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Colorbook: looks with complementary colors

Today is another chapter of our Color Book . We started our colorful conversation by talking a little about what the chromatic circle is (we will talk a lot about it), about analogous colors , and now it’s time for looks with complementary colors.

Color doubles
Well, the complementary colors are the shades that are in opposite positions in the chromatic circle. Therefore, the main duos are: red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange. To illustrate:

Complementary color looks

At first glance, composing a look with these palettes seems somewhat complicated. Because they are opposite in such a circle, they are harmonious in our eyes, that is, they can work very well in looks for the various moments of your day.nishat linen online

Complementary color looks

Now that you know a little about the opposite colors, it became easier to think of a mix and match that matches your sapphire online  style. If the idea is a production with a total focus on colors, invest in smooth pieces that will lift your spirits wherever you go.

With print
Look complementary colors

If your mood is more printed, it is worth choosing a piece with a print that has at least one of the tones you want to coordinate. So unleash your creativity and explore the fun side of fashion, from clothes to accessories. Earthy and blue nishat linen online  tones form an unbeatable pair.

Play with colors
Complementary color looks

Varying between shades is one of the possibilities to bet on any palette. From strong tones to more sober ones, what matters is whether you feel comfortable. Candy shades of green and lilac update the season’s palette with freshness and style. Anyway, you choose your best version!

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