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What to wear with a women’s jeans shirt to put together 6 amazing looks!

Jeans, or denim, is a textile with a lot of history in the fashion world:

created for the world of work, it took on different facets and was used in different pieces. The best known, of course, are pants and skirts.

The women’s denim shirt , however, is nothing new. It was already used in the 1950s and, for a long time, it remained relatively forgotten. In recent seasons, however, it has made a triumphant return, appearing in fashion editorials around the world as a featured piece.

Today’s topic is exactly that wonderful piece that makes up incredible looks , but that sometimes leaves us in doubt about how to use it and combine it. The purpose of this post is to introduce you to 6 possibilities that the denim shirt provides, and to show that wearing it is much simpler than you think.

Come on?

Blouse or denim shirt: 6 pieces to match

The women’s denim shirt is nothing more than a super classic tailoring model, in one of the most basic and democratic fabrics in the world. This combo is pure versatility!

This is one of the reasons why the piece is so loved: it goes well with everything and everyone! Combining it is easy, but we know that no one denies a little inspiration. Next, we put together the best looks that incorporate the feminine jeans shirt in evangelical fashion . Check out! mariab

1. Denim shirt and pleated skirt

Like our darling shirt, the pleated skirt is also a strong trend. Elegant, feminine and super sophisticated, it composes chic looks without any effort. The informality of the denim shirt complements its formal features, modernizing the look.

Have you ever thought about combining a pleated midi skirt with stoned denim shirt and sneakers? The look is a combination of styles that works super well and is very comfortable.

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2. Denim skirt with denim blouse

This combination was, for a long time, considered a fashion mistake: joining jeans with jeans ? Never! Impossible.

It seems that this statement has been overlooked in the past. It has been a few seasons since the “ all jeans ” looks won the catwalks and were marked by the modernity and youthful air they transmit.

The denim skirt , which has already established itself as an icon of evangelical fashion, is super versatile, basic and comfortable. Therefore, it is present in most of our looks. Combined with a shirt made of the same fabric, the well-known skirt gains a whole new face, modern and young as the trend.

The look can be monochromatic , with shirt and skirt in the same color and washing jeans. As you already know, using upper and lower parts in the same color creates an impression of stretching the silhouette. To intensify the effect, bet on shoes with nude color heels.

But, if you want, feel free to join jeans pieces of different colors ! The look is super fun and much cooler. Want to accessorize? The blue jeans look amazing with golden pieces, like bracelets and necklaces.

blog post denim shirt khaadi online

3. Shirt with applications and pencil skirt

Do you have an important dinner? Why not invest in a denim shirt with stone appliqués and a black pencil skirt? The contrast with the jeans, plus the applications and the black of the skirt create a very elegant and charming result, ideal for the night.

To complement the look with a golden key, bet on a tall nude or black shoe that leaves the instep free; thus, it will result in a silhouette stretching effect . Choose a handbag, and it’s ready!

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4. Denim shirt with tie and godê skirt

Believe it or not, but the combination of a tie-down denim shirt and a skirt is really wonderful. If you’ve never tried it, it’s time to test it. Our tip, to make the look more modern, is to opt for a printed godê skirt.

How about a light blue denim shirt with martingale and a flowered skirt? The mixture of light jeans with the colorful floral print of the skirt causes a cheerful effect to the look and makes it super modern. Here is a great tip for an unpretentious occasion, such as lunch or coffee with friends.

The mooring is a very current detail that has taken over women’s blouses. With this look suggestion, you can go from work for a walk with your friends without any problems. Ah! Don’t forget the accessories.

blog post tie shirt jeans

5. Denim shirt with blazer

This mixture is incredible for more formal situations, such as the work environment, corporate lunches and events, meetings and the like. But it is not a rule. Remember: when it comes to clothing, anything is possible, as long as the pieces are adapted and combined correctly.

Do you want to modernize the combination? Choose elongated modeling blazers on the bar , with influences from male tailoring. They stretch the trunk and lengthen the silhouette. To complete the look, invest in our long-remembered black pencil skirt, a good watch and a maxi purse.

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blog post shirt jeas blazer

6. Denim skirt with leather pieces

Jeans are a stripped-down fabric by nature. Its color, washing and even its participation in the history of fashion communicate joviality, lightness and relaxation.

Leather, in turn, is a noble and heavy material that communicates seriousness and tradition. The contrast of these two very different elements can create a unique effect full of fashion information!

How about wearing the all jeans look , the one that wraps around the denim shirt and skirt, and adding a superimposed leather jacket? The result is bold, young and stripped.

An incredible combination, without error, is the jeans shirt + straight midi leather skirt . The look is chic, classic and, at the same time, very fashionista.

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Leave one button open or all closed? Folded or unfolded sleeves?
Many women are unsure about how the sleeve and buttoning of the shirt should be worn. First of all, understand that there is no right and wrong!

You will notice that if you wear a shirt and close all the buttons, it will look more serious and formal. When we leave one or two little buttons open, no matter how discreet and subtle, the look changes and takes on a relaxed face.

The closed buttons up to the end can also be an interesting style option: the shirt takes on a retro vibe, and the closed collar design looks amazing with discreet overlapping necklaces.

So, when you wear your shirt, think about the place you will go with it and your intentions with the look . Is it a formal or casual place? Are there any requirements regarding clothing? Do you want to show a specific style image? With these answers, you will know how to wear it.

So, are you ready to make combinations with this piece that we love so much?

blog post shirt aboatamento closed and open

On the Via Evangélica website you will find incredible models of denim shirt and all the other pieces we quote here. It is worth visiting there to be inspired by many other looks in evangelical fashion. How about checking it out?

For more posts like this, full of tips and information to rock the wardrobe, stay tuned to our blog, where we talk about everything about fashion and lifestyle for evangelical women !

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