Everyone certainly loves fashion tips .

Especially when it helps to improve the image . After all, there are times that we wear some clothes, and we realize that something is missing, right? It’s that day that you’re out of creativity , where the look looks dull and without personality. But, that still, we can add some personal touch to give more style to the composition.

So if you were interested, first of all, read this post! Today, we at Upperbag , are going to give you six surefire tips for you to be surprisingly more fashionable every day, with these quick style tricks . And the best: without spending money, with the parts you use on a daily basis!

Watch the video and check it out:

quick blazer-style tricks

In order to use a wild card, the first look chosen for the quick style tricks was with a blazer . How can you leave it with a different touch, apart from the use of the perfect trio, which is the configuration of the blazer , jeans and T-shirt , or with it all open?

Closing the blazer , and putting an accessory that everyone has in their wardrobe, which is a belt over the waist. In this way, we can also fold the sleeves, thus giving a more stripped look to this composition. In contrast to the blazer , we can also add sunglasses, to complement this look, which in fact, will not only look different, but will add a special charm.

In this composition, you will need washing jeans of your choice, a basic t-shirt , it can be a white t-shirt , for example, a blazer , and the key accessories, which are the belt and sunglasses.

If you don’t have matching jeans , it’s also worth betting on black flare pants, cigarrete pants or pants. Remembering that both flare pants and pantaloons, help to lengthen the silhouette and disguise the hips a little wider, as well as the thick legs. Undoubtedly, this is another one of the quick style tricks you can pass on to friends.


quick style tricks with shirt and pants

Not only is it a basic and classic composition , it can be used in cooler, formal environments, for work or sightseeing. So, with this look, we can use many elements to improve the appearance of this composition, in any way.

At first, a super quick tip, in those of the combo of the quick style tricks, that will give another face to this look is, first, fold the shirt sleeves. Folding the sleeves twice is enough to give a more fun look, just to illustrate. Another trick is to put only one side of the shirt into the pants, to make it look even more asymmetrical.

Then, as much as practical, just finish off with a belt, which can be a basic black belt , or whatever you have inside your wardrobe, to give that belt. Finally, do a before and after looking in the mirror and you will see a look nishat with a completely different effect in seconds, with what you have there in your house .


cool woman with quick style tricks in a basic look

Another classic and timeless tip, for women of all ages , which is ideal for any environment or occasion, is the union of jeans with T-shirt and sneakers. Let’s think together about how to recycle this basics , with the purpose of giving an upgrade to this look.

First, we can exchange sneakers for square-heeled sandals, to look refined. In addition to being comfortable, it completely changes the air. Another quick style trick for this look may be to fold the hem of your pants, which can be skinny jeans, for example. But you can explore these looks with jeans, according to your closet, okay? Using the example of the skinny, with the shins showing, you will be more elongated, and finally, finish off with a belt. That is, it is a casual , refined look and suitable for various occasions.

Ah, but I don’t want to stop being comfortable, and that way, I do n’t want to wear a high heel shoe, even if it has a square heel. No problem! So, let’s go to the stylist’s tips to give your composition a personalized look . A proposal that matches the basic trio of T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, for sure, are the details.

In other words, making a folding of the shirt’s sleeve, making a side or front knot, already change the face and make you more curvy. Secondly, by folding the hem of the pants, in this case, a more dry one as well, such as the cigarillo or skinny, the air changes. The belt cannot be missing, either wider or thinner, as it also gives a stripped-down look. This composition, then, is the combination of comfort and style, whether for a cooler work environment , for college, or a complete female outfits. Write down all those quick style tricks, words by the stylist that are, in short, infallible.


stripped look with stylish tricks to compose basic boot shorts and shirt
Photo: Pinterest

Certainly, we could not help talking about this darling trio of all women , which is wild, and in any case, it is beautiful and easy to compose: they are the shirt, the shorts and the boots. It can be a printed shirt, very fun, for example. In order not to look sloppy, since they tend to be less waisted, we can put them inside the shorts, or tie a front knot, joining the good folds in the sleeves. Add a belt, and that’s it! As a result, a finished composition.

Another good tip for quick style tricks is to put the shirt under the top.

So, you turn it into a cropped one. This look, which can be with several models of shorts, in the same way with a high waisted shorts and a belt is very stylish. The shirt is a super versatile piece, and the boot, as much as the short, long, thick or lower heel, combine surprisingly with each other.
woman with basic dress but with quick style trick
Photo: Pinterest

Certainly every woman has some model of dress inside the wardrobe, and when it is a little longer and longer, we can play with it and change it: one of the quick style tricks is to add a belt. It leaves a more marked and even sexy look for the waist, and you can leave it in the length you want. You can wear sneakers with a dress, yes! For example, with a slip on nishat linen online sneaker, and even a midi dress, it looks basic without being dull, and serves for a day of partying or socializing, and even a happy hour.

Therefore, they are very simple and quick tricks, for you to do in a few minutes, without wasting time or spending money. With these valuable tips, neither the mirror nor the eyes will undoubtedly be mistaken with style and practicality, whatever.


Tell us about any quick style trick you have that is, above all, very easy and undeniably can give that diverse look? Leave it in the comments! If your wardrobe is missing that key piece, visit the Upperbag website . There you get to know the best of fashion , and later you can receive a personalized bag by a personal stylist in the comfort of your home! And the best sapphire online: without the commitment to purchase . Access the site and get to know Upperbag , which combines the best of fashion and convenience, practicality and safety, and of course, you will learn how to dress well!

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