s and so many fashions of those years coming back, it is clear that denim skirts would not be left out.

This is a piece that should not be missing in your store during the spring and summer, but, since the return of this style is still a bit timid, the ideal is to have a small stock and replenish it as the product sells.

5. Jeans Shirts

This piece, which until some time ago was exclusively male, gained the taste of women. It is a very interesting piece to have in the store, especially in the colder times of the year.

It can be combined in the most different ways, both in male and female looks.

6. Denim jackets
Denim jacket can’t be missing in your store!

Winter goes and winter comes, the denim jackets remain firm, undergoing only a few changes in the look from time to time. So, in the winter, don’t miss this piece in your store!

Have different models and with different shades, valuing the variety on your shelves.

7. Denim Overalls

This is a piece that occasionally gains popularity. Due to their practicality and their relaxed style, gardeners are the preference of a more youthful and cool crowd.

If your store sells well to this audience, it is worth investing in some models of bibs, otherwise, just a few pieces will be enough.

Knitwear is another product that sells very well in clothing stores, especially in the summer, as it is an elegant, light and fresh fabric.

An advantage is that they can be combined very well not only with Jeans, but with an infinity of other types of fabrics.

Check out some knitwear that you can’t miss in your clothing store:

8. T-shirts and Baby Looks

This is the kind of garment that can never be missing in a clothing store.

They tend to sell well in both winter and summer and are almost as universal as jeans.

So, take a look at the variety of T-shirts and baby looks in your store, with different models, prints, necklines and colors – without forgetting the most basic ones, of course.

9. Blouses

This is another type of piece that should never be missing from your store. And the good thing is that, when they are sold, it is in greater quantity. Hardly a woman enters a store and leaves only with a blouse.

So it is very important to have, in addition to quantity, variety – and quality too, of course.

Invest in pieces of various cuts, necklines, colors, modeling, details and so on. By having a variety of blouses in your store you will not be wrong, as they are pieces used by both the younger and more mature audience and can be combined in the most diverse looks!

10. Dresses

Dresses are another darling piece of women, especially those younger and those with a more feminine style. So it is interesting to always have some dress models in your store – from the shortest to the longest.

But evaluate your audience well to not make mistakes. There are dresses of the most different styles, it is very interesting to know your audience to make the right choices and not be left standing on the shelves.

How much to have of each type of these pieces in the clothing store?

Throughout the text, we mention that some types of clothing deserve a little more space on the shelves of your clothing store than others, as they are pieces that tend to sell much more easily.

However, another point that should be taken into account when investing in a variety of products and thinking about quantity is the space available in your store. In other words, the larger the square footage of the store, the more freedom you have to expand your product mix.

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