8 style lessons for your friend to be well dressed

Your best friend could take some fashion tips from you, but does he insist on ignoring you? Try to show him some simple male fashion tricks:
Thanks to the Men’s Fashion Weeks in London, Milan and Paris, we discovered a lot of very well- dressed men who can serve as a style model. Show the looks to your friend, who knows he may not learn a tip or two?

1. Branded parts need not be exaggerated

Of course, you don’t have to show up with a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, a Hermès belt and an Abercrombie sweater. A simple pair of jeans with a key piece like a Burberry scarf worn casually shows that the person understands fashion .
Burberry Check Cashmere Scarf – BlueThis man in a white shirt jacket in the classic red and white plaid print and striped pants. This mix of prints and patterns is already a bit advanced for men who are starting their way in the fashion world, but who knows? Your friend can start a little bit at a time. This jacket would also look great with faded jeans.
To add a touch of masculinity to the look, you can use heavier accessories such as sunglasses or a dark shoe.rang rasiya

Look at the guy in the picture …

Doesn’t he look super nice? You would definitely be open to chat with someone like that and get to know him a little more. The blue and white printed shirt, combined with round sunglasses and white sneakers are an ideal summer look. We would not need the bag, but with or without a bag, the look is incredible.Women are constantly checking the condition of their sapphire online  bodies and hair, men are checking their calves. If they are too thin, it is sometimes bad for the ego and they have no courage to wear shorts. Well know that your friend does not need to have the leg of a football player to wear shorts. The model in the photo with jeans shorts and leather shoes rocked the look.

This colorful jacket is a hit! When combined with neutral and simple fishing, it stood out and the look full of charm.

Mo Anwar, the Style.com correspondent knows how to style without straining. He wears tight jeans and a tight white T-shirt (the epitome of male indifference to fashion) and over an open short-sleeved shirt, in a nishat linen online style. From this style, you can draw two conclusions:
Wear a short sleeve T-shirt with something underneath
Chains and cords are good ideas, but they have to match the rest of the look: masculine and simple


When it comes to fashion, the biggest concern of men is to be flashy, not if they are too much or too masculine or even with ugly clothes. That’s why they don’t like to take chances. Our example of a perfect touch of fashion extravaganza: sneakers, navy blue pants and a white blouse overlaid with jeans. The “special item” is simple but still makes the look very different and creative.

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