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Different categories of cloud

The cloud services are very useful at the user level, but in the case of companies their importance is very high because the information they handle must always be accessible and safe. But, did you know that there are several types of cloud and that you should choose the one that best suits your business? The difference between choosing one or the other depends on the resource needs, how they are deployed and the model that is needed (pay per use or fixed costs).

Different categories of cloud

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The private cloud services are those that are based on the total platform is assigned to a single master user (who does not share their infrastructure with anyone else). In these cases, the need for a private cloud is usually determined by companies that usually work with very sensitive information that demands high doses of privacy and security, or companies with specific technical needs that have decided to move to the private cloud to avoid any kind of mishap. They are companies that want to be the owners of all the infrastructure and that want to be able to decide who they give access to.

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The main advantage that you will have in your company if you opt for the private cloud is the great control over the security of your information , this will be a fundamental value especially if in your company you need confidentiality with the data that you handle from customers. That is, with the private cloud you gain in security and the ability to solve setbacks, and in addition, you also have control of fixed costs (without last minute changes in billing)

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Hybrid Cloud

It is the combination of 2 different types of cloud and whose advantage is to take advantage of the best of both infrastructures. Consume the fixed resources that you already have assigned in your private cloud and hire the resources in pay-per-use format when you need them. This is the summary of the Hybrid Cloud service that brings together the best of both worlds. Stable consumption and pay per use.

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The email shop, MÁSMÓVIL’s cloud service , you can hire the cloud that best suits your needs Thanks toMORECloudyou will have your server ready in a few seconds and you will find private computing nodes exclusively for you and all the projects you develop in your company at your disposal .

If you contract The email shop, you will have the guarantee of our 10 years of experience in the telecommunications sector and the security provided by the fact that our data centers are 100% in UK. In addition, by having our own infrastructure, we do not depend on third parties.

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Using The email shop is very simple, you will access a self-management platform for cloud services and you will be able to use various functions from a single control panel with any device that has an Internet connection, including your smartphone. In addition, you will have different resources to adapt them at all times to the needs of your business and, with our OpenStack Platform: OpenStack APIs will be available to you so that you can take full advantage of our platform and our services.

Public cloud

The public cloud is the model that provides servers and resources in a pay-per-use mode. You can hire these services according to the storage or functions you need, since it adapts flexibly to the increase or decrease of resources that the company needs. Without initial investment, it is able to adapt to the peaks of demand that you need and pay only for what is used.

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At hostinguk Empresas we work to always offer the latest technological innovations , such as cloud services , to our clients. And so that everything works correctly and you do not suffer any setbacks, our experts will assist you when you need it most so that you can get the most out of your contracted services.

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Therefore, if you are thinking of incorporating cloud computing into your business , enter our website and discover the bestcloud services for companiesthat at MÁSMÓVIL we provide your business thanks to the private cloud. Or if you prefer, find out free at 1496.

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